21 January 2017

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11:00 PMLocal Programming
11:30 PMMy Wife and Kids - The Bowling Show: Michael bowls against his archenemy.
12:00 AMMartin - Nuttin' Goin' On But the Rent: A rent strike leaves Martin with no heat, power or water during a snowstorm.
12:30 AMMartin - The Ex-Files: Martin and Gina have dinner together with former loves.
1:00 AMMartin - All the Players Came: Martin organizes a fund-raiser to save a neighborhood theater.
1:30 AMMartin - Best and Bester: Martin must choose either Tommy or Cole as his best man.
2:00 AMMartin - High Noon: An ex-convict (Gary Coleman) Martin helped imprison comes looking for him.
2:30 AMThe Jamie Foxx Show - A Thanksgiving to Remember: Jamie helps an old friend, now famous, through a life-and-death crisis.
3:00 AMThe Jamie Foxx Show - I Am What I Scam: Jamie puts himself at risk when Fancy's ex-boyfriend returns to ask for her hand in marriage.
3:30 AMThe Jamie Foxx Show - I Do, I Didn't: Fancy's about-to-be-married friend wakes up with Jamie after a wild party.
4:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
5:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
6:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
7:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
8:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
9:00 AMCatfish: The TV Show - Andria & David  : Love letters and voice messages have kept a couple together for a decade.
10:00 AMCatfish: The TV Show - Mike and Caroline  : Mike wonder if he's being preyed upon by a stalking catfish after falling in love online.
11:00 AMCatfish: The TV Show - Leuh & Justin  : A woman wants to find out if a surfer is actually the man of her dreams.
12:10 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Aaliyah & Alicia  : Alicia refuses to meet Aaliyah because she has not come out to her friends and family.
1:20 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Falesha & Jacqueline  : After her name and pictures were stolen, nearly ruining her life, a young woman is haunted.
2:30 PMNick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out - T.I.; Young Dro: T.I. and Young Dro; ``Got Props''; ``Plead the Fifth''; ``Remix''; ``Wildstyle Battle.''
3:05 PMNick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out - Fabolous; Kevin Hart: Fabolous; Kevin Hart; games include ``What the Heckle,'' ``Remix,'' and ``The Wildstyle.''
3:40 PMNick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out - Tech N9ne: Tech N9ne; ``Turn Up for What''; ``Bail Me Out''; ``Hood Jeopardy''; ``The Wildstyle.''
4:15 PMNick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out - Nick Young; French Montana: Nick Young; ``So Fly''; ``Plead the Fifth''; ``Star Sightings''; ``The Wildstyle''.
4:50 PMNick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out - Bow Wow; Que: Bow Wow; ``Let Me Holla''; ``Plead the Fifth''; ``Exclusive Hits''; ``Wildstyle''; Que performs.
5:25 PMNick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out - Waka Flocka; Tate Kobang: Waka Flocka; Tate Kobanz performs; ``Celebrity Death Match''; ``Breaking Up Is Hard to Do.''
6:00 PMMy Wife and Kids - Return of the Wall: Michael steps in to save Kady's soccer team from Janet's overbearing coaching style.
6:30 PMMy Wife and Kids - Working Relationship: Michael gets advice from Junior on how to handle Janet's office persona.
7:00 PMMy Wife and Kids - Jr. Kyle, Boy Genius: Junior's genius-level score on an IQ test surprises Janet and Michael.
7:30 PMMy Wife and Kids - Back Story: Michael pretends to have a back injury in order to milk sympathy from his family.
8:00 PMMy Wife and Kids - Make Over: Janet gets a make-over after running into Michael's gorgeous and successful ex-girlfriend.
8:30 PMMy Wife and Kids - The Bowling Show: Michael bowls against his archenemy.
9:00 PMThe Wayans Bros. - Marlon Goes on the Road: Marlon gets a role in a touring play with singer Keith Sweat.
9:30 PMThe Wayans Bros. - Marlon's Return: Marlon (Marlon Wayans) shares the stage with music star Keith Sweat (appearing as himself).
10:00 PMThe Wayans Bros. - Prom Fright: Marlon wants Shawn to go to the prom.
10:30 PMThe Wayans Bros. - Pops' Daughter: Shawn and Marlon become jealous when a mysterious visitor tells Pop that she's his daughter.
11:00 PMThe Wayans Bros. - Stand Up Guy: Marlon's successful stand-up act involves family put-downs.
11:30 PMThe Wayans Bros. - Unspoken Token: Shawn dreams he is J.J. on the series ``Good Times.''