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Every Teacher Should See This Movie!, 25 August 2014

I felt that I was watching reality even forty years later. I too aspired to be an English teacher like Sylvia Barrett. Sandy Dennis was a terrific actress and this film shows her ability and wide range. The cast features well known and familiar faces. Sylvia endures a stark reality of the urban teaching world. Schools in the poorest sections of New York City are still under funded. The Calvin Coolidge High School appears more like a prison than a school. The atmosphere reminds me of going to the unemployment office where its grim and depressing. How can anybody believe learning is going on? Of course not, schools are supposed to prepare our students for the future but are terribly let down. Today's students believe technology will solve everything. We can't teach how to think as teachers. This film should be shown to all aspiring teachers about the reality of urban school teaching.

They're Unlikable at first!, 24 August 2014

Patsy and Edina are two of the most unlikable female characters. They're both hungover and loaded with selfishness. Edina or Eddy is a middle aged mother of two, divorced, and living in London with her teenage daughter Saffron who would probably wish for a better mother. Edina's first appearance and conversation with her daughter in the morning is a sad spectacle. Jennifer Saunders plays Edina. Joanna Lumley is cast as Patsy. They're best friends. This is a French & Saunders production. The cast is first rate but the writing is off the wall whether funny and cruel or both. June Whitfield is great as Edina's mother.

Love 101 (2000)
Silly college independent film!, 23 August 2014

Michael Muhney stars in this film as Andrew, a college at University of Northern Illinois. The film is done on location in DeKalb, Illinois. The story is believable but not great. You can believe their college students. Muhney adds depth to Andrew's shallowness. Andrew is the good looking guy that girls want to be with and guys want to hang out with. The film is set around Thanksgiving time where the outdoor fall scenery adds to the film's authenticity. I do believe Eduardo's was also the bar as well. It's a low budget film about college life. It's not a great film but Muhney acts best of all. The other cast members act and look like college students. The film is low budget which would explain its limitation.

Ruth White's Final Performance!, 22 August 2014

This film should be dedicated to the memory of beloved film, stage and television actress, Ruth White. She did in 1969 and this was her final screen performance. She was only 55 years old at the time of her death. She is too young to play Grandmother Popper. White played older female roles in other works. Ruth White is great here as the prejudicial wealthy WASPy grandmother in New York City. Her grandson is played well by Michael Sarrazin who accidentally kills an elderly woman in a car accident. There are plenty of familiar faces like David Doyle; Robert Klein; a young Barbara Hershey; Arthur Hill; Rue McClanahan; Barnard Hughes; and Charles Durning. They filmed on location in New York City. The writing and acting are fine. For the most part, it isn't a bad film but it is no long forgotten.

Growing Old Never Looked So Good!, 20 August 2014

Michael Muhney stars as Lake Emerson, an out of work actor, in Chicago, Illinois. He goes to auditions where he doesn't get the role. Muhney has become of my favorite actors. Here he pulls off an unrecognizable performance as the young actor who disguises himself as an 80 year old man to get the part. I highly doubt the play would get to Broadway or even Chicago's theatre district but he is still believable. The movie is an independent and low budget so I take that into account. Lake is an arrogant actor and young man who changes from this experience. The cast includes the late Pat Morita as one of older residents in what was his final role.

Parkland (2013)
A Touching Reminder of those Dark November Days in 1963!, 20 August 2014

A solid star cast lead an ensemble piece about a touching and difficult subject, Kennedy's assassination, and the events. I haven't read Vincent Bugliosi's account of the President's assassination. The film doesn't give us time to comprehend anything but Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin. The film doesn't allow the audience to focus on any other theories. The film is well-done and entertaining. Parkland Hospital is where the President and his accused killer died. The film is done with great sensitivity and care about the subject matter. Even the Oswalds are done with care and humanity. We see Lee's brother, Robert, as struggling to keep his family together. I loved Jacki Weaver as Margeurite Osward, their mother.

Dry Wit & Musical Genius!, 17 August 2014

Victor Borge had the longest running one man show on Broadway with almost 900 performances. Victor Borge was a legendary pianist with a dry wit. This hour long plus show features his classic routines in storytelling and jokes. The moment where he plays a Danish lullaby is quite touching and moving. Although I did find his humor too dry at times and maybe dated, I found him best at playing the piano. This concert was performed at a theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota. PBS stations sometimes still play this performance to viewers. If you never heard or seen Victor Borge, here is your chance. You will see introducing Mozart; My Favorite Barber; introducing singer Marylyn Mulvey; Aria from "Rigor Mortis" by Joe Green; the timid page turner; inflationary language; Sahan Arzuni with the 2nd Rhapsody by Fliszt; Salleri Opera; and a Danish Lullaby.

"NCIS" (2003)
Give an Emmy to Mark Harmon & A British Honour for David McCallum!, 17 August 2014

The cast is headed by beloved Hollywood television star, Mark Harmon, who doesn't have an Emmy or A Golden Globe Award. Harmon richly deserves those accolades and more. He is one of the main reasons that NCIS has remained a beloved television series with high ratings for the last decade. The other cast members like Pauley Perrette, Michael Weatherly, and Sasha Alexander are team players. Scottish American actor, David McCallum, should also be honored with a British Honour for acting here. It's a shame that this show doesn't get the accolades and awards like other shows. The writing is consistent and strong. The cast is first rate. It's as entertaining and enlightening to watch. Still going strong after 13 seasons and the highest rated drama on television for years.

Entertaining Dark Comedy!, 17 August 2014

An all star cast includes Academy Award winners; George Clooney, Tilda Swinton, and Frances McDormand; with Academy Award nominees; Richard Jenkins, John Malkovich, and Brad Pitt. The Washington DC locations highlight the film about how a confidential disk falls in the wrong hands of two gym employees who blackmail and extort information. France's McDormand plays Linda Litzke, a single gym employee who seeks cosmetic surgery. The film is a dark comedy much like Fargo, a film by the Coen brothers. It's entertaining at times. The two married couples who live in upscale DC are equally unhappy. I love the location shots in Washington DC.

Wild Grass (2009)
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So this is an Alain Resnais' film??, 12 August 2014

I don't know much about French film director, Alain Resnais, until now. This film is strange to say the least. I bought the French films when the video store closed. I have spent this summer catching up on DVDs and videos in hopes of cleaning up my collection. This film is about two people, Georges, and Marguerite. By chance, Georges finds her red wallet and returns it to the police. The red wallet symbolizes Marguerite's life and identity. Both are unhappy with their lives. They find something in each other. Marguerite has red hair and it sticks out just like her red wallet. Georges is married for a long time to his wife. Their interaction is more like a partnership. The ending is abstract, strange, and ambiguous. The film has its moments. The actors are great.

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