23 August 2016

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11:45 PMPlucking the Daisy: A French general's daughter wrecks a Balzac museum and turns stripper to pay the damages.
2:00 AMMasculin Fminin: A pop journalist has an affair with a pop singer in Paris.
4:00 AMContempt: A film producer covets his new screenwriter's sexy wife.
6:00 AMTraveling Husbands: A salesman gets in trouble with a party girl and a debutante in Detroit.
7:30 AMHaunted Honeymoon: Murder interrupts amateur sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey's honeymoon with his mystery-writer bride.
9:00 AMThe Mind Reader: A carnival con man thrives as a fake swami, but his wife wants him honest.
10:30 AMThis Man Is Mine: Another woman threatens a couple's marriage with her catty ways.
12:00 PMFinger of Guilt: A Hollywood film editor turned London producer confronts a strange woman who claims to be his lover.
1:45 PMIn the Cool of the Day: A British publisher with a nagging wife falls in love with a doomed American in Greece.
3:30 PMThe Big Timer: The daughter of a gym owner coaches an up-and-coming boxer, but success goes to his head.
5:00 PMAttorney for the Defense: A lawyer's quest for fame blinds his sense of justice.
6:30 PMThe Guilty Generation: A young man and woman from rival gangster families fall in love and secretly marry in the 1930s.
8:00 PMBroadway Through a Keyhole: A racketeer and a bandleader compete for the affections of a chorus girl.
9:45 PMNight After Night: A speakeasy owner falls for a debutante and hires a schoolteacher to fix his diction.
11:15 PMAmerican Madness: The president of a bank believes in lending money to anyone who needs it.