27 December 2014

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9:11 PM2014 Soul Train Awards: Celebrating the best in R&B Soul Music.
12:00 AMThe Wendy Williams Show - Holiday Movies: The season's must-see movies; Wendy's Holiday Gift Grab.
1:14 AMThe Real: NeNe Leakes (``The Real Housewives of Atlanta''); the cast of ``The Jersey Boys'' performs.
2:25 AMThe Game - Fits and Starts: Tasha and Pookie explore their friendship; Janay goes out of town; Melanie and Derwin stay busy.
3:00 AMThe Queen Latifah Show - Supermodel and Actor Tyson Beckford. Comedy Veteran Laurie Metcalf. Plus a Performance From the 14-Year-Old Vocal Powerhouse Jackie Evancho  : Model Tyson Beckford; actress Laurie Metcalf; Jackie Evancho performs.
4:00 AMBET Inspiration: Black ministers; gospel and religious events.
6:00 AMBET Inspiration: Black ministers; gospel and religious events.
8:00 AMThe Game - The Rules of the Game: Melanie attends the first Saber Sunbeam meeting of the season; Derwin is hazed by the other players.
8:30 AMThe Game - Away Game: Derwin invites Melanie to his first away game in Miami, but she doesn't go.
9:00 AMThe Game - Gifted: Melanie sends gifts to the football team on Derwin's behalf, which draws teasing.
9:36 AMThe Game - How Tasha Got Her Groove Back: Malik tells Tasha he is having trouble with the offensive coordinator.
10:12 AMThe Game - Rift and Separate: A major rift affects Jason and Malik's playing relationship.
10:47 AMThe Game - Mi Casa Es Su Casa: When she returns early from a trip, Tasha finds Malik throwing a wild party at their house.
11:24 AMThe Game - The Trey Wiggs Episode: Derwin objects to his image consultant's idea to pair him with his former college teammate.
12:00 PMThe Game - Brittany's Super Sweet Sixth: Kelly approaches Jason for money when her daughter wants an extravagant birthday party.
12:36 PMThe Game - The Trey Wiggs Fallout Episode: Derwin remains unhappy about Melanie's bad publicity.
1:11 PMThe Game - There's No Place Like Home: The Sabers lose their final game; Melanie looks forward to seeing her family.
1:47 PMThe Game - It's Hard Being Kelly Pitts: Kelly overworks herself and has a breakdown; Malik enlists Derwin as his new practice partner.
2:23 PMThe Game - To Baby ... or Not to Baby: Melanie and Derwin discover that she may be pregnant; Derwin plans a surprise proposal.
3:00 PMThe Game - The Iceman Cometh: Derwin's performance in a playoff game earns him a high-profile manager's attention.
3:36 PMThe Game - All-Star Blues: Malik does not take Tasha to Hawaii with him.
4:12 PMThe Game - Out of Bounds: Malik uses Drew Sidora to make Eva Marcille jealous.
4:47 PMThe Game - The Big Chill: Tasha's boyfriend confronts her about her aggressive attitude.
5:24 PMThe Game - Baby B.S.: Kelly finds out that Jason wants to have another baby.
6:00 PMThe Game - The Many Lies of Derwin Davis: Derwin, Melanie go to Drew Sidora's video-release party.
6:36 PMThe Game - You Say You Want a Revolution: When Camille joins the Sunbeams, she decides to run for president against Kelly.
7:11 PMThe Game - God Bless the Girl That's Got Her Own: Melanie feels uncomfortable about being dependent on Derwin for financial security.
7:47 PMThe Game - When the Chickens Come Home to Roost: Derwin gets an unexpected endorsement deal; an old flame wants to spend time with Malik.
8:23 PMThe Game - When the Chickens Come Home to Roost: Derwin gets an unexpected endorsement deal; an old flame wants to spend time with Malik.
9:00 PMThe Game - Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Redux: Derwin tries to repair his relationship with Melanie after his infidelity.
9:36 PMThe Game - The Trey Wiggs Taps Back Episode: Heartbroken Melanie sleeps with Derwin's arch rival.
10:12 PMThe Game - Tasha, Renee and Malik the Cliche: Renee finds out that Malik lives with his mother; Jason tries to impress his new coach.
10:48 PMThe Game - Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Kelly convinces Jason to let her brother, who was recently released from rehab, stay with them.
11:24 PMThe Game - Fool Me Twice ... I'm the Damn Fool: Melanie agrees to go out to dinner with Derwin.