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K-PAX (2001)
Good In The Year 2001 But Forgettable For The Years To Come
26 November 2001
Isn't it a shame that years from now this movie will be a footnote in the careers of Spacey and Bridges? Everything is solid - plot, acting, etc., but the subject matter just won't stand the test of time.

Two years from now this will be a cheapie in the used DVD pile. Five years from now it will be on TBS or Lifetime and we will ask ourselves, why did it seem so good back then? Thirty years from now only a few of us crusty old people will know it ever existed.
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Incorrect Use Of Subplots
6 June 2001
The writers of this movie needed a lesson in subplots. The lead character is over used. He has two love interests, is trying to undercut his female boss (which also happens to be a love interest), an ex-wife (no point in having her there), and a teenage daughter. The maid and the doorman (who disappear without any fufillment) provide the only real humor. Did I mention four employees each a different female stereotype? Needless to say, the writers tried too hard to create ideas and did not solidify any.
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Clueless (1995)
A Moment In Time Between the 80's and Gen-X
16 December 1999
Already painfully outdated, but still a must-see. Each character is both obnoxious and cute. The subplots are fantastic, and Cher's narration is what makes the whole thing.

Technically a 90's movie, but the soundtrack proves that the 80's were close in the mind. I thought everyone had forgotten about General Public & the song "Tenderness".
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American Pie (1999)
Best "Getting Laid" Movie I've Seen In Years
17 July 1999
Wow, things have really changed since the "Getting Laid" movies of my generation. Movies like "Porky's" and "Losing It" focus on the silly stuff that occurs when boys are trying to get laid. "Fast Times and Ridgemont High" showed the girl's point of view. With this movie, you get all that, along with (omigosh) actual relationships!

Obviously the taboo of showing semen in a movie has been broken forever (thanks to "Mary"). But in spite of that, the movie has a lot of endearing moments, like when Jim's dad keeps giving him the birds-and-the-bees talks and catching him in the absolute most embarrassing masturbation situations.

I think what makes the plot brilliant is how things turn so quickly for these five guys (counting Sherman) in the scoring game (or is it the game of life?).
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Bad title, mediocre movie
9 May 1999
I thought the title was referring to the fact that in college you are graded on the curve. Therefore if someone above you drops-off, it improves your grade.

When people are not sure what the title refers to, it is a bad sign...
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One of the greatest characters of all times in a weak storyline.
2 February 1999
"Edward Scissorhands" is a movie that achieves greatness in so many ways. The title character is more sympathetic than "Frankenstein". The "creator" scenes are more mesmerizing than the cuckoo clock scene in "Pinnochio". I could go on...

I really think Tim Burton deserves a lifetime achievement award for the invention of the character. Notice the scars on his face look like permanent tears?

Dianne Wiest is my favorite "mom" from 80's movies. Winona Rider is in a limited role, but she does a great job, and looks very princess-like with blonde hair. Alan Arkin plays a perfect dry-humored "dad".

Of course the problem here is a plot that is basically on a TV-movie level. It's a basic exploitation story where everyone in town makes Edward a hero, then tear him down. Such a great character deserves much more.
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54 (1998)
A jumbled mess, but still worth seeing once.
23 January 1999
I think we all agree there are so many plot and acting flaws here, that overall, the movie is a big bomb. However, it is fun to watch at least once just to see the four lead actors in interesting and sexy roles.

If you are concerned about moral content, steer clear of this movie.

"If You Could Read My Mind" by Gordon Lightfoot has always been one of my favorite songs. I can't imagine him allowing them to make a disco version of it. The chorus actually works pretty good as a dance tune.
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An absorbing, hardball, cop movie.
17 January 1999
The bad guys are really cruel in this movie, the main one being played by Richard Gere. This movie is a good example of his versatility as an actor.

Andy Garcia's character recognizes that his fiancee finds Gere attractive, and he must separate his overpowering jealousy from his legitimate suspicions. Gere's character uses Garcia's jealousy to his advantage.
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A forgotten classic.
20 December 1998
I saw this movie on television as a young child. It left an indelible impression on me, but it took me over 20 years and the IMDB database to find it again.

The title is one of the reasons this movie gets ignored, who can remember it? And it doesn't sound interesting. I was so relieved that it is available on video. Find the other Dr. Seuss movies in kids section of your video store, and hopefully you can find it (misfiled) there.

The movie is so dreamlike that I was convinced that I had dreamt the whole thing. For example, there is this wonderful scene where Bart (not a brat like Bart Simpson) is being chased by Dr. Terwilliker's thugs, and he is surrounded, when out of nowhere appears a bright red ladder. Bart starts climbing the ladder going higher and higher. He looks down and the people below are becoming dots and he can see nearly the whole evil piano academy. Eventually he gets to the end, and the ladder leads nowhere! How nightmarish! How Dr. Seussian! It is like a Tim Burton masterpiece filmed 40 years early.

Bart is fatherless, and his mother is hypnotized by the evil piano teacher. The subplot is about Bart finding a new father.

There is also an underlying political commentary about conformist society and an educational system that discourages individuality and imagination.

Hopefully this movie will someday get the recognition it deserves.
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It's all about the battle, not the enemy.
17 December 1998
This movie is about war and militaristic society and its effect on mankind. I agree with Leonard Maltin (the professional movie critic) that everything is directly modeled on WWII battles and WWII movies.

The enemy is irrelevant, and characterizing the enemy is not important. That is why we never get any explanation for why the bugs are attacking us, how their weapons work, etc.

The movie is extremely gory to make the point that "war is hell", and war consists of a lot of "blood and guts". It is also making the point that our tolerance for violence is constantly accelerating. In this future world, it is no big deal to get stabbed through any part of the body, it is even a part of military training. Pain is of no concern, you simply call for "Medic!" and get on down the road.

The movie does not try to be cute or funny. The viewer does not have to listen to the aliens being called all sort of combinations of cuss words by the heroes.

The characters are realistic. They sometimes do the right things for the wrong reasons and vice versa. At times we are not sure who is good and who is self-motivated.

I also liked the shower scene. Just the concept of 19 year-old, physically-fit, men and women casually showering and bunking together is fascinating.

It is obviously one of those movies that you either love or hate.
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M (1931)
You'll Remember This One Forever
16 December 1998
This is one of those movies that will stay with you for the rest of your life. The characters are ugly and disturbing, there is nothing "cute" in this movie.

There are constant parallelisms drawn between the police and the underworld and the common way in which they operate.

We also get to journey into the mind of the madman. If you enjoyed "Silence of the Lambs", you should see this also.

Of course you must be patient enough to deal with subtitles, and the fact that this is a very old movie - one of the first "talkies". But most viewers will get something out of the dialogue even without knowing the German language.
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Lucas (1986)
More Than Your Average Brat Pack Movie.
9 December 1998
This film is becoming a classic because of the fine, early performances from Winona Ryder, Charlie Sheen, Corey Haim, even Courtney Thorne-Smith of "Ally McBeal".

It is a unique movie with a love triangle where the viewer wants both guys (Sheen and Haim) to get the girl. But of course both can not.

"Lucas" is about the truths of life and relationships, and how the teenage years bring them to the surface. Another interesting element is the use of insects for symbolism.
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One of the greatest epic movies of all time.
6 December 1998
"The Good Earth" is a great movie that you don't hear much about anymore. There are a lot of big disasters and events, but it is also a non-passionate love story. All of this happens in a little over two hours, which is short by today's standards. The special effects and costumes are very good for the time period.

I am surprised that Luise Rainer received an Oscar for such a limiting role. She basically only has three emotions: submissive, hungry, and heart-broken.

The performances by the Asian and Asian-American actors are terrific.
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No Wonder the French Hate Americans.
30 October 1998
The video for "Mouth" by Bush got me all excited about seeing this movie. What a disappointment.

Bungee jumping off the Eiffel Tower is not my idea of good use of the Paris setting.

The other thing I didn't like was everyone running around shooting up with needles to induce the werewolf transformation.
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Pleasantville (1998)
A must-see film in spite of social commentary overkill.
25 October 1998
Like a lot of movies from the late 90's, "Pleasantville" is enjoyable to watch from a visual beauty standpoint. The scene where Bud and his girl are driving out to Lover's Lane when the apple blossoms start to turn pink was so beautiful that tears welled up in my eyes.

The movie goes on for a long time with one cute scene after another without really making a point. Then the second half of the movie bites off more than it can chew on social commentary, and goes off in so many directions.

The best "point" that the movie makes is that art, music, and literature are vital to humankind, and without them our life is so vanilla that it is not worth living. It makes a basic anti-censorship statement and Mary Sue, the slutty girl from the 90's, discovers new emotions within herself by reading "Lady Chatterly's Lover" and other classical literature.
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Will appeal to Kate Bush fans.
15 October 1998
This film actually consists of music videos for the songs from Kate Bush's album "The Red Shoes" joined together with common characters and a plot. There is a lot of imagery and symbolism. Many of the images seem to be inspired by "The Wizard of Oz".

There are a couple of serious flaws here. Kate Bush does not appear to be comfortable in the role, and her acting is quite poor. Since she has been directing and acting in music videos since the 70's, it is disappointing that this is not her best work.

Miranda Richardson and Lindsay Kemp are wonderful and help the film along a great deal. The quality of costumes and special effects varies from excellent to horrible. In one scene, Kate's legs are possessed by the dancing red shoes and are actually a different person's legs. It looks fake, and it is puzzling if this is intended to be humor or simply poor quality.

The bottom line is that this film will appeal to Kate Bush fans because they (we) are very devoted. Fans are also aware of the deaths that occurred in her personal life that are symbolized in the film. But "The Line, the Cross, and the Curve" will never achieve the status of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" or anything like that.
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