27 May 2017

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10:00 PMPitch Perfect: A new college student shakes things up when she joins a female a cappella group.
12:30 AMRidiculousness - Bam Margera  : Bam Margera; ``Air Dancers''; ``Tailboners.''
1:00 AMRidiculousness - Jeff Tremaine  : Jeff Tremaine explains what it means to lawnchair, slam and sprint.
1:30 AMRidiculousness - Dave England  : Dave England; ``Poo Pros''; ``Bad Daddies''; ``Butt Hurt.''
2:00 AMJackass: Number Two: Daredevils subject an unsuspecting public to outrageous stunts and practical jokes.
4:00 AMRidiculousness - Johnny Knoxville  : Johnny Knoxville; ``Makeshift Ramps''; ``Freak Beasts''; ``Poorly Placed Kids.''
4:30 AMRidiculousness - Ryan Dunn  : Ryan Dunn; problems with ``Lower Education''; ``Out of Your League''; ``That's What You Get.''
5:00 AMRidiculousness - Wee Man and Preston  : Jackass veterans Wee Man and Preston watch imitators try to recreate ``Human Bowling.''
5:30 AMRidiculousness - Chris Pontius  : Chris Pontius; ``All Natural Weirdness''; ``Party Boys.''
6:00 AMRidiculousness - Ryan O'Malley  : ``Redneck Good Times''; ``Nutflix''; ``Double Whammies''; pogo sticker Ryan O'Malley.
6:30 AMRidiculousness - Chanel and Sterling XL  : Chanel and Sterling; ``Russian Thanksgiving''; ``Teeny Meanies''; ``Virtual Retirement.''
7:00 AMRidiculousness - Jackson Nicoll  : Jackson Nicoll helps break down outrageous viral videos.
7:30 AMRidiculousness - Dr. Drew Pinsky  : Dr. Drew Pinsky; ``What Went Wrong?''; ``Grey Guns.''
8:00 AMCatfish: The TV Show - Kailani & Sam  : When Kailani falls for her gay friend's online ex-boyfriend, Nev and Max investigate.
9:00 AMCatfish: The TV Show - Danny & Rosa  : Danny wants to build a family with his online love in spite of her violent past.
10:00 AMMy Super Sweet 16 - Center Stage Sweet 16: Noah is a former Nickelodeon star who has been anxiously awaiting his singing debut at his Sweet 16.
10:30 AMPromposal - Panic at the Promposal  : Josh, with a poor track record for wooing his girlfriend, has one last chance to get it right.
11:00 AMRidiculousness - Tanner Foust  : Hollywood stunt driver Tanner Foust; ``Going Extra, Extra Big''; ``Next Level Rides.''
11:30 AMRidiculousness - Juicy J  : Rapper Juicy J; ``Bounce It''; ``Wake Up Bake Up''; ``Not Twerking Out.''
12:00 PMRidiculousness - Chanel and Sterling XIV  : Chanel and Sterling; ``White Men Can't Dread''; ``Bird Crimes''; ``Extremer Sports.''
12:30 PMRidiculousness - Vic Mensa  : Vic Mensa; ``Still Alive''; ``Save More Money''; ``A Lot Going On.''
1:00 PMRidiculousness - David Spade  : David Spade; ``Stunt Butts''; ``Joe Dirts''; ``Buh-Bye.''
1:30 PMJoe Dirt: A goofy janitor tells a radio talk-show host about his search for the parents who abandoned him.
3:30 PMWhite Chicks: Two male FBI agents pose as female socialites to foil a kidnapping plot and save their jobs.
5:30 PMPitch Perfect: A new college student shakes things up when she joins a female a cappella group.
8:00 PMKnocked Up: A journalist's one-night stand with an irresponsible slacker has an unforeseen consequence.
11:00 PMThe 40-Year-Old Virgin: Three co-workers unite to help their buddy's sex life.