27 September 2016

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11:30 PMRuff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave - A Pirate Adventure; A Farmyard Adventure  : A Pirate Adventure to find Black Hat's lost treasure.
12:00 AMAstroblast! - Growin' Crazy; Building the Perfect Present  : Comet feeds Sputnik's peach tree too much fertilizer; Comet tries to get Sputnik the perfect gift.
12:30 AMClangers - Holes  : Tiny and Small find a box that has fallen from space.
12:45 AMClangers - Bubble Trouble  : Major Clanger has invented a machine for cleaning up the planet.
1:00 AMClangers - Dragon Day  : Small decides that there should be a Dragon Day, to thank the Soup Dragon.
1:15 AMClangers - Home Sweet Hoot  : A little Hoot lands on the Clanger's planet.
1:30 AMPajanimals - We're Going Camping: Going camping, the Pajanimals are not too happy when they find out that have to sleep outside.
1:45 AMPajanimals - Light in the Night Sky: Squacky is afraid of the dark.
2:00 AMLazyTown - The Greatest Gift: Sportie helps the town prepare for a birthday party.
2:30 AMTree Fu Tom - Tom's Fan Club  : Tom is distracted by a group of sprites that hero-worship him and neglects his friends.
3:00 AMEarth to Luna! - A Cat's Whiskers  : Luna and Jupiter discover a lost kitten.
3:15 AMEarth to Luna! - Up, Up, and Away  : Luna and Jupiter see a hot air balloon.
3:30 AMBoj - Blast Off Buddies  : Boj makes Gavin a rocket.
3:45 AMBoj - Boj-A-Balloon  : Denzil attaches party balloons to his toy penguin.
4:00 AMChloe's Closet - Little Big Boy 
4:15 AMChloe's Closet - Easy as Cake  : The kids help a Chef make a cake for his son's birthday. They also make rocking musical instruments.
4:30 AMPoppy Cat - Sunnyside Island  : Owl is sad when his sunflower looks droopy, until Poppy suggests they take it to Sunnyside Island.
4:45 AMPoppy Cat - Jungle Paint  : While the group paitns in the garden, a careless Zuzu flicks paint on Owl's favorite painting.
5:00 AMSydney Sailboat - Perfect Stormy  : Sydney and Zip find an abandoned egg.
5:15 AMSydney Sailboat - Scaredy Boats  : When the boats go camping at Hidden Cove, Stormy sees a strange creature in the dark.
5:30 AMZou - Tic Toc  : Zou learns that he has to be patient when he has to wait an hour for Elzee to come over.
5:45 AMZou - Zou Plays Hide and Seek  : Zou, Elzee and Grandpa play a game of hide and seek.
6:00 AMSuper Wings - Fireman Dad; Miner Problem  : Jett brings a fireman's hat to Stefan in Germany; Jett brings a miner's helmet to Bolivia.
6:30 AMSuper Wings - Lion Dance; Square Search  : Jett takes a Lion Dance costume to Taiwan; Jett flies to Prague in the Czech Republic.
7:00 AMThe Doozers - Spookypalooza; The Legend of Doozer Hollow  : Spookypalooza is when all Doozers get together to spook each other.
7:30 AMThe Doozers - Home Tweet Home; Butterfly Away  : The Pod Squad designs the ultimate bird house; Monarch butterflies migrate through Doozer Creek.
8:00 AMCaillou - Good Friend Caillou: Caillou doesn't like Clementine copying him; Caillou takes all the credit for a poster.
8:30 AMCaillou - Outdoor Adventures: Caillou's canoe trip; ducks; a rabbit eats the carrots at a picnic; cows.
9:00 AMThe Furchester Hotel - The Veggietones  : Funella hires a group of singing vegetables to make the guests happy, but they cause chaos.
9:20 AMNoodle and Doodle - Come To Our Tea Party  : Little cream and berry pancake.
9:40 AMLily's Driftwood Bay - Stop That Pudding; Snippy  : Lily finds a set of measuring spoons; Lily befriends an adorable hermit crab.
10:00 AMThe Floogals - Project Trumpet  : The Floogals learn how to use teamwork to make beautiful music.
10:20 AMSuper Wings - Cheese Chase  : Jett brings cowbells to Sven in Switzerland; Jett learns about making cheese.
10:40 AMThe Doozers - Spookypalooza  : It's Spookypalooza and the Pod Squad are excited to make the spookiest pumpkin ever.
11:00 AMTerrific Trucks - Lightning Fast; Losing Site of the Job  : Blinker's attempts to be the fastest truck in the world backfire; Tork's vision starts to go.
11:19 AMSarah & Duck - Cloud Tower; Ribbon Fall  : A search for shade on a hot day leads Sarah and Duck to discover a fascinating tower in the park.
11:37 AMThe Chica Show - Chica's Checklist  : Chica neglects her chores to play with Jett's new periscope.
12:00 PMCaillou - Caillou Learns Patience: Caillou grows impatient waiting for raspberries to ripen; Daddy builds an ice rink in the backyard.
12:30 PMCaillou - My Family: Dad helps Caillou take pictures; Daddy and Caillou build a surprise for Mommy; a zoo; camping.
1:00 PMThe Berenstain Bears - The Bad Habit; Ferdy Factual: Sister tries to find a way to keep from biting her nails; Brother tries to befriend a new student.
1:30 PMThe Furchester Hotel - The Veggietones  : Funella hires a group of singing vegetables to make the guests happy, but they cause chaos.
1:45 PMThe Furchester Hotel - Furchester TV  : Phoebe and Elmo create Furchester TV when TV-loving ducks cannot miss their favorite TV programs.
2:00 PMSuper Wings - Penguin Parade; Fish Friends  : Binoculars for Ella on the Galapagos Islands; a toy castle for Ayesha in The Maldives.
2:30 PMSuper Wings - Fast Track; Santorini Choo Choo  : Tires for Alex and his sister Adriana in Monaco; a braided rope for Santorini, Greece.
3:00 PMMaya the Bee - On With the Show; Night Flight  : Maya organizes a talent show to prove that everybody has talent.
3:30 PMMaya the Bee - What a Nice Wasp; Sleepless Max 
4:00 PMThe Jungle Bunch - Show Must Go On; The Wild Bunch  : Fred is kidnapped.
4:30 PMThe Jungle Bunch - The Cube; For a Fistful of Cahouetes  : A cube radiating a blue light creates discord in the jungle; thieves steal the city's cactus juice.
5:00 PMThe Floogals - Project Balloon; Project Trumpet  : The Floogals mistake a balloon for a monster; the Floogals use teamwork to make music.
5:30 PMThe Floogals - Project Puzzle; Project Helicopter  : The Floogals assemble a jigsaw puzzle; a toy helicopter.
6:00 PMCaillou - Words: Caillou reads the paper with Daddy; Sarah invites Caillou to little-brother/little-sister day.
6:30 PMCaillou - I Can Do It!: Caillou gets some help learning to paint, swim and play baseball; Rexy builds a snowman.
7:00 PMNina's World - Nina Gets Packing; Nina Camps Out  : Nina's packs for her first camping trip, but she wants to bring many unnecessary items.
7:30 PMNina's World - Camp Nina; Nina's Kickoff  : Nina and her family return from camping; Carlos disturbs soccer practice.
8:00 PMThe Floogals - Project Table Tennis; Project Magnet  : The Floogals discover table tennis.
8:30 PMThe Floogals - Project Vacation; Project Mail  : The Floogals learn about vacations and mail delivery.
9:00 PMThe Jungle Bunch - Pursuing the Green Emerald Pawpaw; An Explosive Duel  : Mandrills try to steal a rare plant.
9:30 PMThe Jungle Bunch - The Invasion Has Begun; Mission Keep Calm 
10:00 PMMaya the Bee - Willy's Bottle; Keep Ball Rolling 
10:30 PMMaya the Bee - Judge Beeswax; Crack! 
11:00 PMRuff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave - A Racing Adventure; A Collecting Adventure  : Races have rules in Racing Land.
11:30 PMRuff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave - A Gardening Adventure; A Flying Adventure  : A trip to a garden and how to plant seeds.