27 May 2017

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11:36 PMCatDog - The Old CatDog and the Sea; Cat Gone Bad: Cat tells the tale of the swordfish on the wall; Cat is drawn to beatnik alley cats.
12:08 AMRugrats - I Remember Melville; No More Cookies: Chuckie's pet bug dies; Angela eats too many cookies.
12:39 AMRugrats - Incredible Shrinking Babies; Miss Manners: Chuckie has a nightmare; Angelica teaches manners.
1:10 AMRugrats - Hand Me Downs; Angelica's Ballet: Dil gets Tommy's old toys; the babies stage a ballet recital.
1:40 AMRugrats - Submarine; Chuckie's a Lefty: The boys go to a used-car lot; Chuckie learns he is left-handed.
2:10 AMRugrats - What's Your Line?; Two by Two: The babies decide their future careers; the Rugrats build an ark.
2:40 AMRugrats - All's Well That Pretends Well; Big Babies: Angelica hides that she is sick; Dil is initiated into the world of big babies.
3:10 AMCatDog - Future CatDog; Cloudbursting: Cat and Dog are beamed to the year 3001 to fight the evil Big Winslow; Cat is jealous of Lola.
3:38 AMCatDog - Vexed of Kin; Meat Dog's Friends: Cat believes that his parents prefer Dog over him; Dog becomes a vegetarian.
4:06 AMRocko's Modern Life - Wallaby on Wheels; Bedfellows: Rocko takes up roller-skating; Heffer moves in with Rocko.
4:34 AMRocko's Modern Life - Lounge Singer; She's a Toad: Filburt gets motivated; Ed cannot give a speech.
5:03 AMHey Arnold! - Freeze Frame; Phoebe Cheats: Arnold and Gerald play detective; Phoebe copies a poem for school.
5:32 AMHey Arnold! - Grandpa's Sister; Synchronized Swimming: Grandpa's sister visits; the gang takes up synchronized swimming.
6:00 AMBella and the Bulldogs - Player Hater  : When Troy begins dating Charlotte, Bella decides to put her differences with Charlotte aside.
6:30 AMSchool of Rock - Changes  : When their regular teacher returns, the children must find a way to get Dewey back.
7:00 AMSchool of Rock - Truckin'  : When the cafeteria shuts down, Zack starts a food truck, only to find himself in competition.
7:30 AMSchool of Rock - Total Eclipse of the Heart  : Summer tries to get over Freddy, but winds up stuck with him and Kale at school overnight.
8:00 AMTeenNick Top 10 - Pitbull Summer Music Takeover  : Rapper Pitbull counts down his summer music playlist.
9:00 AMVictorious - Prom Wrecker: Jade seeks revenge when the prom ruins her art project.
9:30 AMVictorious - Tori Tortures Teacher: The kids take Sikowitz to a theater for his ten-year teaching anniversary.
10:00 AMSam & Cat - TheBritBrats  : Sam and Cat baby-sit two polite, British girls; Sam fulfills a community service requirement.
10:30 AMSam & Cat - ToddlerClimbing  : Sam and Cat confront a competing baby-sitting service when they post bad reviews about Sam and Cat.
11:00 AMHenry Danger - Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems  : As Henry tries to adjust to his new role as Kid Danger, he struggles to balance his schedule.
11:30 AMHenry Danger - Kid Grounded  : Henry is grounded after he is caught sneaking out at night; Piper drives Henry crazy at home.
12:00 PMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - Sweet Foot Rides  : The quads want to sell a new shoe prototype that Tom invented.
12:30 PMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - Not-So-Sweet Charity  : The boys try to impress some girls by putting on a talent show for charity.
1:00 PM100 Things to Do Before High School - Change Your Look and See What Happens Thing!  : CJ and the boys decide to change their wardrobes and try out new looks.
1:30 PM100 Things to Do Before High School - Say Yes to Everything for a Day Thing!  : CJ tries to convince the guys to say yes for the day, but agreeing to everything creates problems.
2:00 PMGame Shakers - Tiny Pickles  : Babe and Kenzie's new game is ready, but Dub promises the world a game based on a dream he had.
2:30 PMGame Shakers - Wing Suits & Rocket Boots  : The Game Shakers set Hudson up to help promote their games, but things quickly get out of hand.
3:00 PMGenie in a Bikini: Two best friends find a lamp on the beach and release a genie, hoping he will be able to help them.
4:00 PMSwindle: With help from classmates, a teen pursues a con man who duped him out of a valuable baseball card.
6:00 PMSplitting Adam: A teenager finds a way to manage his busy life when he accidentally clones himself.
8:00 PMFun Size: A teenager loses track of her little brother amid a sea of trick-or-treaters.
10:00 PMAll That: Young actors perform in comedy sketches.
10:31 PMAll That: Young actors perform in comedy sketches.
11:01 PMAll That: Young actors perform in comedy sketches.
11:32 PMAll That: Young actors perform in comedy sketches.