27 June 2017

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11:30 PMJessie - New York, New Nanny  : Jessie accepts a job as a nanny and moves in with the Ross family.
12:00 AMStuck in the Middle - Stuck in Lockdown  : Harley and Ethan are determined to prove that Daphne is not as innocent as she seems.
12:30 AMAndi Mack - Terms of Embarrassment  : Andi yearns for time to herself after catching someone snooping through her laptop.
1:00 AMGirl Meets World - Girl Meets Texas: Part 1  : Lucas is entered into a bull-riding contest in his hometown; Riley, Maya and Farkle go with him.
1:30 AMBest Friends Whenever - Princess Problems  : A princess named Daisy has come through the time rift from the 16th century.
2:00 AMJessie - Glue Dunnit: A Sticky Situation  : Jessie works on ungluing Mrs. Chesterfield's hands from her head.
2:30 AMJessie - Tempest in a Teacup  : Emma and Zuri learn that Jessie's prom in Texas was ruined, so they recreate it.
3:00 AMDog With a Blog - Stan's Secret Is Out  : The entire James-Jennings family is scooped up by the U.S. Space Command's Alien Division.
3:30 AMBizaardvark - Frankie Has a Hater  : The girls find mean comments about their videos; Frankie feels her confidence dwindling.
4:00 AMStuck in the Middle - Stuck in the Middle  : Inventor Harley is ready to accept a community award; her family struggles with timeliness.
4:30 AMJessie - The Fear in Our Stars  : Jessie books a commercial but needs to relearn the skills listed on her resume.
5:00 AMJessie - Jessie Goes to Hollywood  : Christina Ross returns home just in time for Jessie to head to Los Angeles for a movie role.
5:30 AMTangled: The Series - Challenge of the Brave  : Cassandra and Rapunzel enter the Challenge of the Brave to test their courage.
6:00 AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Daisy in the Sky: A large batch of balloons carries Daisy, Minnie and Pluto away.
6:30 AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Super Goof's Super Puzzle: Goofy helps solve puzzles as Super Goof.
7:00 AMDoc McStuffins - Dad's Favorite Toy; Chilly and the Dude  : Dad's favorite boyhood toy; a charismatic snowman.
7:30 AMPJ Masks - Catboy and the Shrinker; Owlette and the Moonball  : Romeo and Night Ninja shrink the PJ Masks; Luna Girl hides all the toys she's stolen.
8:00 AMThe Lion Guard - Beware the Zimwi  : Tales of a mysterious creature plague the Pride Lands.
8:30 AMMickey and the Roadster Racers - Mickey's Perfecto Day!; Running of the Roadsters!  : Mickey plans a perfect day for Minnie; a playful baby bull; Minnie and Daisy make a bet.
9:00 AMPuppy Dog Pals - A Pyramid Scheme; Special Delivery  : Bongo and Rolly travel to Egypt; the pugs try to deliver a Mother's Day card for Bob.
9:30 AMElena of Avalor - Island of Youth  : Esteban drinks too much water from the Fountain of Youth and begins to de-age.
10:00 AMHotel Transylvania: The Series - Enter the Nose Picker; Hide & Shriek  : Mavis finds her childhood toy, Demented Debbie, in the attic.
10:30 AMTangled: The Series - Rapunzel's Enemy  : After Rapunzel gets booed, she becomes determined to win over her naysayer.
11:00 AMJessie - Between the Swoon and New York City  : Jessie gets a to know a new guy named Brooks; she later finds out that he is Ms. Chesterfield's son.
11:30 AMStuck in the Middle - Stuck with a Winner  : Harley helps George score a spot on the golf team when basketball season ends.
12:00 PMAndi Mack - Best Surprise Ever  : Jonah Beck turns to Andi after Amber fails to defend him to her friends.
12:30 PMBizaardvark - Puff & Frankie 
1:00 PMAustin & Ally - Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath  : Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez are excited to make their first big budget music video.
1:30 PMAustin & Ally - Crybabies & Cologne  : Trent tries to make up with Team Austin, but then steals Austin's new song.
2:00 PMK.C. Undercover - Daddy's Little Princess  : The Coopers are tasked with protecting Prince Promomomo; K.C. and the Prince are smitten.
2:30 PMK.C. Undercover - How K.C. Got Her Swag Back  : K.C. loses her confidence after making a mistake on a mission; Marisa tries to help.
3:00 PMHotel Transylvania: The Series - Bad Friday; Hoop Screams  : The monsters celebrate Bad Friday by trying to win the Screamie for the best scare.
3:25 PMLiv and Maddie - Kathy Kan-a-Rooney  : Liv and Kathy try to make friends with 'normal girls'; Maddie struggles to get even.
3:50 PMAndi Mack - Were We Ever?  : Andi, Buffy and Cyrus start a protest against an unreasonable new dress code.
4:15 PMAndi Mack - Best Surprise Ever  : Jonah Beck turns to Andi after Amber fails to defend him to her friends.
4:45 PMThe Little Rascals: For wooing Darla, Alfalfa has a falling out with Spanky and the all-boys clubhouse gang.
6:20 PMAlvin and the Chipmunks: Three musical but mischievous chipmunks wreak havoc in a songwriter's life. Live action/animated.
8:00 PMHotel Transylvania: The Series - Buggin' Out; How Do You Solve a Problem Like Medusa  : While doing her chores around the hotel, Mavis mistakes truth bugs for bed bugs.
8:30 PMAndi Mack - 13  : Andi's world turns upside down when her sister, Bex, returns home and reveals a family secret.
9:00 PMLiv and Maddie - Gift-a-Rooney  : Parker creates a new face cream for Karen; Liv becomes involved in Diggie's gift-giving.
9:30 PMLiv and Maddie - Neighbors-a-Rooney  : Liv rekindles her friendship with Holden Dippledorf in the midst of a family feud.
10:00 PMK.C. Undercover - The Get Along Vault  : K.C. and Ernie must figure out how to put their rivalry aside so they can escape a bank vault.
10:30 PMK.C. Undercover - K.C.'s The Man  : To rescue an agent's son at an all-boys cadet academy, K.C. goes undercover as a male cadet.
11:00 PMHotel Transylvania: The Series - Buggin' Out; How Do You Solve a Problem Like Medusa  : While doing her chores around the hotel, Mavis mistakes truth bugs for bed bugs.
11:30 PMJessie - Used Karma  : Ravi is fed up with Luke and Zuri's pranks, so he explains to them about karma.