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Cheap!, 21 September 1998

I would think that any movie staring the king as himself would have more of a budget than this. The whole film seems to have only 10 people ever speaking and those that do sound like a high-school play, very wooden. If it weren't for the shots of the race cars this film would get a 1.

Species II (1998)
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Yuck-O-Rama, 16 September 1998

This was the most disgusting movie I have ever seen. The parts where the women give birth made me sick. I wasn't to eat anymore of soda and popcorn I had bought, I felt so ill. The plot was also bad. Why would space-monster DNA from hundreds of lights years away (as in the first movie) be the same as some from Mars? Dumb. I think it would be wise if whoever made this movie threw all the prints of this movie in a big bonfire.