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For almost 10 years, a high quality show, 31 December 1999

Law and Order is one of the best shows on television and has consistently been so for almost ten years. Though the cast members have changed over the years, the production values have remained at the same high level. Though I like some characters better than others, the show has consistently impressed me. Law and Order is one of the most realistic police shows on TV. Sometimes the prosecution wins, sometimes they lose; sometimes the police get their man and sometimes they don't. Though realisticly portraying police would would be boring most of the time, Law and Order provides enough spice to keep viewers interested. Some of the most fun aspects of Law and Order are the one-liners at the end of each episode.

I look forward to watching Law and Order each week, and in re-run form on A&E. Keep up the good work!

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Sorkin has done it again (And used the same themes too), 31 December 1999

Aaron Sorkin, creator of the West Wing has done it again. After writing successful movies (A Few Good Men, The American President) and creating a sucessful TV series (Sports Night), Sorkin has forged a new path by going back to some old material. The west Wing is a great fictional look inside the inner workings of the highest level of the Executive Branch. Adapting actual happenings (both recent and long ago)to fit the television format, Sorkin has created a show which keeps me and many people I know glued to our TV screens every Wednesday night. Sorkin's use of themes from his old movies, specifically that of proportional response, used both in the American President and The West Wing is very interesting. Sorkin's take on the President's dealings with congress, the public, and the Supreme Court keep me riveted every week.

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Breaks the bad odd numbered trend, 11 December 1998

Star Trek Insurrection breaks the bad odd numbered trend. It has a good plot, good acting, and some very funny scenes. Parts are predictable, both plot and dialogue wise, however this movie lives up to the precedent set by Star Trek: First Contact.