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Chopper (2000)
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This movie is just fantastic., 30 June 2005

Eric Bana gives a performance of Oscar quality. Reality and unreality become as one. I was totally astounded by this movie. "Chopper" the man is a conundrum. This is a must see film. Australia has given us Bana and Russel Crowe.Thank you, Australia. Is the man evil or just a good story teller. One will never know. There are so many scenes with so many points of view the viewer is constantly questioning his own sanity. "Chopper" wrote a best seller and perhaps he will mystify his readers with other prison stories. He has such a fertile mind and imagination. Genius describes the man and performance. This film is being added to my library.

Love Liza (2002)
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Still unanswered the blame if there must be such., 28 January 2005

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I cannot grasp the conclusion that a suicide must be the bereaved party's fault. Phillip Seymour Hoffman's performance as the grieving husband is astounding. But failure to read his wife's last note to him discovered after she died, shows that his love never developed beyond the childish stage. Finally when his emotional level did rise to the point where curiosity overcame reluctance, he opened the envelope and saw that her love never wavered, but she could not continue life on life's terms. But her "Love Liza" at the end of the note proved the guilt, if there has to be guilt assigned,lies not with him. But he never grew up. And so the story ends. But I felt cheated. I never pitied him, but slowly grew angry with his infantile behavior and perhaps his immaturity was a contributing factor. I give the film a rating of 7, or to be more exact, 6 1/2.

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Absolutely mesmerizing, 28 December 2003

I lived through this period. Americans were unaware of the atrocities in Poland until the end of the war. This movie grips you and the suspense never ceases. I can understand now why Jews fight with such fervor for their right to exist. Polanski and Brody are magnificent. 10 is my vote.

A remarkable film, 15 May 2003

I still don't now if these twins are conjoined or not. Most say they are not. There performances were superb. No matter what, they are not freaks.

They are two sensitive people trapped in the same body. I only wanted the very best for them. An empathy developed.

It is sad that nature plays such downright dirty tricks. They were the nicest people around. It makes you want to help the less fortunate.

I give this film 10 stars. I will see it again.

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A Super Elegant Thriller, 30 March 2003

What can I say? This is a superb movie and deserves the highest grade possible. I was enthralled. There are many twists and turns, many, but all seem so convincing. I put this on the list as one of my favorite movies. I will view it again and again. I still am exhilarated. I have no criticism.

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Trouble was I was unable to escape., 23 March 2002

Why I stayed awake to view this tedious torture of a film was beyond me.

Right off Rob Lowe should have thrown his wife overboard. She was more stupid than stupid and her foolishness at every juncture made you want to shout "leave your husband and get on with the Greek". This was one of the worst films I have ever seen. I regret that I showed my stupidity right through to the end. I could have cut it off. I was hypnotized by the amateurish acting. What a wasted evening. This gets a zero on my meter. Women can't be that stubborn and obnoxious and STUPID. Don't say you haven't been forewarned.

Dogma (1999)
Engrossing. Excellent. Highly Recommended., 27 December 2000

I will see this movie many more times. I wish to relish the dialogue over and over again. The performances were right on. And my Parish is promoting once again the the fallacy of Indulgences, a slippery slope. I think religious instruction and organized institutions do miss the point. All we need is love and faith. And faith is a gift. Such talented actors. Affleck and Damon and the prophets were extreme. I believe I saw it correctly when God pressed her fingers on one of their mouths for such foul language. This movie is not for the squeamish. If unabated swearing gravels your a--, then I suggest you bring along ear muffs. Still and in spite of, I give Dogma a 9 out of 10. My faith was strengthened by this fine movie. Wow.

Everyone involved in this magnificent film deserves praise., 16 November 2000

I have seen it twice on HBO and I will see it again for each time I am able to understand more the complex character interaction. This movie is extremely well fabricated. Annette Bening deserved an Oscar. Spacey got his. The film got its. It is so sad and beautiful at the same time. Life and death are the same journey. Beauty is everywhere. I too thank God for every day of my existence. It has been a wonderful experience. Spacey and that 18 year old boy got it right. They were soul brothers even at the very end. What magnificent entertainment. I wish I had the opportunity to go one on one with Spacey and Bening. I would remember that experience all the way to my grave. I believe in true life they are true thinkers. Please everyone see this wonderful film. Alan Ball has composed a masterpiece. The Director Mendes has done a magic weaving of the plot. We need more films like this to stimulate us so as to avoid the cracks in relationships that they exposed. I am still confused by the Marine at the end in his bloody T-shirt. I do not understand its significance. How did that happen. Help. Help. Thanks. This is truly one of the all time greats.

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What's love got do do with it!, 4 September 2000

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Francis Bacon was not capable of love. His male lover was. And so the brilliant Bacon took joy in berating his lover. Bacon may have been a talent but his evil nature begged for punishment. If his death did one just thing it removed him from society. And though he knew his lover was suicidal he just remained indifferent. That group he was allied with is the Algonquin soiree gone crazy. I prefer the American counterpart, more civilized and FUN. Ebert hit the nail on the head in his review. I too give the film high marks but I felt so empty at the end. I want to say "Francis Bacon, go to Hell" but I am sure that is his residence now.

One Kill (2000) (TV)
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A tremendous film, 16 August 2000

Excellent cast, story line, performances. Totally believable. I realize the close knit group that exemplifies the Marine Corps. But this movie brought fear to my heart. The marines let principles be damned. It seems that this film was based on real life incidents. It shows how difficult it is to go up against the establishment. Anne Heche was utterly convincing. Sam Shepard's portrayal of a gung ho Marine was sobering. And Eric Stoltz as her attorney was so deft balancing his loyalty to the Corp but also his loyalty to his client, while high above on his tightrope. He knew what his true course of action had to be. But he was pulled apart by his immersion in the Marine tradition, loyalty to the Corps above all else. I sat riveted to the TV screen. All in all I give this one a resounding 9 out of 10.

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