20 September 2017

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11:01 PMFace Off: Game Face - Mutants Wear Makeup Too  : The artists create aliens inspired by futuristic fashion and the spawn of two mutants from X-Men.
12:01 AMPaul: Two British sci-fi nerds help an alien return to his spaceship.
2:01 AMPiranhaconda: A film crew runs from a hybrid creature after its egg is stolen by a deranged scientist.
4:00 AMChannel Zero: No-End House - This Isn't Real  : Four friends enter the No-End House and confront strangely personal horrors in each room.
5:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:30 AMAccidents caught on Camera with HD Mirror Cam!: See crazy accidents caught on camera with the HD Mirror Cam - the most important tool you'll ever!
6:00 AMThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Young adults encounter a demented family of butchers.
8:00 AMAtomic Shark: A lifeguard assembles an unlikely team to embark on a suicide mission to save the west coast.
10:00 AMThe Wolfman: A nobleman uncovers a horrifying curse as he searches for his missing brother.
12:00 PMChildren of the Corn: In rural Nebraska, a couple encounters a religious cult comprised of murderous children.
2:00 PMCarrie: An awkward, bullied teenager uses her telekinetic powers to get even.
4:00 PMPaul: Two British sci-fi nerds help an alien return to his spaceship.
6:00 PMJeepers Creepers: Two siblings are pursued by a flesh-eating demon that wants to add them to its menu.
8:00 PMJohn Wick: An ex-hitman comes out of retirement to hunt down the mobsters who ruined his life.
10:00 PMLake Placid: A paleontologist tries to stop a killer crocodile.