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Do not believe the Critics Baseless Negative Reviews
18 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Dear Readers, We recently read that "The Sea of Trees" was the first film in Cannes history to be booed by an audience. Some Critics have publicly shredded it. Mr. Eric Kohn (indieWIRE) called it "mushy, amateurish story", a "stunning misfire." Mr. Oliver Lyttelton (The Playlist) wrote it was "easily Van Sant's worst" film.

As Independent Filmmakers, we received baseless negative reviews. For details, read the last paragraph below.

We decided to give "The Sea of Trees" a chance. We enjoyed this film. It is not a "mushy, amateurish story." The cinematography is gorgeous. The music is lush. Mr. McConaughey gives an emotional, well-rounded performance.

Our opinion is that Joan's spirit accompanied Arthur in Aokigahara Forest. She helped him to survive and have proper emotional closure. The ending was optimistic (but not happy). "The Sea of Trees" has resonated with us. We recently lost a beloved relative.

Now let us switch to a related topic. In 2010, our Family of 3 created a WWII documentary film "The Brave Fighters" about Anti-Nazi Resistance near Hitler's Ukrainian Headquarters. Three Amazon Reviewers gave us 1-star. They called the film "amateurish" "worst ever" with "terrible special effects." But in the end, over 76,000 people have viewed our film on Amazon and YouTube. No one has returned a single DVD back for a refund. We often receive beautiful emails from viewers all over the world. They thank us for creating the film to commemorate those brave resistance fighters.
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Louis C.K.: Chewed Up (2008 TV Special)
Louis C.K.: Talented Comedian, Needs Better Material
2 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Let me say that this was my first experience listening to Louis C.K. He is clearly a very talented and charismatic comedian. But I don't think "Chewed up" was his best work.

There were a few bits and pieces of outstanding material. But overall, Louis C.K. was too narrow focused: swear words (Fa-word, N-word, C-word), sex, masturbation, feces and vomit. It's as if Louis took down his pants and defecated on the entire audience.

So if this is your idea of "great comedy", then by all means sit down underneath this sewer pipe and enjoy Louis C.K.'s performance. Just don't forget to bring your raincoat!
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