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Loved by a Mom, 3 August 2011

Review from the MOM:

OK -- so I gave it an excellent review for reasons that may differ from other reviewers. First off, I'm a Mom and this movie was cute in that it was about moms and their motherly qualities.

My husband, being the dad, also liked it as it kept our interest, as well as our children ages 3 and 8.

I'm also a huge Joan Cusack fan as she adds character to... well... her character. If you're looking for an entertaining story, (though it may not be Shrek animation, or even humor as some of the scenes made me cry) then this movie is it.

Get it from your local library and write your review, especially if you're a mom with an active 11-year-old. :) This movie was NOT that bad!

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Absolutely mind boggling, 20 March 2005

Every one should see this movie because each one of us is broken in some way and it may help us realize 1) My life isn't as bad as I thought it was and 2) How important it is to adopt a child in need. There are so many out there. To think that the movie was actually based on a real person made us think deep about life and how the world has and always will be. Corrupt, but that corruption doesn't have to reach your home. We all have a choice! Definitely recommend this one... and while you're at it, I'd like to throw in "The Color Purple" and "Woman, Thou Art Loosed" by T.D. Jakes.

These are all movies that are based on life and give us a glimpse of life.

Enough (2002/I)
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Oh, how I wish it was that easy..., 20 July 2003

Life's system should wake up! Stop making all these 'happy-ending' movies, and start working on doing something about it in real life. It's not that easy at all J-Lo. But I guess you're used to making these cinderella like movies and getting your 2 cents for happy endings.

Just watch the first 15 minutes..., 8 March 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


I think it's because we just have a 3 month old, that we found the beginning hilarious. After that, I was left wondering why the heck we didn't turn it off... But I thinks it's becuase we liked it, we just didn't know it. There was a part when a woman picked up the rolling baby... and... I won't tell you the rest, but it was soooo funny!

From the toungue, to the cow, to the girl's voice, to the 'Mustafa'... It was stupid, freeky, and unexpected... which is what made it funny.

We have cable and we taped it to watch it on our "Just spending time together, eating junk food, movie night". We recommend you do the same. Don't waste money on it, you'll regret it.

Evolution (2001)
A waste of time!, 8 March 2003

Unless ofcourse you spend your time kissing with that special someone...

It's another one of those movies where you should of turned it off before reaching the first half. It sucked! There were times where I would think "Oh, that's funny!" Won't laugh, but hey, they tried.

I liked David & Julianne... but they really wasted their time on this one. A combination of Ghostbusters & Tremors. Tremors was so much better!

Anyway, record it from cable, watch it on your spare time, or get it from the library for free. Not worth renting!

Python (2000) (TV)
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A 'Piece of Junk' Classic, 12 February 2002

WARNING: Do Not Watch This Movie!

My honey and I checked out this movie from the library. I would of really been upset if I had paid for it. I'm definitely going to make sure that I check it back in on time so that I won't have to pay a fee. It's not worth it... IT was not only a waste of my time, augh! You know what... it's not even worth my taking the time to write how awful it was. Fake! Disappointing! What else can I say? If you watch it, don't say I didn't warn ya!