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Excellent and thought provoking, 9 February 2002

I really enjoyed this film --- a great and emotionally complex movie that, like life, is full of ambiguity and difficult questioning. I really felt for the main character as he struggled to be both happy and honorable in a world that will not accept him as he is. I also found myself wavering over just what the right answer for Joaquin was. Not a conventional story, but a very rewarding two hours; highly recommended!

Like It Is (1998)
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Great film, 2 January 2001

I really enjoyed this movie. It had alot of personal resonance.

A sweet and moving film. I wish I had seen it at 18 or 20.

All of the actors deliver interesting performances of depth. Steve Bell is compelling as a young man coming of age and coming out.

Gattaca (1997)
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Speculative fiction at its finest ---- Excellent Film, 2 November 1999

I really enjoyed this movie. I found it to be a well constructed and elegant exploration of some pretty frightening ideas. Ethan Hawke delivers a subtle performance. Jude Law and Uma Thurman compliment an all around superb cast. Memorable cinematography and set design. It absolutely makes its point that "there is no gene for the human spirit."

See this movie, you won't be disappointed,