28 August 2014

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11:15 PMSeven Days in May: An aide discovers his general's Pentagon plot and tells the president.
1:30 AMThe Bigamist: A traveling salesman with a wife in San Francisco marries a waitress in Los Angeles.
3:00 AMObliging Young Lady: A secretary takes a prankish rich girl to a mountain resort, away from a custody battle.
4:30 AMParachute Battalion: A football hero and a colonel's son woo a sergeant's daughter in jump school.
6:00 AMThe Bride Goes Wild: Teacher hired to draw for children's author who hates children.
8:00 AMWatch the Birdie: A businesswoman in distress meets a photographer who looks like his father and grandfather.
9:15 AMNo Questions Asked: An insurance lawyer walks into a trap set by his ex-girlfriend and her partner.
10:45 AMShe Played With Fire: An English insurance man discovers his ex-girlfriend and her husband's art-forgery/arson scam.
12:30 PMMy Wild Irish Rose: Irish balladeer Chauncey Olcott charms Lillian Russell and an alderman's daughter in 1890s New York.
2:30 PMThe Black Book: An enemy of Robespierre steals the secret book listing his candidates for the guillotine.
4:15 PMA Southern Yankee: The Union army sends an eager-beaver bellhop south to spy, by posing as a Confederate spy.
6:00 PMScene of the Crime: A Los Angeles police detective hunts killer bookies, as his wife urges him to quit.
8:00 PMJourney to the Center of the Earth: Professor Lindenbrook leads an expedition through monsters, mushrooms and a magnetic storm.
10:30 PMWicked as They Come: A working-class gold digger ruins her life as she uses men to get what she wants.