30 August 2016

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10:32 PM16 and Missing: An FBI agent tries to find her daughter after the teen arranges to meet an online acquaintance.
12:02 AMEnough: After running away fails, a terrified woman empowers herself in order to battle her abusive husband.
2:34 AM16 and Missing: An FBI agent tries to find her daughter after the teen arranges to meet an online acquaintance.
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4:34 AMDermaWand- Look years younger!: DermaWand results - younger looking skin with only 2 three minute treatments a day.
5:04 AM21 DAY FIX
5:34 AMThicker Hair - Guaranteed!: Thicker, fuller looking hair is within reach!
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7:00 AMRegrow Hair With The Number 1 Clinically Proven System For Women: Number 1 hair regrowth system exclusively for women. Clinically proven ingredients for fuller hair.
7:30 AMThe Balancing Act: Positive social change through online education; value on travel destinations.
8:00 AMUnsolved Mysteries: A cop is found murdered in his car; a girl disappears while catching fireflies with two friends.
9:00 AMUnsolved Mysteries: A road map and lottery tickets lead police to a murderer; unexplained miracle cross.
10:00 AMUnsolved Mysteries: A policeman is wanted for rape; a man vanishes in a plane; a man was struck by lightening.
11:00 AMHow I Met Your Mother - Unfinished: Barney uses his best womanizing tactics to try to convince Ted to design the new GNB building.
11:30 AMHow I Met Your Mother - Subway Wars: When the gang teases Robin about not being a real New Yorker, she sets out to prove them wrong.
12:00 PMGrey's Anatomy - Brave New World: Callie anxiously prepares for her first real date with Erica.
1:00 PMGrey's Anatomy - There's No I in Team: Bailey leads a team of doctors performing a string of surgeries.
2:00 PMGrey's Anatomy - Life During Wartime: Bailey and a team of surgeons must remove a young girl's inoperable tumor.
3:00 PMGrey's Anatomy - Rise Up: Erica discovers a surprising connection between a surgical resident and a longtime patient.
4:00 PMCenter Stage: Students at a dance academy strive to be the best while trying to survive their teen years.
6:00 PMThe Nanny Diaries: A college student goes to work for an affluent but dysfunctional family.
8:00 PMThe Ugly Truth: A chauvinist puts a romantically challenged producer through outrageous tests.
10:02 PMOne for the Money: A rookie bounty hunter goes after her former high-school flame.