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Heaven, 14 August 2000

Subject Matter: Cosmology, Quantum Physics and Stephen Hawking

Soundtrack: Phillip Glass

Have I died and gone to Heaven?

You will be enraptured.

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It's okay... nothing special, 27 February 2005

Like any nature-log you might see on Animal Planet. But bigger.

The photography is stunning, but somehow I left the theater thinking that they could have made a much more exciting film. Despite the killing scenes, it overall had a serene feel.

And what was up with the balloon people and the tribesmen? Quite tangential and not really belonging with the animal stuff. There wasn't even really much of a connection. At not least one that we saw depicted.

I think films like this are a waste of the IMAX medium. I would never knock natural beauty, but why do you need IMAX for that? For REALLY BIG natural beauty? No, the wonderful thing about IMAX is the ability to make you feel like you're there. So SCARE me! Put my heart in my mouth! To see the medium utilized to the fullest, see "NASCAR 3-D."

Cindy (1978) (TV)
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Where did this gem go?, 2 September 2000

This is the best production of Cinderella ever. I can't figure out why it has never been (as far as I can tell) rerun. It features an all-black cast, in a modern setting, with a Cinderella (Cindy) who wants to marry not a prince, but a military man.

In this version, Cinderella's father pretends to have a fancy job at a hotel, but is, in actuality, the men's room attendant.

Cinderella's mom follows him to work one day and angrily confronts him, "You ain't nothing but a lyin, cheatin MEN'S ROOM ATTENDANT!" leading into one of the best numbers I have ever seen in a musical. The men at the hotel rush to Dad's defense in a song, "The Best Damn Men's Room Attendant In the History of the Palace Hotel." At one point, a line of about twenty men file out of one bathroom stall playing brass instruments!

Where did this gem go????

Death Cruise (1974) (TV)
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Nearly perfect mystery, 14 January 1999

I saw this when I was twelve. It was the movie that made me understand what a good mystery really was. I had read the entire Happy Hollisters children's mystery series and they were about a family of child sleuths who always got their man. But we the readers were not in a position to solve the mystery along with them. This movie showed me that a good mystery is that which makes the viewer/reader, at the end, say, "OH!!!!! OF COURSE!!!!!!!"

Dogma (1999)
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I laughed till I cried (really), 15 January 2005

I always thought the phrase, "I laughed until I cried," was just an oxymoron. Until it happened to me. I watched Dogma: the funniest movie I have ever seen. The movie seemed designed specifically for my warped sense of humor. It was an incredible mesh of the high-brow and the low-brow.

It had one character who was extremely foul-mouthed, and kept making up hilarious obscene phrases. It also had a lot of perceptive, biting (and very funny) theological and social commentary.

For me, it was sort of like being tickled hard in the ribs for about an hour. When I reached the breath-taking climax of the film, the resolution was such a shock and was so unexpectedly emotional and I was so sore from all the laughing, I actually burst into tears. Now, dammit I am a grown man. I never do that. Not even for anything real, much less a movie. But it happened.

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Cheesy Fluff, 14 January 2001

This movie really disgusted me. But let me explain....

It is not that I don't believe in sentimentality. I am a HUGE Frank Capra fan. And I can't watch "Field of Dreams" (which I know isn't Capra) without tears in my eyes at many points in the movie.

So that isn't it. It's just that "E.T." is so phony, so synthetic, so made-up, so ENGINEERED to try to make me feel something, that I have to resent it.

I'll just never understand Spielberg. For so long, I had nothing but contempt for him. Till Schindler's List. (Does anyone (other than Nazis) not like Schindler's List?)

And then, too, he made Saturday-morning worth getting up for. (Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain). I finally (and grudgingly) had to admit that the man is a genius. But he is a genius who has done some bad work. And E.T. was some of his worst work.

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Only a Parent Knows, 25 December 2000

As I am a daddy, this movie was hard for me to watch.

Shoot! The event was hard to hear about when it happened and I wasn't even a daddy then.

There are many views of this event and many levels on which to examine it. Some of the possibly valid ways would sound mean. (For example if I wanted to, (which I don't!) I COULD say poor children die every day, and I don't know about it and don't suffer for it, the way I did for Jessica McClure, because they die in a common, rather than an unusual way, and they are further away, than she was, and don't get the expedient media attention that Jessica got. But I am not (at least not yet) that cynical.

But the thing that made this movie was the SOUND of the little two-year old girl hooting and hollering up the hole, from twenty feet below. And the look on her dad's face. (There, but for the grace of God, might I be.) I don't know how I could ever endure such a thing. But all one can do is endure it.

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I agree!, 11 May 2003

Wow! As much as this show is only for a certain type of warped sense of humor (like mine!) I can't not notice that every single reviewer of this semi-controversial show (so far) has sung praises. And all deserved! I so agree! I only wish they'd put a few more on DVD.

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Hated It!, 30 August 2000

There was a big radio station promotion in the early eighties for this movie. They distributed 3-D glasses at fast food restaurants that were supposed to allow 3-D viewing on television.

However, the 3-D effect was not any good. It just looked fuzzy, not 3-D. Further, the movie was the PITS! Everyone I knew started to watch the movie (due to all the hype) and everyone I knew took off their 3-D glasses about twenty minutes into the movie, and everyone I knew gave up on the whole thing before the conclusion. There was a lot of bitching around the coffee machine the next day.

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It's About Temptation and Guilt, 22 February 1999

Many people didn't like this film, because it is too dry and cerebral for most horror fans, and too much a horror film for most people who like thoughtful movies. I found the combination amazingly riveting and original.

As Anne Rice said in the introduction to the film, "It is about US." Her vampires are symbolic of humans in general, but seen from a different vantage point. It is a story of temptation, guilt, shame and remorse. Louis is a vampire (that is, a sinner), he is repentant, he hates the fact that he is one, but nonetheless continues to be one. Like us, Louis wants to know what it is all about, how did this happen, is there a God, is there a devil? And he is always left with doubts.

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