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Narrow Minded movie, 7 March 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This TV movie starts off with Carol Sloan, Dr Sloan's daughter ending up in a hick town with tobacco chewing hillbilly types. Of course in true Hollywood fashion it never dawns on the writers that they are just as bigoted and narrow minded as the simpletons who don't like the Big City living that they try and roast in these type stories.

Racism rears it's ugly head and is the main reason things go so bad in this little town. Our big city Los Angeles visitors comment on how they can't stand this quiet boring town and what is there to do in Hicksboro County. L.A. is just so exciting and filled with tolerant law abiding people they can't wait to get back.

I can't believe Dick Van Dyke would be involved in such a horrible movie. All us people living out in Rural Land love our tobakky and moonshine and hate them educated city slickers.

Neat little movie, 11 May 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The copy I reviewed was really chopped up. I imagine they were only small bits and pieces missing, but some were actually at sort of important moments.

However, it was just an annoyance especially at the very end when the movie was wrapping up and the dialogue was chopped to bits.... almost like a modern day comedy of an old time movie.... all of a sudden The End appears.

The movie is about a guy who invents a new SuperCharger for boat motors. His girlfriend's dad is a grumpy, but very wealthy man who could help invest in the new machinery.

Duncan Renaldo plays the Heal who shows up not only to sabotage the supercharger but also to swindle a ton of money for the Wealthy Man.

Some fisticuffs and boat racing ad a little action.

Etta McDaniel always brings a smile to my face even if she is playing the stereotypical 'mammie' part. Duncan Renaldo would go on to star as the 'Cisco Kid' even gets a writing credit in this 1937 movie.

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Episode Name Error, 9 April 2016

Concerning the confusion about this Episode, I ran into the same thing in 2016 as reviewer ReneFaye77 did.

As I was reading the review online from my TV App... it listed 'Two Tall Men' was to be airing.. the synopsis online says about Doc Adams and some Money.... etc etc.... Matt to the rescue..etc..

I quickly realized this was not what was unfolding on my TV.. Luckily, 'renafaye77' had a review that made sense, BUT other reviewers were describing the episode that was on my TV App.

So, for many years now and across different TV Stations, the Episode "Two Tall Men" is listed when the actual episode is "The New Society" which is posted on IMDb as the 35th Episode of Season 10.

I hope 'Two Tall Men' is a good as 'The New Society'. Which was Very Good.

Thank UL and others this isn't as common, 20 December 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First thing younger viewers may think while watching is how easy and fast this fire starts. It is almost unbelievable to think of how common fires like this used to be. Even today flammable clothing and toys are pulled from the marketplace regularly.

Thankfully, we all learn and Underwriters Laboratory and even them darn lawyers that are so easy to sue everyone and every corporation have made things safer.

This episode is one of the more dramatic in the series. With a mother blaming a child for a horrible accident that should never have happened, but WHO is really at fault? Who is the really careless one? As in reality, this terrible accident was a string of almost unrelated failures and carelessness that led to a tragic event.

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Very enjoyable movie, 11 December 2015

This movie is apparently in Public Domain and I downloaded it from Jimbo Berkey's fantastic site. I then uploaded to the Cloud and watched in on TV with my Streaming Media device (can I say Roku?).

I love anything to do with Railroading's Steam Days, so this would at least be a time killer on a rainy day.

However, it turned out to be a pretty darn good movie, with a neat story, good acting and GREAT railroading scenes.

Hedda Hopper was a better actress than you might have thought, if you even ever heard of her. She may even be better than her Son William, TV Perry Mason's Private Dick, Paul Drake. All the other actors were fine too.

I especially liked the Newlyweds on the Train, who along with the Porter supplied the Comic Relief. That and some genuine Hair Raising Train scenes really added to the movie.

I plan on watching this movie again and I think lots of other people might want to give it a look.

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Very Good, 9 June 2015

Not sure what some so called 'fans' where thinking or expecting, but this movie was like their best TV Skits on Steroids.

I read many reviews and think maybe they are just goofs. If you liked any of their Adult Swim TV you will love this movie.

I admit that about 1 in 10 of their skits just don't do anything for me. I don't get it or maybe it just didn't work and they aired it anyway. I think that is normal and both the guys probably would take 1 in 10 as a compliment since they are so over the top bizarre.

If you are a Tim and Eric fan or just a fan of the Alternative World, you really need to see this movie.

John C Reilly is one of the most talented actors in the world. He has done some serious acting that is better than good and his comedy characters are just Way Too F****** Funny!

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Embarrassing Bad, 6 March 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Never did I think I would write a review.

There is usually a review for each episode that tells enough of the story.

Season 6 without Larry Wilcox has enough low spots for everybody, but this one scrapes a new low.

It is a straight Rip Off of Animal House the movie, even called "Fun House", get it?

The always amusing Stephen Furst goes from playing 'Flounder' to the Bluto roll in this mish mash of stereotypes, with the typical uptight conservative Frat House enemies... can't believe one wasn't called Nedermeyer.

Some weird child abduction story even shows up with the unfortunate and tragic girl from Poltergeist. Her short legacy did NOT need this show on it.

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One of my oldest memories Mole Men, 29 November 2014

Although I was born right around the time George Reeves died, I never knew that till years later. I guess my parents didn't want to have to explain to their child that The Man of Steel their son worshiped wasn't in fact Superman.

This episode(s) is probably the most memorable from when I watched the series in the 1960's. I felt so sorry for the Mole Men and to top it off they had to fight the frightened townsfolk off with a modified Vacuum Cleaner. Even as a kid I realized their weapon looked almost exactly like my Aunts Rug cleaning machine.

Like I said, I didn't not know till I was a teenager and had moved on to shows with Girls!!! that George Reeves had died. Would I have been such a devoted fan of this series....well, it is 50 years later and I am thrilled that it is back on TV where I can watch it all over again.

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No comment until the time limit is up...., 15 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can not tell you how much I loved this show as a kid Noel Neill would always be my favorite Lois Lane, but Phyllis Coates was always the most beautiful woman to play the roll. That includes present day versions of Superman.

This is actually a pretty weak episode in the series, of course all were unbelievable, but some just didn't even make any sense.

A silly guy just trying to win a bet would not go through all this trouble, but even from nearly 50 years later the taped message from Superman "No comment until the time limit is up" rings in my ears.

Butler was a real sap. Lois Lane always wore the tightest dresses possible, even for walking around on the side of High Rise.

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Interesting to say the least, 28 November 2012

Emergency! 905-Wild. Jack Webb wanted to show and praise some other public servants. The Animal Rescue squads with a TV Show of their own.

It wasn't to be, but the pilot appears to have been chopped up and turned into an Emergency! episode. I just saw it and many of the edits show up as what reminds me the way torn film splices from old movies looked.

Getting to see a very young Mark Harmon as one of the stars was really cool. The Emergency! regulars look a bit uncomfortable at times. Probably cause they didn't understand what was going on.

Jack Webb, R.A. Cinader and guys like that who wanted TV shows that really showed how some of our First Responders worked and even their domestic issues, was something I have always thought as valuable. Many mocked his Dragnet deliveries, but he really didn't want the actors to be the stars. Just wanted to show people 'The Facts, ma'am, just the facts'

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