29 May 2017

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10:00 PMGrown Ups 2: Lenny Feder moves his family back to his hometown and finds out that, sometimes, crazy follows you.
12:00 AMJust Go With It: A doctor asks his loyal assistant for help in winning the woman of his dreams.
2:30 AMMike & Molly - I See Love: Mike and Molly bring their loved ones together for a significant event.
3:00 AMBest Blower Ever!: Revolutionary, Outdoor Yard Cleaner!
3:30 AMDermaWand- Look years younger!: DermaWand results - younger looking skin with only 2 three minute treatments a day.
4:00 AM24 Ladders in 1: Little Giant Ladder system is a revolutionary adjustable unit that can transform.
4:30 AMSpiralize, Shred, Slice, and Blend with Veggie Bullet!: With 4 auto settings to spiralize, shred, slice and blend, Veggie Bullet transforms your food!
5:00 AMPressure Cooker: Hearty, wholesome meals in LESS time!
5:30 AMAmazing Abs: Tone, tighten and burn fat - In seated comfort! Transform your entire body with the Ab Doer 360!
6:00 AM5 Makeup Tips 4 You: Airbrushed makeup made easy!
6:30 AMSpring Into Warmer Temperatures With The NuWave Cooktop: Enjoy the fresh flavors of Spring by cooking on the NuWave PIC.
7:00 AMSucker Punch: Locked away, a girl finds freedom from her dark reality in a fantasy world.
9:30 AMThe Recruit: A veteran CIA agent assigns his young protg to find a mole within the organization.
12:00 PMTwo and a Half Men - I Changed My Mind About the Milk: Walden plans a surprise for Zoey's birthday.
12:30 PMTwo and a Half Men - A Big Bag of Dog: Walden has a breakdown after his relationship with Zoey ends.
1:00 PMHow I Met Your Mother - No Tomorrow: Ted emulates Barney and lives like there is no tomorrow; Marshall delivers a reality check.
1:30 PMHow I Met Your Mother - Ten Sessions: Ted inadvertently attracts the attention of his dermatologist's assistant.
2:00 PMHow I Met Your Mother - The Bracket: Barney tries to figure out which of 64 women has the most cause to hate him.
2:30 PMHow I Met Your Mother - The Chain of Screaming: Marshall questions his decision to take a job in a corporate law firm.
3:00 PMTwo and a Half Men - Four Balls, Two Bats and One Mitt: Lyndsey and Alan try to add a little excitement to their love life.
3:30 PMTwo and a Half Men - You Do Know What the Lollipop Is For: A friend's visiting daughter (Miley Cyrus) makes Walden feel his age.
4:00 PMMike & Molly - Pilot: Teacher Molly Flynn invites officer Mike Biggs to speak to her fourth-grade class.
4:30 PMMike & Molly - First Date: When Molly gets a cold before her first date with Mike, she takes cold medicine to feel better.
5:00 PMUnderworld: Awakening: Vampire warrior Selene escapes imprisonment to find that humans are killing vampires and lycans.
7:00 PMThe Avengers: Superheroes join forces to save the world from an unexpected enemy.
10:00 PMThe Americans - The Soviet Division: Philip and Elizabeth race against the clock as a life hangs in the balance.
11:14 PMThe Americans - The Soviet Division: Philip and Elizabeth race against the clock as a life hangs in the balance.