31 October 2014

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11:30 PMMartin - Do You Remember the Time?: Martin and Gina have conflicting memories of their first date.
12:00 AMMartin - Really, Gina's Not My Lover: Gina's makeover may embarrass Martin at his high-school reunion.
12:30 AMMartin - Got to Be There: When Gina leaves on a business trip, Martin tries to recapture his single lifestyle.
1:00 AMThe Wayans Bros. - The Sting: Shawn loses his newsstand to T.C. in a poker game.
1:30 AMThe Wayans Bros. - Think Fast: Marlon and Shawn face archrivals in a basketball match.
2:00 AMThe Wayans Bros. - Farmer's Daughter: The boys turn their country cousin into a hip-hop knockout.
2:30 AMThe Wayans Bros. - Psycho Santa: A Santa-clad gunman takes the gang hostage.
3:00 AMThe Wayans Bros. - Getting It: Shawn meets his dream girl at a church bazaar.
3:30 AMThe Wayans Bros. - Who's in Charge Here?: The boys take over the diner for ailing Pops.
4:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
5:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
6:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
7:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
8:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
9:00 AMTrue Life - I Have a Strange Phobia: Unusual phobias wreak havoc in the lives of young sufferers.
10:00 AMTrue Life - I'm Preparing for the End of the World: Men prepare to survive the end of the world.
11:00 AMTrue Life - I'm Having Unusual Plastic Surgery: Two people want to overhaul their appearances through plastic surgery; removing silicone horns.
12:00 PMTrue Life - I Have a Paranormal Ability: Psychic mediums battle non-believers to prove they have a sixth-sense.
1:00 PMTrue Life - I Want to Be an Obscure Pageant Queen: Two young women compete in unconventional pageant competitions.
2:00 PMJeepers Creepers: Two siblings are pursued by a flesh-eating demon that wants to add them to its menu.
4:00 PMJeepers Creepers 2: A winged creature terrorizes stranded high schoolers.
6:00 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates Caruso: Caruso relinquishes his role as school bully after he gets bullied himself.
6:30 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates Driving: Chris ends up in traffic court after taking his father's car for a spin.
7:00 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates Blackie: When the family gets a dog, Chris must train it to be an attack dog.
7:30 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates Bed-Stuy: Chris makes up a story about a serial killer that causes a panic in the community.
8:00 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates Bad Boys: When Chris discovers that his crush likes ``bad boys,'' he decides to lose his ``nice guy'' image.
8:30 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates the Bachelor Pad: Mr. Omar agrees to look after Chris, who plans to spend some time alone with Tasha.
9:00 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates Houseguests: Greg is treated like royalty when he comes to stay with the family.
9:30 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates the New Kid: When Chris bonds with a new student at school, Greg warns him to stay far away.
10:00 PMMartin - Beat It: Martin schemes to recruit Pam and Gina as maids for his upcoming boxing party.
10:30 PMMartin - Baby It's You: Martin gets more than he bargains for when he allows a baby shower in his apartment.
11:00 PMMartin - Workin' Day and Night: Doing double duty at the station strains Martin's relationship with Gina.
11:30 PMMartin - Control: Gina works in Sheneneh's salon to replace lost basketball tickets.