23 March 2017

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10:00 PMWhat Women Want: A freak accident gives a Chicago advertising executive the ability to read women's minds.
12:10 AMThe Illusionist: A magician vies with the heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire for a woman's love.
2:00 AMWar: A vengeful FBI agent seeks an assassin he believes killed his partner.
3:45 AMTears of the Sun: A Navy SEAL and his squad try to protect a doctor and Nigerian refugees from ruthless rebels.
5:50 AMDennis Rodman's Big Bang in Pyongyang: Dennis Rodman takes a team of former NBA stars to North Korea to improve international relations.
7:25 AMChristmas Ranch: A rebellious teenager is sent to her grandmother's horse ranch for the Christmas holiday.
8:50 AMArthur and the Invisibles: A boy enters the realm of tiny beings in a bid to save his grandparents' home. Live action/animated.
10:25 AMFreedom: The story of a runaway slave and his grandfather, a captive on the ship of Capt. John Newton.
12:00 PMGangs of New York: A man vows vengeance on the gangster who killed his father.
2:50 PMDeath Warrant: An undercover officer investigates murder and mayhem in a prison where kickboxing comes in handy.
4:30 PMThe Next Hit: A rap artist finds out that his record company put a hit out on one of its singers to boost sales.
6:20 PMGringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee: Filmmaker Nanette Burstein tries to unravel the strange behavior of software mogul John McAfee.
8:00 PMGangs of New York: A man vows vengeance on the gangster who killed his father.
11:00 PMParanoia: A young man's boss forces him to infiltrate a rival tech company and steal its secrets.