27 July 2016

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9:30 PMLittle Big Man: An ancient frontiersman recalls his checkered life. Based on the novel by Thomas Berger.
12:00 AMMcCabe and Mrs. Miller: A frontier gambler and a madam protect their booming business from outside investors.
2:15 AMHeaven's Gate: A well-educated marshal defends immigrant settlers against cattle barons in 1890s Wyoming.
6:00 AMTCM Presents Under the Influence - Bill Murray: Actor Bill Murray discusses his favorite films, actors and roles.
6:30 AMEleven Men and a Girl: Football stars want to play for a college, thanks to its president's daughter.
7:45 AMSally: All the singing and dancing pays off for a waitress who makes it on Broadway.
9:30 AMTop Speed: Clerks pose as millionaires at a swanky resort, and one falls in love with a rich man's daughter.
10:45 AMBroadminded: A rich man hires a comedian to keep an eye on his playboy son.
12:00 PMGoing Wild: Women mistake a reporter for a famed aviator and urge him to enter an air derby.
1:15 PMLocal Boy Makes Good: An awkward collegian must become a track star if he wants a girl to believe his letter.
2:30 PMSit Tight: Things go wrong for a health-club operator's helper who thinks he's a wrestler.
3:45 PMThe Tenderfoot: A Texas cowboy rescues a stenographer and bankrolls a Broadway show.
5:00 PMYou Said a Mouthful: A clerk winds up in a swimming marathon, but he cannot swim.
6:15 PM6 Day Bike Rider: A small-town clerk impresses his girlfriend by entering a big-city bicycle race.
7:30 PMThe Silent Partner: A bank teller skims $50,000 for himself during a robbery, and a Santa Claus crook wants it back.
8:00 PMScarecrow: Two drifters bum around, visit earthy women and discuss opening a car wash in Pittsburgh.
10:00 PMThe Last Detail: Two career Navy men take a misfit from the brig in Virginia to prison in New Hampshire.