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Interesting to say the least, 28 November 2012

Emergency! 905-Wild. Jack Webb wanted to show and praise some other public servants. The Animal Rescue squads with a TV Show of their own.

It wasn't to be, but the pilot appears to have been chopped up and turned into an Emergency! episode. I just saw it and many of the edits show up as what reminds me the way torn film splices from old movies looked.

Getting to see a very young Mark Harmon as one of the stars was really cool. The Emergency! regulars look a bit uncomfortable at times. Probably cause they didn't understand what was going on.

Jack Webb, R.A. Cinader and guys like that who wanted TV shows that really showed how some of our First Responders worked and even their domestic issues, was something I have always thought as valuable. Many mocked his Dragnet deliveries, but he really didn't want the actors to be the stars. Just wanted to show people 'The Facts, ma'am, just the facts'

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Emergency The Mouse.. 4/20, 26 November 2012

'The Mouse' Season 4 Ep. 20

This is a pretty good episode..most are good, but this one is pretty good. Pretty Darn Good even.

As usual the light comedy stuff is always good, but there is some real action and even some tender life issues covered.

A Fighter Jet crashing into apartments! Are you kidding me?

I would put this episode up against any made for TV Movie of the era.

I love watching this and other shows from these times because you can catch some youngsters before they were stars, but also some great character actors near the end of their careers.

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Classic McGuffin, 25 October 2012

Vietnam and War have nothing to do with this story.

Hitchcock talked about "McGuffin".. a plot device that had nothing to do with the actual story. "Psycho" had the stolen money early in the movie that ended up having nothing to do with the real plot.

Here it is War and Vietnam.. Pip could just as well have been seriously injured in a mountain climbing accident or hit by a stray bullet in a Bank Robbery gone bad resulting in a shootout on the streets.

Like many TV Dramas of the time, this is about Redemption. Our desire to undo the bad things in our past and just how much we are willing to sacrifice to erase our past sins.

This episode stands out because of Klugman, you really feel his soul being torn out and his desperation.

Did he receive a 'Gift' or just an hallucination? That depends on the viewer.

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I remember, 17 October 2012

The very fact that I remember this from it's original broadcast says a lot.

When I saw it again today I realized that we only had a B&W TV back in 1966, so I was surprised to see it was actually a color episode.

I was a very young back in the mid 60's but certain TV episodes I can still remember and they stick in mind. I mostly watched McHale's Navy, Munsters, Addams Family and other comedies back then.

BUT, certain 1 hour shows the 'grownups' watched stick with me... The Spooky Ghost on the Horse must have stuck in my nightmares or something, because when I saw the start of this episode I let out a smile and knew I would sit down to watch it all.

Sammy Davis Jr was always a favorite in my house. Loved his singing, but his occasional acting gigs on TV back then was a treat.

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Excellent Episode minus regular cast, 28 July 2012

Episode about the real life practice of Germans disguised

as American GI's being put in behind the Allied Lines to

cause death and mayhem. It turns into a real WhoDunnit,

or should I say, Who's the Real German?

Kirby is the only regular in the episode, but that doesn't matter.

An excellent supporting cast and a solid story, never mind that Gavin MacLeod loses his "limey" accent in some scenes.

Nick Adams and Roger Perry were 2 of the biggest Guest Stars on TV at the time and Adams had his own earlier Series and had some Big Screen success as well.

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Gene Autry Pre WWII Pep Rally, 29 August 2010

Lots of slapstick and Pre WWII military machinery.

High patriotism even had me signing along and waving the Stars and Stripes at times. I almost enlisted before I remembered I was too old for service.

I was particularly interested in the pre war aircraft and even a mini tank that provided some humor with Smiley Burnette at the helm. Planes, a tank and even a calvary charge. Some Three Stooges slapstick along with the usual fight scenes made this a cut above the usual Autry Oater of the time.

I'd go to war with Sgt. Autry anytime. Shooting a plane down with his trusty Winchester, Yee Ha!

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Lincoln Vale of the Everglades, 10 April 2008

For most of my life the phrase "Lincoln Vale of the Everglades" would pop in and out anytime I heard of the everglades. I knew it was from a TV show, but nothing else. I couldn't remember the show or anything about it. I was born in 1958 and would have been very young when this aired, but it has always been burned in my memory.

I can only imagine that my dad was a big fan of the show. I do remember "Flipper" and "Sea Hunt" and watching them with my dad. I have visuals in my mind of these shows and can even remember the stars. Not so with "The Everglades", but if I ever get a chance to see it again.....

I'll be singing "Lincoln Vale of The Everglades" for another 50 years!

Ed Gein (2000)
Small, but real surprise, 1 September 2007

Possible Spoilers:

It seems like every small rural town has a man that reminds me of Ed Gein. At least what Ed appeared to be on the outside. In the larger cities people like this are probably treated different, but I wouldn't know. They are a bit strange, but seem harmless enough that parents wouldn't even tell their kids to avoid them, maybe even let him watch the kids while they run some errands for an hour or two.

That is why no one believed that Ed could possibly be responsible when strange things happened. It had to be some outsider, maybe even some city folk. In hindsight, Ed was too simple to even hide what he was doing that well. It just didn't seem possible that Ed would cause any type of violence.

I loved the way the movie was made. A big budget movie could never have the feel this one did. It simply tells the story as it happened with appropriate flashbacks and very little gratuitous violence or overbearing music.

It was almost as if the makers of this film just wanted to tell the real history of a man who fascinated the makers of horror stories and films for decades to come.

Stagecoach (1966)
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A reason for a remake?, 24 March 2007

Many people question why this and other films that we think are great are remade. I don't know about many others, but I did hear about why this one may have been remade.

Before there was Cable TV and Movie Classic Channels people like me were at the mercy of TV programmers. We could look through TV Guides or newspapers and hope to find a certain movie would be on and then maybe it was showing at a time we would actually be around to watch it. Didn't have VCR's back then either.

Then there were movies that weren't available for TV. Sometimes the powers that be wouldn't allow the movie to be shown on TV because they didn't approve commercials interrupting the director's vision. Sometimes there was other reasons that they weren't available for TV.

I heard that the 1939 version of Stagecoach was one these movies. I can't find anything about this online, but I seem to remember hearing it. I do know that I didn't see the 1939 version till sometime in the 1990's. I see it was re-released in 1996.

So, if people were deprived of seeing the original, then I can see why a remake was done and they didn't do a bad job either. I had put off seeing the 1966 version simply because the original is readily available and played frequently on TV here. I got to see it today and it in no way comes close to the original, but it isn't anything that anyone connected to it need be embarrassed about.

As for other classics being remade in this day and age when the originals are easily available, well, Don't even get me started on that tangent, makes me want to pick up my Winchester and ride the Stagecoach into Indian Territory!

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Well Done, Sailor., 11 February 2007

I rank this up there with any of the other great Submarine movies. Das Boot, Enemy Below, Run Silent, Run Deep and others.

Glenn Ford is always at his best playing this type of character. Conflicted and mentally pained men who have tough decisions. Ernest Borgnine, as usual almost steals the movie though. He is one of the greatest second fiddle players in any movie he co stars in. Being someone who grew up watching him in McHale's Navy as a child and later learning just how great of an actor he can be, is a treat.

I do think the flashback scenes hurt the pace of the movie, but are necessary for context.

The movie is well filmed and makes great use of color. Many other great Sub movies about WWII are in Black and White, but that doesn't seem to take away from them. Here, the color is big plus.

I love Submarine movies probably because I know, that if I had the honor to of served in the U.S. Armed Forces, this would be the last place I'd want to be. Above the water I could tolerate it in battle, under it, I'd be a panicking wonder how I'd get out if we got hit. For that I salute everyone who served underwater, no matter which country you call home.

8/10 Rating.

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