24 December 2014

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11:00 PMThings Are Tough All Over: Two oil-rich Arabs pay two poor rock musicians to drive a limo-load of dirty money to Las Vegas.
1:00 AMCheech & Chong Still Smokin': In Holland, two wasted Americans wander into Amsterdam and stage a show to bail out a film festival.
3:00 AMCheech & Chong's Next Movie: Two sloppy pot smokers wander around Los Angeles and wind up in outer space.
5:00 AMThe Birthday Boys - The U.S. Healthcare System  : Taking on the U.S. healthcare system; the importance of rectal and colon health.
5:30 AMThe Birthday Boys - Season Finale  : The Birthday Boys take a look back at the greatest summer of their lives.
6:00 AMBatman - The Curse of Tut: A ruthless scholar plans to take control of Gotham.
6:33 AMBatman - The Pharaoh's in a Rut: Batman and Robin join forces to catch the determined man who wants to rule Gotham.
7:06 AMBatman - The Bookworm Turns: Bookworm fakes a murder to draw out Batman.
7:39 AMBatman - While Gotham City Burns: Batman and Robin become trapped in the Bookworm's steaming cookbook.
8:12 AMBatman - Death in Slow Motion: The Riddler swipes the box-office receipts at a silent-film festival.
8:45 AMBatman - The Riddler's False Notion: The Riddler uses Robin in a deadly stunt.
9:18 AMBatman - Fine Finny Fiends: The Penguin kidnaps Alfred with hopes of raiding Bruce Wayne's dinner for millionaires.
9:51 AMBatman - Batman Makes the Scenes: Batman schemes to thwart the Penguin's plans to attend the millionaires dinner.
10:24 AMBatman - Shoot a Crooked Arrow: Batman fights a modern-day Robin Hood (Art Carney) who is stealing to help Gotham's poor people.
10:57 AMBatman - Walk the Straight and Narrow: Archer switches counterfeit cash for charity money.
11:30 AMBatman - Hot Off the Griddle: Things get hot for Batman when he pursues Catwoman.
12:03 PMBatman - The Cat and the Fiddle: Batman catches up with Catwoman after escaping from her torture chamber.
12:36 PMBatman - The Minstrel's Shakedown: The Minstrel (Van Johnson) stirs up chaos on Gotham City's stock exchange.
1:09 PMBatman - Barbecued Batman: The Minstrel threatens to topple the stock-exchange building.
1:42 PMBatman - The Spell of Tut: King Tut plans to put Gotham City under his control using an ancient potion.
2:15 PMBatman - Tut's Case Is Shut: Tut plots to dump scarab extract in Gotham's water.
2:48 PMBatman - The Greatest Mother of Them All: The infamous Ma Parker is jailed after raiding a Ladies Auxiliary gathering.
3:21 PMBatman - Ma Parker: Ma Parker wreaks havoc by masterminding crimes from her prison cell.
3:54 PMBatman - The Clock King's Crazy Crimes: Clock King leads his followers on a robbery spree.
4:27 PMBatman - Clock King Gets Crowned: Clock King covets Bruce Wayne's pocket-watch collection.
5:00 PMCheech & Chong's Nice Dreams: Two hippie ice-cream vendors meet Timothy Leary and branch out into marijuana.
7:00 PMFast Times at Ridgemont High: The teen scene includes a party-animal surfer, a pregnant girl and a fast-food worker.
9:00 PMHalf Baked: Potheads sell marijuana to raise bail for a fellow stoner who accidentally killed a horse.
10:45 PMHalf Baked: Potheads sell marijuana to raise bail for a fellow stoner who accidentally killed a horse.