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Oy Vey, 15 October 2009

I saw this film, one week prior to its opening, at a special sneak preview for members of my synagogue. Not one of us Jews got it, liked it or understood how this got green-lighted or why it was made. In fact, all of us hated it. The fact that every review I now read is glowing makes me think I saw a different film than they did. That this film would appeal to anyone who was under 50 and not Jewish is downright unbelievable to me. One of our party fell asleep and we did not feel the film was good enough to warrant waking her up. The unanimous opinion of those of us who saw this film was that "there's two hours of my life I'll never get back".

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Vintage, classic Quentin, 21 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Inglorious Basterds was an extremely entertaining flick. Necessarily lengthy to weave the differing story lines together (a la Pulp Fiction)this film is an instant classic.

The writing was superb (as befits a script he worked on for 8 years).

I also enjoyed the subtle little directorial touches, such as the lengthy wait from the time "Batman" is introduced by Lt. Aldo until he actually shows up on screen. I particularly liked the fact that 50-60% of the film is sub-titled, lending to the authenticity, instead of having German and French actors speaking English to each other with German or French accents.

The casting was superb as was the acting. Whereas the entire plot line is a fantasy, I have to say Mr. T. pulled it off splendidly.

Typical Tarantino violence makes this film not one for the squeamish or for those under 13-or-so.

The scene on the final moments, where the Jewish GIs are indiscriminatingly machine gunning down the tuxedoed and evening-gowned Nazi theater goers, kind of reminded me of the scene from Schindler's List, when Ralph Fiennes was taking target practice from on high shooting and killing the unsuspecting poor Jews down below in the camp. Turnabout is great to watch.

I saw it at a 9:45am showing on opening Friday. Every seat in the theater was occupied. I mean 100% sold out.

Inglorious Basterds should be every Jew's "Rocky" or "Roots".

I could go on-and-on but what's the point? It's a great film. If you like Tarantino, if you like Brad Pitt, if you like the slaughter of Nazis, then---what are you waiting for?----GO SEE IT.

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Absolutely hilarious, 19 December 2004

In this age of pranking, I cannot believe this many educated and ostensibly smart people would fall for the shenanigans pulled by "Mr. Todd". Despite the mansions and yachts etc. it is inconceivable to me that these folks are clueless as to the propriety of "Mr. Todd"'s antics.

I missed episode #4 and I'm bummed out over that. All in all, the concept is brilliant and the show is F-ing hilarious. I cannot wait to see who the mystery person really is. I would have loved to have been the actor playing the boss.

The winner won't mind as they collect a quarter million bucks cash. The 15 losers will, no doubt, be livid.

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Hilarious---just absolutely hilarious and outrageous. A home run., 1 August 2004

This fake show takes professional comedians pretending to be "experts" in one field or another, and has them debating real experts in those fields, on a CNN-Crossfire-type show.

Combined with video clips prepared in advance, and hilarious graphics re-iterating something that's just been uttered a second previous, this parody is hilarious because of the outrageousness of the characters played by the comics, as well as our knowledge that the real experts think they are on a bona-fide cable interview program, and we know they're being had.

It's brilliant, outrageous and simply hilarious. I laugh so hard and so often during Crossballs that damn near soil myself each time I watch.

"Jake 2.0" (2003)
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It's okay!, 24 September 2003

This show is just as entertaining as the recent "Sliders", "The Invisible Man" and Chris Gorham's prior Showtime series "Odyssey 5". It's sci-fi and it's okay. Not GREAT but it really is okay. There is no reason to avoid watching this program. And Marina Black is really nice to look at.

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He was totally insane, 20 September 2003

For years I have accepted the doctrine that Adolf Hitler was not pure evil but in fact was quite sane and that he did what he did and that he caused what he caused because he was a sane and rational evil, no-good, son-of-a-bitch.

If this movie is based upon anything historically concrete then we must all surmise that Hitler actually was totally insane, a "crackpot" of the highest order. That the German people were taken in by a nutcase, who merely delivered speeches with a great delivery, says something not good about the German people.

As someone who over the years has seen lots of stock footage of Hitler, I can state that Robert Carlyle's performance was memorable. He captured Hitler's essence. Carlyle delivered a magnificent acting performance. It was the equal of George C. Scott's "Patton", Ben Kingsley's "Ghandi" and Randy Quaid's "L.B.J.". This film should be mandatory for by all high school students, to show what one little big-mouthed prick can do if good people do nothing.

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Not too bad for a summer cable series, 3 August 2003

Wild Card is not too bad for a suummer series on a "basic cable" network. Fisher's performance leads the way as a Vegas dealer suddenly thrust into taking care of her recently-killed-in-a-car-accident sister's three kids (16, 12 and 10). She's good. Of course, I have only seen the pilot but it has made me want to continue watching.

"24" (2001)
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The greatest, 14 April 2003

"24" is simply the greatest and most entertaining continuing drama series in television history. Each and every episode has the viewer on the edge of his or her seat. A few of the plot elements are a little far-fetched, but this show's undeniable and irresistible attraction is its drama. To me it is the #1 "event television" program this couch potato has ever seen.

A worthless waste of time, 1 April 2003

This show is so lousy that I am surprised it made it to air. Whoever green-lighted this project should be job hunting very soon.

Horrible script. Over-acting. Idiotic situations. I swear to God, this program is worse than "Oliver Beene". "The Pitts" makes "My Big Fat Greek Life" look like "Friends". A completely stupid waste of time.

Does not live up to the hype and buzz, 12 October 2000

This is a funny film, but not a non-stop journey into motion picture hilarity, as "Scary Movie" earlier this year was. The hype, buzz and advertising made me believe this was one of the funniest movies in the past decade. Not so. It's funny enough, but, after a while, the father's nuttyness gets to be a little too much and, frankly, quite annoying. I did not hate it, but after seeing and reading everything, was diappointed. Teri Polo is beautiful and finally gets her rightful place in a big-time flick. Should make her a star, just as "Almost Famous" did for Kate Hudson. Owen Wilson is also effective as Kevin. Blythe Danner seems to phone-in her role as Mother. And Bobby D, is well, okay in the role, but my qualm is not with him but with the writer. Funny, but not great.

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