23 July 2017

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10:00 PMThe Marrying Kind: A divorce-court judge moves a couple to reflect on their marriage.
12:00 AMThe Mating Call: A returning soldier finds his marriage was annulled. Silent.
2:00 AMUntil the End of the World: A Frenchwoman with bank loot follows a globe-trotter on his urgent mission in 1999.
7:00 AMThe Cheyenne Social Club: Two cowboys ride from Texas to Wyoming to claim an inheritance which turns out to be a brothel.
8:45 AMWinchester '73: A man tracks his prize repeating-rifle back around to the man who stole it.
10:30 AMBend of the River: An ex-outlaw and a horse thief lead a wagon train of farmers to Oregon before a gold rush.
12:15 PMThe Far Country: Two Wyoming cattlemen drive a herd to gold-rush Alaska and find trouble.
2:00 PMThe Man Who Shot Liberty Valance: A tenderfoot Eastern lawyer gets credit for shooting the worst outlaw in Shinbone.
4:15 PMShenandoah: A rich Virginia farmer stays out of the Civil War, then joins it to protect his family.
6:15 PMFirecreek: Farmer/sheriff fights outlaw and gang passing through.
8:00 PMThe Barefoot Contessa: A Hollywood director makes a Spanish dancer a star.
10:30 PMThe Night of the Iguana: In Mexico, a defrocked clergyman juggles relationships with three women of disparate personalities.