26 December 2014

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11:00 PMLocal Programming
11:40 PMMythBusters - Concrete Glider: Adam and Jamie test if a concrete glider can fly.
12:44 AMMythBusters - Firearms Folklore: Testing three gun-related myths.
1:48 AMMythBusters - Anti-Gravity Device: Christmas comes more than once a year for Adam and Jamie.
2:52 AMMythBusters - Holiday Special: The team tackles some of the holidays' biggest myths. Hosts: Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage.
3:56 AMMythBusters - 22,000 Foot Fall: Jamie and Adam detonate their largest explosion to test a World War II myth.
4:58 AMMythBusters - Hindenburg Mystery: Whether hydrogen gas caused the Hindenburg disaster.
6:00 AMMythBusters - Pirate Special: Pirate ships' cannons attack treasure-laden vessels.
8:04 AMMythBusters - Underwater Car: Adam and Jamie try to escape a car submerged in water.
9:06 AMMythBusters - Speed Cameras: Adam and Jamie push the limits when it comes to speed.
10:08 AMMythBusters - More Myths Reopened: Some myths go under the microscope for the second time.
11:10 AMMythBusters - Voice Flame Extinguisher: Adam and Jamie test whether it is possible to put out a fire using only a voice.
12:12 PMMythBusters - Birds in a Truck: Adam and Jamie test if a truck filled with birds becomes lighter when the birds take flight.
1:14 PMMythBusters - Western Myths: Western myths; airbags.
2:16 PMMythBusters - Big Rig Myths: Adam and Jamie test how dangerous an exploding truck tire can be.
3:18 PMMythBusters - Grenades and Guts: Jamie and Adam investigate a grenade blast; the combustibility of Diet Coke and Mentos.
4:20 PMMythBusters - Snow Special: Snow myths.
5:22 PMMythBusters - Baseball Myths: Famous baseball myths.
6:24 PMMythBusters - Viewer Special: Viewers suggest myths to test.
7:26 PMMythBusters - Red Rag to a Bull: The team learns whether red rags really affect bulls; will guns and ammo explode in an oven?
8:28 PMMythBusters - Superhero Hour: The team tests the grappling hook, the phantom ring punch and the phone booth change.
9:32 PMMythBusters - Myth Revolution: Radio-frequency identification; weapons.
10:36 PMMythBusters - Trail Blazers: Flammable Hollywood fables; the defibrillator.
11:40 PMMythBusters - Exploding Water Heater: Jamie and Adam test whether the steam a water heater creates can blast it through a roof.