26 December 2014

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11:00 PMKitchen Inferno - Fired Up  : Two chefs attempt to score with a canned tuna gourmet dish and an outrageous dessert pizza.
12:00 AMDiners, Drive-Ins and Dives - Memorable Moms: Serving up Italian, Greek, Polish and Lebanese, all filled with a mother's homemade touch.
1:00 AMDiners, Drive-Ins and Dives - Crazy for Chicken: Garlic chicken at Opal Thai Food; stuffed Native American-style tacos at Tocabe.
2:00 AMKitchen Inferno - Fired Up  : Two chefs attempt to score with a canned tuna gourmet dish and an outrageous dessert pizza.
3:00 AMDiners, Drive-Ins and Dives - Amazing Italian: Tortellini and bresaola; polenta with porcini sauce; pork sandwiches; lobster ravioli; manicotti.
4:00 AMKitchen Casino - All In  : Pairing coffee with Indian cuisine; unbutchered lamb; a decadent ingredient for the final round.
5:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:30 AMSix Star Knife Set: All the knives you'll ever need..GUARANTEED to last a lifetime!
6:00 AMThe NutriBullet Rx: 2.3 horsepower makes the world's healthiest drinks: The New NutriBullet Rx has a 2.3hp motor, hands-free SMART Technology and makes hot soup!
6:30 AMBody Beast!: Get the most advanced muscle-defining workout program, designed to get you completely ripped.
7:00 AMGuilt Free Frying By Philips: Fry, bake, roast and grill with little to no oil. Now you can eat healthier.
7:30 AMBest Pressure Cooker!: Hearty, wholesome meals in LESS time!
8:00 AMCindy Crawford Reveals Secret to Ageless Beauty: Cindy Crawford's supermodel secret to youthful, radiant-looking skin with Meaningful Beauty.
8:30 AMKeith Urban The Player Series Guitar & Lessons: 30 Songs in 30 Days: Music superstar Keith Urban can teach you 30 songs in 30 days with his new guitar & lesson package!
9:00 AMPerricone MD Cold Plasma Sub-D: Don't let your neck make you look too old! Look visibly younger with Cold Plasma Sub-D.
9:30 AMHome for Dinner With Jamie Deen - Anniversary Dinner For Brooke  : Rosemary beef tenderloin with blackberry red wine sauce; potatoes au gratin.
10:00 AMChallenge - Sugar Inventions: A Rube Goldberg machine made out of sugar proves to be a challenge.
11:00 AMCupcake Wars - Yo Gabba Gabba: VIP party for hit show ``Yo Gabba Gabba.''
12:00 PMThe Pioneer Woman - Alex's 16th Birthday  : A surprise 16th birthday party for Alex; pasta bar; chocolate chip caramel ice cream sundae.
12:30 PMBarefoot Contessa - Miguel While You Were Out: Panko crusted salmon; French lentils; cheese board and chicken noodle soup.
1:00 PMSemi-Homemade Cooking With Sandra Lee - Crossword Puzzle Show: Zucchini-bran muffins; ham and cheese quiche; tropical fruit parfait.
1:30 PM10 Dollar Dinners With Melissa D'Arabian - Brunch for a Buck  : Huevos rancheros; brunch cornbread with honey lime butter; bubbly lime spritzers.
2:00 PMSecrets of a Restaurant Chef - The Secret to Pork Sausage: Garlic pork sausage; roasted sweet potatoes and apples; horseradish parsley mustard; beer.
2:30 PM30-Minute Meals - Sloppy, Cozy & Quick: Sliced steak sloppy John's; sweet potato salad with bacon.
3:00 PMGiada at Home - Milestone Recipes: Baked lemon ziti; mozzarella fonduta; rib eye steak paninis; pink grapefruit and thyme bellinis.
3:30 PMGiada at Home - Cocktails With Couples: Giada invites friends over for light appetizers and cocktails.
4:00 PMBarefoot Contessa - Dare to Be Different: Parmesan risotto; strawberry shortcakes; eggs Columbian.
4:30 PMBarefoot Contessa - Bed and Breakfast: Frittata; maple bacon; Irish soda bread; garlic herbed tomatoes; cinnamon honey butter; melon.
5:00 PMThe Pioneer Woman - B.F.F.  : Restaurant style salsa with cheese nachos; sundried tomato stuffed mushrooms.
5:30 PMTrisha's Southern Kitchen - Grandma Knows Best  : Chicken and dumplings, deviled eggs and coconut cake with coconut lemon glaze.
6:00 PMChopped - Wurst Case Scenario: The entree round features popcorn balls; the final basket contains berries and oats.
7:00 PMChopped - Big Fish, Small Basket: Seitan and mezcal appetizer; entree, pre-made sauce and fish; dessert, pastry and a pork product.
8:00 PMDiners, Drive-Ins and Dives - Wildest Joints: Tacos served out of a gas station; brewpub's lobster mac 'n cheese; a boxing gym with comfort food.
9:00 PMDiners, Drive-Ins and Dives - Hometown Heroes: Guy visits beloved neighborhoods across the country serving up home-cooked favorites.
10:00 PMBeat Bobby Flay - Roll the Dice  : Chefs John Miele and Evan Hennessey battle for the right to compete against Bobby Flay.
10:30 PMBeat Bobby Flay - Surf and Turf  : Surf Chef Raphael Lunetta and Cowboy Chef Jake Gandolfo compete.
11:00 PMDiners, Drive-Ins and Dives - Chicken, Chili and Chowder: Chili-serving spot; three-story gourmet bar food joint; smokehouse kicking their menu up a notch.
11:30 PMDiners, Drive-Ins and Dives - Food Done Right: Clam cakes cooked in beef fat and strawberry shortcake; duck and cheesefries.