25 October 2016

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10:00 PMGiant: A cattleman and his spoiled wife watch an upstart oilman try to take over Texas.
1:30 AMPlease Don't Eat the Daisies: A New York drama critic moves his wife and four boys to an old mansion in the country.
3:30 AMThe Tender Trap: An actress flirts demurely with a swinging Manhattan bachelor who thinks he has it made.
5:30 AMMGM Parade: Film clips of ``A Free Soul'' with Clark Cable and `` Trial.''.
6:00 AMThe Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy: An evil scientist constructs a robot to take control of an ancient mummy.
7:15 AMThe Time Machine: H.G. Wells' Victorian traveler visits three world wars and the year 802701.
9:00 AMTime After Time: Victorian London's Jack the Ripper escapes to 1979 San Francisco in H.G. Wells' time machine.
11:00 AMTime Bandits: Cosmic dwarfs take a boy on an odyssey featuring Robin Hood, Napoleon, King Agamemnon.
1:00 PMThe Ice Pirates: Space raider Jason and his sidekick help a princess find her father, an explorer seeking water.
2:45 PMSatellite in the Sky: A bomb dooms the first space satellite manned by a selfless crew.
4:15 PMLogan's Run: A man and woman flee an idyllic domed city in which citizens meet their deaths at age 30.
6:15 PMSoylent Green: Future New Yorkers live on a trademarked food, which two detectives find has a secret ingredient.
8:00 PMThe Last Hurrah: The old-style mayor of a city like Boston runs for a fourth term with all he's got.
10:15 PMAll the President's Men: The Washington Post's Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein tie the Watergate break-in to the White House.