28 June 2017

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11:00 PMDisney's Animal Kingdom: Alive With Magic: Close-up encounters with wild animals and adventures brought to life by Walt Disney Imagineering.
12:00 AMTanked - Brace Yourself for Employee of the Month  : Wayde and Brett create unique aquariums for a luxury apartment complex and a knee brace company.
1:00 AMTanked - Crazy Client Requests  : Never before scene footage of some of the most outrageous tanks ever made.
2:00 AMTanked - Old School vs. New School  : The team tries to design aquariums for a robotic systems company and a pinball fan.
3:00 AMDisney's Animal Kingdom: Alive With Magic: Close-up encounters with wild animals and adventures brought to life by Walt Disney Imagineering.
4:00 AMPanda Republic: Two panda centers in central China are attempting to breed giant captive pandas.
6:00 AMThe Crocodile Hunter - Reptiles of the Lost Continent (Madagascar): Evolution of chameleons on Madagascar; cave-dwelling crocodiles.
7:00 AMPets 101 - Backyard Neighbors; Freaky Fish; Australian Invaders; So Creepy They're Cute  : Animals profiled include the wallaby, ant, chicken, stingray, deer and hissing cockroach.
8:00 AMToo Cute! - Little Wildcats  : Moo faces baby skunk; Gus tries to befriend dog; Savannah in search of brave playmate.
9:00 AMAnimal Airport - Sick as a Horse  : Dangerous eagles; a horse in trouble on an airport perimeter; an adorable puppy melts hearts.
9:30 AMAnimal Airport - Wild Dogs  : Rare raccoon dogs from Welsh countryside; diabetic dog; shipment of mealworms; helping a tortoise.
10:00 AMAnimal Cops Phoenix - Born in an Alley
11:00 AMAnimal Cops Phoenix - Deadly Diet: An X-ray provides surprising evidence in an investigation of a case involving three starving dogs.
12:00 PMPit Bulls and Parolees - Rock City Rescue: Tia heads to Detroit to help a rescue facility at risk of shutting down; grieving adopter wants dog.
1:00 PMPit Bulls and Parolees - Hounded: When adopted dog mysteriously appears in a Mississippi shelter, Tania and Earl head to the rescue.
2:00 PMTreehouse Masters - Vincent Van Treehouse  : Pete helps three siblings surprise their parents with a Scandinavian-style, art studio treehouse.
3:00 PMTreehouse Masters - Canopy Island Camp  : Pete is tasked with building a Native American themed, summer camp treehouse on Washington coast.
4:00 PMTreehouse Masters - Country Superstar Speakeasy  : Pete builds secluded, 3-story, speakeasy-themed treehouse for Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line.
5:00 PMTreehouse Masters - Bionic Treehouse  : Pete returns to his very first treehouse; now experienced, he revamps the old treehouse.
6:00 PMTreehouse Masters - Meditating Maple  : The NTS team focus their chi to create a meditation space for a couple in West Seattle.
7:00 PMTreehouse Masters - Treehouse Z  : Pete has nine days to build a Zen-like sanctuary for some old friends in Canton, N.C.
8:00 PMTreehouse Masters - How 'Bout Them Apples  : Pete constructs a tasting room for Walden, N.Y., hard cider company Angry Orchard.
9:00 PMTreehouse Masters - Zac Brown's Space Crab  : Pete builds a UFO inspired treehouse at Camp Southern Ground, at the request of musician Zac Brown.
10:00 PMTreehouse Masters - Swiss Family Surprise  : Pete builds Swiss Family Robinson inspired treehouse to help man surprise wife for anniversary.
11:00 PMTreehouse Masters - Towering Treetop Teahouse  : Pete builds a traditional Japanese teahouse 20 feet in the air for a zen-like paradise in Seattle.