27 August 2016

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11:00 PMGrand Prix: Personal lives of Formula One drivers affect their performance on the European circuit.
2:15 AMSkin Game: A pre-Civil War con man goes around selling his partner as a slave, then helping him escape.
4:15 AMMarlowe: Private eye Philip Marlowe's manhunt leads to ice-pick murders, a stripper and a TV star in trouble.
6:00 AMThe Plainsman: Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane and Buffalo Bill go up against Indians and a gunrunner.
8:00 AMOnly Angels Have Wings: A sassy chorus girl falls in love with a seat-of-the-pants pilot in South America.
10:15 AMThe Ex-Mrs. Bradford: Clues point back to a doctor as he sleuths out murders with his mystery-writer ex-wife.
12:00 PMA Foreign Affair: An Iowa congresswoman rivals a bistro singer for an Army captain in postwar Berlin.
2:00 PMShane: An ex-gunfighter sides with Wyoming homesteaders against a ruthless cattle baron.
4:00 PMMr. Smith Goes to Washington: Freshman senator Mr. Smith fights government corruption with a filibuster.
6:15 PMThe Whole Town's Talking: A bookkeeper learns he looks just like a gangster whom police plan to shoot on sight.
8:00 PMEasy Living: A Wall Street tycoon throws his wife's fur coat out a window, changing a working girl's life.
9:45 PMThe More the Merrier: A working girl shares a Washington, D.C., apartment with two men.
11:45 PMMr. Deeds Goes to Town: A folksy New England poet inherits $20 million he doesn't want and tells a New York newswoman why.