9 February 2016

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11:00 PMLocal Programming
11:30 PMTiny House Hunters - Firefighter Goes Super Tiny in Savannah  : A firefighter wants to find a portable less-than-300 square foot home.
12:00 AMEllen's Design Challenge - Around the World  : The designers experience a trip around the world of furniture design.
1:00 AMHouse Hunters - Native Cajuns Looking to Live Large in LaFayette, La.: A Louisiana doctor and his wife want to find a home in LaFayette, La., that makes a statement.
1:30 AMHouse Hunters International - Wellington Bound: A couple decides to take the plunge and move their family to Wellington, New Zealand.
2:00 AMTiny House Hunters - Family of Five Goes Tiny  : A family wants to find a small house that can handle their growing family without breaking the bank.
2:30 AMTiny House Hunters - Firefighter Goes Super Tiny in Savannah  : A firefighter wants to find a portable less-than-300 square foot home.
3:00 AMHouse Hunters - Single Mom Dreams of a Bungalow in Portland, Oregon: A single mother and her daughter search for their first place in Portland, Ore.
3:30 AMHouse Hunters - He Wants Gadgets and She Wants Mermaids in Baltimore: A Baltimore couple wants to find a larger home in a nice neighborhood for their family of six.
4:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
4:30 AMNinja Coffee Bar - Favorite Coffeehouse Drinks Home w/ Sofia Vergara: Classic Brew, Rich Brew, Over Ice Brew, Specialty & Frozen Blended Brew.
5:00 AMNo more wrinkles! Say ByeBye now and look younger!: No more wrinkles! Look younger with Bye Bye Foundation. Developed to correct and protect your skin.
5:30 AMPiYo Workout!: Define your body with PiYo. Chalene Johnson's new lower-impact workout series.
6:00 AMNutri Ninja Blender Duo- Healthier Living Made Easy-2 Machines in One!: Nutri Ninja Blender Duo - break down whole foods, ice & seeds for maximum nutrient extraction.
6:30 AMRescue My Renovation - Bathroom Blow-Off  : A couple seek help getting their bathroom and entranceway wheelchair accessible.
7:00 AMRenovate to Rent - Expanding on Profits  : A small house with a big lot size and room to expand.
7:30 AMRenovate to Rent - Bonus Room To Bedroom  : Drew and Danny tour several locations but cannot find one that matches what they want.
8:00 AMProperty Virgins - A Home of Their Own: A family wants to put down roots in a family-friendly community.
8:30 AMProperty Virgins - Beauty in the Bronx: A couple searches for a family-friendly property in the Bronx.
9:00 AMProperty Virgins - My Big Fat Greek House: A nomadic bachelor wants to find a home in Atlanta that is near his family.
9:30 AMProperty Virgins - Duty Calls: An Army wife wants to find a home before the financing deal falls through.
10:00 AMProperty Virgins - Close to the Coast: A couple wants to find a property in Wilmington, N.C., that supports its coastal lifestyle.
10:30 AMProperty Virgins - Queen of the Castle: An architect from Atlanta wants to find an upscale townhouse in a swanky neighborhood.
11:00 AMProperty Virgins - Creative Differences: After getting a job in Wilmington, N.C., a nurse looks for a historic, downtown cottage.
11:30 AMProperty Virgins - An Unusual Drama: First-time homebuyers look for a sprawling dream home in the Charlotte area.
12:00 PMHouse Hunters - Couple With New Baby Settle Down in San Antonio: A couple with a new baby wants to put down roots in San Antonio, and are hoping to find a home.
12:30 PMHouse Hunters International - To Rent Out or Not to Rent Out in Aruba: Canadians want to buy a vacation home in Aruba.
1:00 PMFixer Upper - Finding Small Town Texas Charm for a Young Family  : A couple tours homes in Hillsboro, Texas, in hopes of finding a larger house.
2:00 PMFixer Upper - School Spirit Spurs Home Search  : A couple want to buy a house that is close to Baylor University.
3:00 PMFixer Upper - A Family Searches a Small Town for the Ultimate Open Space  : A couple wants to find a home in the area of McGregor, Texas.
4:00 PMFixer Upper - Convenience and Character Are on the Wish List for a House Hunting Waco Couple  : A couple want an open-concept house with plenty of room for their children.
5:00 PMFixer Upper - A One-of-a-Kind Fixer Upper Gets a Modern Makeover  : A couple wants to find a house with several acres of land, a big kitchen and space for entertaining.
6:00 PMFixer Upper - Making New Family Memories in Rural Texas  : A couple wants Chip and Joanna to help them renovate their ranch.
7:00 PMFixer Upper - A Young Couple Hopes for a House With Old World Charm  : Newlyweds want to find a first house in the Mountainview area of Waco, Texas.
8:00 PMFixer Upper - Lackluster Fixer Changes to Contemporary Charm for Young Family  : A young couple wants to settle into a family-sized house that has space for a playroom.
9:00 PMFixer Upper - Most Eligible Bachelor Finds the Perfect Home for Entertaining  : A bachelor leaves New York for a home in Waco, Texas, with a close proximity to Lake Waco.
10:00 PMHouse Hunters - Selling the Row House and Moving to the Philly Burbs: After selling their Philadelphia row house, parents want to find a home in the suburbs.
10:30 PMHouse Hunters International - When in France: After a job transfer to Clermont-Ferrand, France, a couple is ready to experience an adventure.
11:00 PMHome Town - Big Renovation in a Small Town  : A couple wants to make their small hometown flourish by helping people find houses.