27 April 2017

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11:36 PMRugrats - Back to School; Sweet Dreams: Didi decides to go back to school; the babies search for Chuckie's lost dream.
12:08 AMRocko's Modern Life - Dumbbells; Rug Birds: Rocko rings doorbells; Filburt collects bird wigs.
12:39 AMRocko's Modern Life - Carnival Knowledge; Sand in Your Navel: Rocko and Heffer solve a carnival game; Rocko and Spunky go to the beach.
1:10 AMRocko's Modern Life - Down the Hatch; Road Rash: Spunky swallows a vitamin; Rocko and Heffer take a road trip.
1:40 AMRocko's Modern Life - Clean Lovin'; Unbalanced Load: Spunky develops a crush; Rocko learns that laundry day can be dangerous.
2:10 AMRugrats - Silent Angelica; Tie My Shoes: Angelica promises not to talk; Charles thinks Chuckie tied his own shoes.
2:40 AMRugrats - Beauty Contest; Baseball: To win a boat, Grandpa and Stu enter Tommy in a beauty pageant; Tommy goes to a baseball game.
3:10 AMCatDog - Smarter Than the Average Dog; CatDog Doesn't Live Here Anymore: Cat buys Dog educational videos; Winslow throws a ``Good Riddance CatDog'' party.
3:38 AMCatDog - The Unnatural; Skiing; Dog Ate It: Cat and Dog play baseball; Cat and Dog cause mayhem on the slopes; Cat forces Dog to go on a diet.
4:06 AMRocko's Modern Life - Sucker for the Suck-O-Matic; Canned: Rocko buys a vacuum cleaner; Rocko gets fired.
4:34 AMRocko's Modern Life - Rocko's Happy Sack; Flu-in-U-Enza: Rocko and Spunky take advantage of a sale; Rocko gets the flu.
5:03 AMHey Arnold! - Eugene's Pet; Longest Monday: Arnold kills Eugene's pet fish; school hazing.
5:32 AMHey Arnold! - Stinky Goes Hollywood; Olga Gets Engaged: Stinky makes a soda commercial; Olga's fiance wins over everyone but Helga.
6:00 AMThe Thundermans - Thundersense  : Phoebe gets the ability to sense danger and uses it to impress her classmates.
6:30 AMThe Thundermans - You Stole My Thunder, Man  : Phoebe plots revenge when Max wins the school election that she had been working hard for.
7:00 AMHenry Danger - Dream Busters  : A villain's dream beam traps Henry in a dream state from which only Charlotte can rescue him.
7:30 AMHenry Danger - Elevator Kiss  : Kid Danger and Bianca share a kiss; Henry is upset when he realizes that Bianca kissed Kid Danger.
8:00 AMiCarly - iDon't Want to Fight: Carly makes Sam a shirt; Sam trades the shirt for concert tickets.
8:30 AMiCarly - iPromise Not to Tell: Sam breaks into the school's computer and changes the grade on Carly's history paper.
9:00 AMiCarly - iHave a Love Sick Teacher: Carly's teacher breaks up with her boyfriend and becomes interested in Spencer.
9:30 AMiCarly - iKiss: Sam overhears Freddie confess that he has never been kissed and exposes his secret on iCarly.
10:00 AMiCarly - iLove You: Carly suggests that Sam and Freddie try each other's favorite hobbies.
10:30 AMiCarly - iQ: Carly tries to impress her new boyfriend by looking smart; T-Bo needs a place to live.
11:00 AMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - Do-It-All Dawn  : Dawn assures her parents that she can handle it all when she begins to play tuba.
11:30 AMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Sicky  : The quads must work together to hide Dawn's illness to avoid getting sent home early.
12:00 PMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - Pilot  : Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn are quadruplets with nothing in common.
12:30 PMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - Field of Brains  : The quads try to impress Josie by watching a horror movie, but they quickly regret their decision.
1:00 PMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - Family Matters  : The quads attempt to get out of family night by introducing Tom and Anne to another couple.
1:30 PMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - Unhappy Campers  : When the quads go to summer camp, they realize they can establish new identities.
2:00 PMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - Mall in the Family  : The quads convince their parents that they are responsible enough to explore the mall on their own.
2:30 PMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - Rock `n' Rules  : The quads secretly rent out the garage in order to have money to make their own house rules.
3:00 PMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - Doggy Door Afternoon  : Squishy Paws runs away when the quads are home alone, and they argue about who should be in charge.
3:30 PMNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn - The Tell-Tale Art  : Dawn grows suspicious of her brothers when Ricky takes credit for artwork that Dicky painted.
4:00 PMVictorious - Rex Dies: Tori feels responsible when Rex is accidentally sucked into a giant fan.
4:30 PMVictorious - The Diddly-Bops: Tori and her friends are hired to replace the band at a child's birthday party.
5:00 PMVictorious - Sleepover at Sikowitz's: Sikowitz invites the gang to his house for a sleepover in order to teach them a lesson.
5:30 PMVictorious - Survival of the Hottest: While preparing to go to the beach during a Los Angeles heat wave, the gang gets trapped in an RV.
6:00 PMVictorious - Tori Tortures Teacher: The kids take Sikowitz to a theater for his ten-year teaching anniversary.
6:30 PMVictorious - Jade Gets Crushed: Andre develops a crush on Jade while working on a song; Tori tries to help Andre get over his crush.
7:00 PMVictorious - Prom Wrecker: Jade seeks revenge when the prom ruins her art project.
7:30 PMVictorious - The Breakfast Bunch: Tori and the gang must spend Saturday in detention after a lunch trip gone wrong.
8:00 PMVictorious - Car, Rain & Fire: Cat talks Tori and Jade into holding a vigil when her favorite actress dies; Trina directs a play.
8:30 PMVictorious - Driving Tori Crazy: A movie shoot causes a traffic jam that interferes with Tori's morning commute.
9:00 PMBoy Meets World - They're Killing Us: Cory and Topanga recall the problems they have had in planning their wedding.
9:30 PMBoy Meets World - It's About Time: Eric replaces Shawn as best man in Cory and Topanga's wedding.
10:00 PMHey Arnold! - Helga's Masquerade; Mr. Green Runs for Office: Helga tries to be like Lila; Mr. Green runs for city council.
10:32 PMHey Arnold! - Grandpa's Sister; Synchronized Swimming: Grandpa's sister visits; the gang takes up synchronized swimming.
11:04 PMHey Arnold! - Freeze Frame; Phoebe Cheats: Arnold and Gerald play detective; Phoebe copies a poem for school.
11:36 PMHey Arnold! - Door 16; Arnold as Cupid: A new boarder is secretive; peacemaker Arnold.