27 June 2017

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11:48 PMMama's Family - Have It Mama's Way: Bubba and Mama apply for the same job at a local fast-food stand.
12:20 AMScream: A psycho killer targets a past victim's daughter.
3:00 AMDawn of the Dead: Milwaukee residents fight zombies in a mall.
5:00 AMSilver Spoons - Hero Worship: Rick finds out that his basketball hero is suspended for using drugs.
5:30 AMSilver Spoons - Baby Blues: Rick tries to help a single mother by finding a husband for her.
6:00 AMSoap: Jessica is hospitalized; Burt wins; Jodie goes to court.
6:30 AMSoap: Mary frets; Leslie tries suicide; Jessica learns the truth.
7:30 AMSoap: Dying Jessica forgives Chester; Carol lies; Dutch is torn.
8:30 AMSoap: Dying Jessica forgives Chester; Leslie has a gun; Mary goes into labor; Dutch is torn.
9:00 AMThe Facts of Life - Sisters: A budding romance develops between Blair's mother and Jo's father.
9:30 AMThe Facts of Life - It's Lonely at the Top: Blair manages the shop in Mrs. Garrett's absence.
10:00 AMThe Facts of Life - Bus Stop: Natalie makes a shocking announcement about college.
10:30 AMThe Facts of Life - The Interview Show: A former Eastland student interviews Mrs. Garrett and the girls for her latest novel.
11:00 AMThe Facts of Life - Out of the Fire ...: The girls return to find the shop burned.
11:30 AMOne Day at a Time - Ave Romano: An Italian priest who claims to be a long-lost relative shows up on Barbara and Mark's doorstep.
12:00 PMOne Day at a Time - Bring in the Clowns: Barbara resorts to some ingenious clowning to stop the practical jokes of Mark's friends.
12:32 PMOne Day at a Time - Up in Smoke: Sam resumes smoking after six years.
1:04 PMOne Day at a Time - The Meaning of Life: A brush with death has an impact on Schneider's freewheeling lifestyle.
1:37 PMOne Day at a Time - The Nearness of You: Max's growing fondness for Barbara has both of them wondering how to handle it.
2:10 PMAlice - Star in the Storeroom: Jerry Reed gets stuck in Mel's Diner when he drops by with some concert tickets.
2:42 PMAlice - The Bus: Mel learns that his diner will be a meal stop on a bus route.
3:14 PMAlice - Mel's Recession: The diner has lost money and Mel's accountant suggests he fire one of the waitresses.
3:47 PMAlice - Earthquake: The prediction that an earthquake will rock Phoenix has everyone rattled, particularly Alice.
4:18 PMAlice - Take Him, He's Yours: Mel boasts that he could do a better job at raising Tommy, and a frustrated Alice allows him to.
4:50 PMRoseanne - Millions From Heaven: Lottery winners Dan and Roseanne are determined not to change.
5:22 PMRoseanne - What a Day for a Daydream: Roseanne's grasp of reality slips as she grapples with her newfound fortune.
5:54 PMRoseanne - Honor Thy Mother: Roseanne and Jackie plan to go to an exotic spa; depressed Dan stays home.
6:26 PMRoseanne - Someday My Prince Will Come: A wealthy prince (Jim Varney) sees Jackie on TV and becomes infatuated with her.
6:58 PMRoseanne - Pampered to a Pulp: Roseanne and Jackie seek rest and relaxation at an exotic spa.
7:29 PMRoseanne - Satan, Darling: Roseanne and Jackie whoop it up with ghoulish glee at a glitzy Halloween party in New York.
8:00 PMMarried ... With Children - At the Zoo: Steve quits his corporate job to return to his days as a hippie.
8:33 PMMarried ... With Children - It's a Bundyful Life: Zapped by Christmas lights, Al has a vision of life without him.
9:06 PMMarried ... With Children - It's a Bundyful Life: Zapped by Christmas lights, Al has a vision of life without him.
9:39 PMMarried ... With Children - Who'll Stop the Rain?: Al attempts to fix his house's leaky roof during a long rainstorm.
10:11 PMMarried ... With Children - A Taxing Problem: Peggy squanders the money Al has saved to have their taxes professionally prepared.
10:43 PMMarried ... With Children - Rock and Roll Girl: When Al challenges the family to earn money, Kelly lands the lead in a music video.
11:15 PMMarried ... With Children - You Gotta Know When to Hold 'Em: Marcy and Peggy both lose big with Al's money when they go to Las Vegas.
11:48 PMMarried ... With Children - You Gotta Know When to Fold 'Em: Al goes to Las Vegas and battles female wrestlers in an attempt to win Peggy and Marcy's money back.