21 October 2016

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11:45 PMWomen in Love: An artist and her sister meet two men in 1920s England.
2:00 AMHellcats of the Navy: A submarine commander enters the Sea of Japan with a frogman who had flirted with his girlfriend.
3:30 AMHotel Paradiso: A married Frenchman has a farcical rendezvous with his next-door neighbor's wife.
5:15 AMRoom Service: Broadway producers and their entourage hole up in a hotel, waiting for a sucker to back their play.
6:45 AMThe Passionate Plumber: A woman of Paris poses a plumber as her lover to make her boyfriend jealous.
8:00 AMIsle of Missing Men: Convicts try to escape from an island prison, with a woman involved.
9:15 AMWe Were Strangers: A Cuban lets a rebel use her home as a base for digging a tunnel to blow up a dictatorship.
11:15 AMApache War Smoke: Indians chase a Mexican bandit to his long-lost son's stage station.
12:30 PMTorchy Runs for Mayor: A frustrated newspaper reporter decides to run for office.
1:45 PMBlondes at Work: A reporter scoops her male colleagues by following a diary kept by her policeman boyfriend's driver.
3:00 PMTorchy Blane in Chinatown: A newswoman shows a policeman how to crack an extortion case.
4:00 PMTorchy Gets Her Man: A newswoman catches counterfeiters who have buffaloed the police.
5:15 PMFly-Away Baby: Newswoman Torchy Blane shows her policeman boyfriend she can crack a murder case.
6:30 PMDance, Charlie, Dance: A rural heir puts his money in a show and outsmarts city slickers.
8:00 PMDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: A Victorian London doctor drinks a potion and frees his bad side.
10:00 PMEyes Without a Face: A Paris surgeon tries to fix his daughter's face with skin from kidnapped women.
11:45 PMThe Body Snatcher: A carriage cabby sells cadavers to a medical-school doctor in 19th-century Edinburgh.