27 December 2014

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10:30 PMThe Unsinkable Molly Brown: A young woman tries to enter 1890s Denver society but goes to Europe after her husband strikes gold.
1:00 AMPlease Don't Eat the Daisies: A New York drama critic moves his wife and four boys to an old mansion in the country.
3:00 AMTwo Loves: An American spinster teaches Maoris in New Zealand and loves two men, one after the other.
4:45 AMSummer Holiday: A publisher's son courts a girl in circa-1900 Connecticut.
6:45 AMZiegfeld Follies: Showman Flo Ziegfeld looks down from heaven on a dream revue including Gene Kelly and Lucille Ball.
8:30 AMRiffraff: A cannery worker marries a tuna fisherman who meets his downfall as a union leader.
10:30 AMCarry on Teacher: British students sabotage a school inspection so their popular headmaster will have to stay.
12:00 PMShadow of a Doubt: A girl thinks her visiting uncle is the strangler dubbed the Merry Widow Murderer.
2:00 PMThe Night of the Hunter: A wise matron protects children hiding from a corrupt preacher.
4:00 PMLawrence of Arabia: A controversial British officer unites Arab tribes against the Turks.
8:00 PMThe Black Stallion: Shipwrecked with a wild Arabian horse, a 1940s boy bonds with the animal on a tiny desert island.
10:15 PMThe Adventures of Robinson Crusoe: Daniel Defoe's British sailor is shipwrecked for 28 years with cannibals, and his man Friday.