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I'm The Captain Now!, 20 July 2016

The film is based on actual events with American Captain Phillips being taken hostage by ruthless Somali pirates in the ocean. Newcomer Barkhad Abdi earned an Academy Award nomination for his first acting role and it was well-deserved. Abdi nails the complexity of his character Muse, the Somali pirate. Abdi was captured by the ship at first and held captive. Captain Phillips became a hostage getaway. Tom Hanks played Captain Philllips with believable and earnestly. He portrayed him as a father and husband and a fearless leader who wanted the pirates to leave his ship behind with his men aboard the ship unharmed. Captain Phillips tries to get Muse to surrender to the authorities. Just like the men aboard the ship, Muse has bosses who would kill them rather than understand that they only had limited amount of money like $30,000 but their bosses would want more. Abdi and Hanks play very well as amateur and veteran in scenes. The film was believable especially about the fear and terror aboard the ship. The director did a terrific job in recreating the situation.

Clueless, Dumped, Pretty Boys & Ladies Man!, 19 July 2016

The show had potential to be a hit more like a lighthearted soulful Entourage. The cast includes four young male actors who work at a New York City magazine. Danny Masterson plays Milo who was just dumped by his girlfriend. There is his coworkers clueless Neal with a girlfriend, ladies man Gibbs and pretty boy Tyler in the cast. Academy Award winner J.K. Simmons played their wealthy boss. There are notable guest appearances like Laura Prepon and Kathy Najimy. It is a basic sitcom with brash language at times. It is entertaining overall. The cast do a formidable job and the writing could be better though at times. It is a likable sitcom with great potential. It aired on TBS for a short run of 31 episodes.

I guess times are tough for Corin Nemec!, 16 July 2016

Corin Nemec is a talented actor and best remembered for his performance on the Fox series, "Parker Lewis Can't Lose," and playing Steven Stayner in "I Know My First Name is Steven." In this low budget thriller, he plays Ted Bundy. He has already played Richard Speck and the Boston strangler. Ted Bundy was a complex man and one of the most notorious serial killers of all time. The scene where he opens a file and closes it without mentioning what was in it about his birth father. As somebody who read Ann Rule's book, his paternity has never been explained. Ted was attractive, charming and intelligent but he couldn't overcome his inner demons. Unlike the Green River Killer, his victims were not the usual prostitutes. Bundy killed women after tricking them into his car. We never really know what he with his victims besides killing them. Nemec's performance is the only salvageable part of this forgettable film. You should watch Mark Harmon in the role.

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spoiler alert! The ending makes no sense, 16 July 2016

I found a fascination in watching the early Wrong Turn movies. The premise of the first film was a group of tourists who take the wrong turn and end up fighting for their lives against disfigured cannibals. One of the early films in the series revealed that the people resorted to cannibalism after there was no game to hunt and kill. The birth defects were the result of some kind of company went out of business. I believe it was a chemical company that poisoned the environment. The early films tried to explain the disfigured family of cannibals. In this film which makes no sense especially the final scene. Like the resort is suddenly restored and there are guests all of a sudden. I thought the resort was abandoned. Then Danny doesn't seen bothered by the cannibalism and Sally. The final act in the spa and the cannibals watching them have sex was troubling. Danny wants to get Sally pregnant. The scene was creepy and bizarre. The film made no sense whatsoever.

Just One More Thing!, 24 June 2016

Peter Falk will be best remembered as Lieutenant Columbo from the Los Angeles Police Department and Homicide division. In the very first episode of Columbo, viewers see how a murderer commits the crime and try to cover it up. Columbo episodes always featured the murders first and not too violently or brutal. The murderer would do his or her best to cover it up. Dr Flemming (Gene Barry) kills his wife (Nina Foch) and uses his mistress (Katherine Justice) to get away with it. When Columbo shows up, he begins to question the doctor and his mistress. Sooner or later Columbo gets his murderer. Peter Falk was perfect as Columbo with his trademark trench coat. Colombo matches wits to solve the crime by bating the murderer with hypothesis.

Lifeboat (1944)
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Tallulah! Tallulah! Tallulah!, 2 June 2016

Tallulah Bankhead made very few films and this one is probably the best known of her film performances. She played Constance Porter, a self-involved wealthy journalist, who was aboard a ship before a Nazi torpedoed it. She survived along with her luggage in the lifeboat by herself until other survivors come along. Bankhead had a history of difficulty and perhaps it is why she never made a film career. Bankhead was better known onstage in theatre. The cast includes other theatre veterans like Hume Cronyn, Canada Lee and more. Mary Anderson and Heather Angel are the only two female supporting roles overshadowed by Bankhead. A film veteran like Walter Slezak also performs. The cast and ensemble work together as a team though surviving in the lifeboat. The film could actually be adapted to a stage production if possible. The film is set in one lifeboat surrounded by water. The director Alfred Hitchcock did an admirable job with this film. Sadly, "Lifeboat" gets overshadowed by other Hitchcock gems. If you see his entire film catalog, you will "Lifeboat" as a gem and treasure not to be missed. It should have been nominated for Best Film as well too. I only wondered and worried about what happened at the end of the film. It leaves you hanging and wanting more.

Veronica Mars is on the Case!, 2 June 2016

Veronica Mars is a Southern California teenager with brains and beauty. She has a tenacity for seeking the truth. Kristen Bell plays her as a complex human being rather than a female caricature. She has a terrific supporting cast to assist Veronica Mars in solving mysteries whether light like finding somebody's father after several years and tragic like her best friend's murder. Surprisingly, this series was on the UPN and not the major networks but it created a cult hit around the world. Kristen Bell leads the cast and she does a terrific job in holding the series at times. Enrico Colantoni (Just Shoot Me and Person of Interest) and Corinne Bohrer played her parents. Her late best friend Lily Kane is seen in flashback scenes with Amanda Seyfried (Mean Girls). Other guest stars include Jane Lynch before Glee; Melissa Leo before winning an Oscar; Kyle Secor (Homicide: Life on the Streets); real life couple Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna playing a real life celebrity couple (art imitates life). The first season is about solving the mystery of Lily Kane's death and Veronica's mother who disappears after her father has resigned in disgrace from the Sheriff's office in fictional Neptune, California (not far from San Diego). The cast and the writing hold up throughout the first season and wished you want more by the end.

Milk (2008/I)
A Great Film But Not Historically Accurate!, 16 May 2016

I had to accept Hollywood wasn't going to show the actual history of life in San Francisco in November 1978. The film is great but not accurate as it fails to mention details to better understand Harvey Milk's legacy. He became a gay icon and legend for the gay rights movement. The film is told largely from Milk's perspective with him at a recorder. He knows that he's a target and doesn't see the danger close by. Sean Penn deserved his Academy Award for playing Harvey Milk with a complexity of a multi-dimensional character. The supporting cast is stellar including James Franco as one of his lovers. Alison Pill is terrific as Anne Kronenberg. Victor Garber was fine as Mayor Moscone. Josh Brolin was brilliant as the troubled, unstable Dan White. The film doesn't project all facets of Milk's career. He was largely the most visible gay politician in the seventies and they're have been others like Barney Frank, Christine Quinn, and more to come out and service the public. Gay marriage has finally been legalized in this country.

Heartbreaking for Everybody!, 16 May 2016

Pat Tillman Jr. was a professional football player who left the field to enlist in the army after September 11, 2001 with his brother for a three year tour of duty. Sadly, he died in mysterious circumstances. This documentary follows Pat's career and life with interviews from his parents, siblings, friends, widow, and others. Worse than his loss to his family, friends, and fellow soldiers was the cover-up from the government about the nature of his death whether murder or intent. Pat Tillman's death was never fully explained to the public or even his family. The Tillmans want the truth no matter if it was an accident of friendly fire or enemy fire. At this point, it doesn't matter. Pat is still gone but his family have unanswered questions about who and what killed him. The truth is needed for closure. When the Tillmans go to Washington DC, they are dismayed by the ridiculous behavior of congress and witnesses like Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. The Tillmans have questions to be answered and aren't going to be in the near future.

Why Wasn't Successful!, 9 May 2016

I'm surprised that this Cinemax series wasn't more successful. It has everything going for it like solid writing, acting, and high quality production. Set in 1900 New York City, the Knick is short for the Knickerbocker hospital. Just like other businesses, hospitals have to make a profit and survive. The Knick is a 1900 version of St. Elsewhere about a struggling hospital. The first season has ten episodes starring Clive Owen as Dr. Thackeray, a renowned surgeon and secret drug addict. Andre Holland plays Dr. Algernon Edwards, an African American surgeon trained at Harvard and worked in Europe before coming to the Knick. Juliet Rylance plays Cornelia Robertson, the hospital administrator and daughter of its owner. Cara Seymour plays a nun with quite a secret that you won't see coming with complexity and devotion. The rest of the cast is stellar but I can't name them all here. Eve Hewson is perfect as the West Virginia transplanted nurse who knows and protects Thackeray. This series is almost flawless and perfect but I can't understand why I didn't see or know about it before. This series deserved some respect and accolades like other series.

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