26 December 2014

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11:00 PMAir Force One: A terrorist and his gang hijack the U.S. president's plane.
2:00 AMHigh Plains Drifter: Stranger makes town prepare garish welcome for convicts.
4:30 AMCSI: Miami - Death Grip: A gifted 14-year-old tennis player is kidnapped during the night.
5:30 AMThe Three Stooges - I'm a Monkey's Uncle  : The caveman boys meet cavewomen.
5:35 AMThe Three Stooges - Termites of 1938  : The Stooges are exterminators and provide their services at a swanky mansion.
6:00 AMThe Rifleman - The Photographer: Lucas' old friend, a traveling photographer, is accused of murder.
6:30 AMThe Rifleman - Shivaree: A young couple traveling in a wagon train causes trouble for all of North Fork.
7:00 AMThe Rifleman - The Dead-Eye Kid: A smart-aleck boy from Brooklyn comes west to seek his fortune.
7:30 AMThe Rifleman - The Indian: A U.S. marshal arrives in North Fork, taking an Indian prisoner back east for trial.
8:00 AMThe Rifleman - The Boarding House: A woman whom Lucas remembers as a card cheat opens a boardinghouse in town.
8:30 AMThe Rifleman - The Second Witness: Lucas risks his life when he offers to appear as a witness in a murder trial.
9:00 AMThe Rifleman - The Trade: An outlaw will surrender if his sweetheart gets the reward.
9:30 AMThe Rifleman - One Went to Denver: Lucas' old friend arrives for an unexpected visit.
10:00 AMThe Rifleman - The Deadly Wait: An old enemy of Marshal Micah Torrance's arrives in town, bent on revenge.
10:30 AMThe Rifleman - The Wrong Man: A marshal from another territory comes to North Fork looking for a wanted man.
11:00 AMTombstone: Doc Holliday joins Wyatt Earp and his brothers for an OK Corral showdown with the Clanton gang.
2:00 PMJurassic Park: Scientists visit a park of DNA-regenerated dinosaurs. Based on the book by Michael Crichton.
5:00 PMThe Lost World: Jurassic Park: Mercenaries and scientists pursue genetically engineered dinosaurs inhabiting a Costa Rican island.
8:00 PMJurassic Park III: A paleontologist and a couple outrun cloned dinosaurs after their plane crashes on an island.
10:00 PMJurassic Park: Scientists visit a park of DNA-regenerated dinosaurs. Based on the book by Michael Crichton.