23 July 2016

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11:00 PMStill: Tom Carver stumbles blindly towards a crossroad in his life after the death of his teenage son.
12:50 AMLocal Programming
12:55 AMGilda: A Buenos Aires casino owner hires a gambler who once had an affair with his alluring wife.
2:55 AMStill: Tom Carver stumbles blindly towards a crossroad in his life after the death of his teenage son.
4:45 AMLocal Programming
4:50 AMOn Story - Awkward Black Girl: A Conversation With Issa Rae  : Actress and writer Issa Rae discusses the challenges of creating independent Web series.
5:20 AMAntiques Roadshow - Anaheim: Two pairs of performance shoes belonging to actor Buddy Ebsen; jade jewelry collection.
6:00 AMWild Kratts - Pangolin Rescue: The Wild Kratts set out to save the pangolins from Chef Gourmand Gaston.
6:30 AMThomas & Friends - Food to Go: Stephen learns that speed is not the most important thing; James tries to back out of a challenge.
7:00 AMSesame Street - Getting Centered: Telly works on balancing his weight during yoga class.
7:30 AMBob the Builder - Machine Moves!: Spring City needs a new fitness trail in time for the Fun Run; sprung dance floor.
8:00 AMNature Cat - Playground-Palooza; Small but Big  : Sadie is sad because she misses playing out in nature; Squeeks is excited for the art fair.
8:30 AMCurious George - No Knowing Gnocchi; Here Comes the Tide: George follows Gnocchi to find out why she leaves the house; treasure chest.
9:00 AMDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood - Daniel Gets a Shot; A Stormy Day  : Daniel doesn't want to get a shot; a thunderstorm scares Daniel and O the Owl.
9:30 AMSid the Science Kid - Where Did the Water Go?: Sid and his friends learn about how water travels out of homes through pipes.
10:00 AMReady Jet Go! - Solar System Bake-off!; Kid-Kart Derby  : Mindy and Carrot make desserts representing different planets; Jet builds an electric engine.
10:30 AMOdd Squad - Flawed Squad; The Creature Whisperer  : The villains break into Odd Squad headquarters; the agents pursue an odd creature.
11:00 AMCyberchase - Size Me Up: Hacker plans to launch a virus to crash Motherboard's hard drive once and for all.
11:30 AMTheater Talk - Garry Marshall
12:00 PMThe Best of 50s Pop (My Music): Highlights from the ``My Music'' series feature pop hits from the 1950s.
2:00 PMMike Colameco's Real Food: Mike Colameco provides viewers with an inside look at real chefs, real restaurants and real recipes.
2:30 PMThe Kitchen Wisdom of Cecilia Chiang - The Long Walk  : Beggar's chicken -- a whole, stuffed chicken wrapped in lotus leaves, then clay, and baked.
3:00 PMEllie's Real Good Food - Office Food Overhaul  : Herbed farro salad with chicken, walnuts, feta and spinach; Asian chicken wrap.
3:30 PMMartha Bakes - Layered Yeast Dough: Kouign-amann; sugar and spiced cinnamon-sugar knots; snails.
4:00 PMThe Great British Baking Show - Desserts  : Creme brulee; the technical challenge is a Spanische windtorte; a stack of tiered cheesecakes.
5:00 PMAmerica's Test Kitchen From Cook's Illustrated - Dinner in Cuba: Cuban braised shredded beef; fried sweet plantains; grapefruit knives.
5:30 PMReligion & Ethics Newsweekly - Religion and the 2016 Republican National Convention; Streaming Church Services: Faith-motivated delegates and religious leaders mobilize support for Donald Trump.
6:00 PMPBS NewsHour Weekend - The Politics of Coal  : Pennsylvania coal mine workers play a part in the upcoming presidential election.
6:30 PMLocal Programming
7:30 PMA Chef's Life - Prickly Business  : The African roots of okra; picking okra; photo session.
8:00 PMDancing on the Edge: Louis' calmness is shaken when he spies Julian's friends at a dinner; warrant for Louis' arrest.
9:00 PMMasterpiece Mystery! - Inspector Lewis, Season 7: The Lions of Nemea: Lewis and Hathaway investigate the brutal murder of an American Classics student.
10:30 PMThe Tunnel: The killer's incendiary fourth truth begins; Karl and Elise's suspicions fall on Stephen Beaumont.
11:30 PMThe Best of 50s Pop (My Music): Highlights from the ``My Music'' series feature pop hits from the 1950s.