28 October 2016

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11:00 PMMonsters Inside Me - Choosing Between Life and Limb: In Illinois, a newly engaged man mysteriously collapses and faces organ failure.
12:00 AMMonsters Inside Me - My Wife is Rotting: A 2-year-old swallows horror; a mother's mysterious infection; parasites in 6-year-old boy's brain.
1:00 AMMonsters Inside Me - Dying Abroad: A young Peace Corps volunteer gets her dream assignment in West Africa, only to be struck ill.
2:00 AMMonsters Inside Me - The Backyard Killer: Jordan stops breathing; Suzie gets rashes and nerve pain; something is eating Melissa's blood.
3:00 AMMonsters Inside Me - There's Something Living In My Hand!: A mystery infection tackles a football player; parasites devour the eyeball of a stay-at-home mom.
4:00 AMMonsters Inside Me: Extra Deadly - My Vacation from Hell  : A leg torn apart by infection; a 7-year-old battles suicidal thoughts; a woman lands in hospital.
5:00 AMMonsters Inside Me - My Wife is Rotting: A 2-year-old swallows horror; a mother's mysterious infection; parasites in 6-year-old boy's brain.
6:00 AMBig Cat Diary - The Aftermath: A leopard and cub are missing; aggressive baboon; a lion cub plays.
6:30 AMBig Cat Diary - Challenge on the Marsh: A lion cub challenges a larger male for a meal; Safi is found; cheetah stalks Amber's daughter.
7:00 AMCats 101 - Ocicat; Norwegian Forest Cat; Selkirk Rex; Abyssinian; Bombay; Havana Brown: Ocicat; Norwegian forest cat; Selkirk Rex; Abyssinian; Bombay; Havana brown.
8:00 AMMy Cat From Hell - Crazy Daisy  : A shelter cat suffers from self-inflicted wounds; a crazy feline causes stress for a married couple.
9:00 AMBad Dog! - Foodies: Pug is pizza obsessed; Weimaraner practices acrobatics; Marty trashes house; Cosmo the cat.
10:00 AMAnimal Cops Houston - Catahoula Puppies: A police raid reveals hundreds of fighting roosters on a farm in western Texas.
11:00 AMAnimal Cops Houston - Ferret Frenzy: An injured colt is unable to stand; three ferrets live in a freezing house.
12:00 PMPit Bulls and Parolees - Out of the Dark: Tia recruits the twins and a new work-release prisoner to rescue a pit bull from a cavernous hole.
1:00 PMPit Bulls and Parolees - A New Future: Tia calls in reinforcements for a rescue in a bad neighborhood; Tania becomes center of attention.
2:00 PMUntamed and Uncut - Claws, Clashes, Chaos: A wildlife photographer gets too close to a leopard.
3:00 PMThe Haunted - Murder in Room 12: Employees of an inn begin reporting odd activity around room 12.
4:00 PMTanked - Dining With the Fishes  : Team up with Servingware company to build table tank; Crab Corner wants replica boat aquarium.
5:00 PMTanked - Channeling the Long Island Medium  : Long Island medium Theresa Caputo wants outdoor pond and 325-gallon aquarium in room-dividing wall.
6:00 PMTanked - Tricks and Trees  : Wayde and Brett try to build a tank inside an oak tree; a Halloween store wants a coffin aquarium.
7:00 PMTanked: Sea-Lebrity Edition - Home Run Tanks  : MLB hitters Johnny Damon and Prince Fielder get ATM to decorate their big league mansions.
9:00 PMTanked: Unfiltered - Dwight Howard's Slithering Slam Dunk  : NBA star Dwight Howard wants a fish tank and a new habitat for his two snakes; unseen extras.
10:00 PMTanked - Nacho Average Fish Tanks  : Snap On Tools send one of their giant tool storage chests to Vegas to get the signature treatment.
11:00 PMTanked - The Pirate Queen  : Drag queen Frank Marino wants over-the-top bed tank; tank for pirate ship in Perdido Key, Florida.