25 July 2016

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11:30 PMThe Best of 50s Pop (My Music): Highlights from the ``My Music'' series feature pop hits from the 1950s.
1:30 AMAustin City Limits - Jason Isbell; Neko Case: Modern roots rock with Jason Isbell and Neko Case.
2:30 AMAmerican Masters - Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton as Himself: The life of journalist George Plimpton, co-founder of The Paris Review.
4:00 AMVariety Studio: Actors on Actors: Lady Gaga and Jamie Lee Curtis; Courtney B. Vance and Tracee Ellis Ross; Jennifer Lopez.
5:00 AMVariety Studio: Actors on Actors: Rob Lowe and John Travolta; Sarah Paulson and Bobby Cannavale; Kerry Washington and Aziz Ansari.
6:00 AMWild Kratts - Red Panda Rescue: Chris finds a little lost red panda, but before he can reunite her with her mother, Zach steals her.
6:30 AMCyberchase - The Poddleville Case: The team cracks the pattern that unlocks the cyberpower vault.
7:00 AMSesame Street - Getting Centered: Telly works on balancing his weight during yoga class.
7:30 AMReady Jet Go! - Asteroids, Meteors, and Meteorites; Mindy's Meteorite Stand  : The difference between an asteroid, meteor and meteorite; Mindy and Sunspot find a unique rock.
8:00 AMNature Cat - Where Have All the Butterflies Gone?!; For the Birdies!  : Nature Cat and his pals build a new butterfly garden for Daisy's friends; bird feeders.
8:30 AMCurious George - George's Lawn Service; Curious Goes on a Scavenger Hunt: George and Allie try to keep baby goats in their pen; shape-finding scavenger hunt.
9:00 AMDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood - You Are Special; Daniel Is Special  : The children put on a show at school, each doing something that makes them special.
9:30 AMDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood - Neighborhood Cleanup; Clean Up Time  : Everyone helps clean up the playground after a wind storm; Daniel loses his watch while playing.
10:00 AMBob the Builder - After Dark: Phillip accidentally scares Muck during the night; the team creates a new home for bats.
10:30 AMThomas & Friends - Take It Easy: Diesel encourages the Troublesome Trucks to misbehave, forcing Hiro to lose his temper.
11:00 AMPeg Plus Cat - The Allergy Problem; I Do What I Can: The Musical!  : Cat leaves home when Peg is told she's allergic to him; Ramone flies Peg around the world.
11:30 AMArthur - D.W. Goes to Washington; Arthur's Mystery Envelope: Washington, D.C.; sealed envelope.
12:00 PMDinosaur Train - The Burrowers; Shiny's Sea Shells: The Pteranodon family meets a family of burrowing dinosaurs; Shiny searches for small seashells.
12:30 PMDinosaur Train - Night Train; Fossil Fred: Animals that are active in the dark; search for fossils.
1:00 PMTavis Smiley: Mother of Baton Rouge gunman Gavin Long, Corine Woodley.
1:30 PMCharlie Rose: Chief White House correspondent for ABC News Jonathan Karl; New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman.
2:30 PMSesame Street - Baby Bear Is Afraid of Bees: Baby Bear and Chris learn that aside from making wax and honey, bees help things grow.
3:00 PMCurious George - Toy Monkey; George and Allie's Game Plan: Great Aunt Sylvia and George fix broken toys; Allie wants to win giant stuffed bear at fair day.
3:30 PMSuper Why! - Humpty Dumpty: Pig stays at the top of his slide, too fearful to come down; Humpty Dumpty.
4:00 PMOdd Squad - Happy Halfiversary; Good Egg Bad Egg  : The agents celebrate a milestone in their partnership; the agents ponder what creature may hatch.
4:30 PMCyberchase - The Poddleville Case: The team cracks the pattern that unlocks the cyberpower vault.
5:00 PMBBC World News America: U.S.-targeted nightly newscast.
5:30 PMLocal Programming
6:30 PMNightly Business Report
7:00 PMPBS NewsHour
8:00 PMDemocratic National Convention: The 2016 Democratic National Convention from Philadelphia.
11:00 PMCharlie Rose