28 July 2016

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11:31 PMRocket Power - Tito Sitting; There's Something About Breezy: Otto and Reggie convince their father to let Tito babysit; Ray is smitten with a sales rep.
12:02 AMDoug - Doug, Mayor for a Day; Doug's No Dummy: Doug saves the town from a meltdown; ventriloquist.
12:33 AMDoug - Doug to the Rescue; Doug's Cool Shoes: Doug imagines himself a superhero; Doug wants expensive sneakers.
1:04 AMDoug - Doug Gets His Ears Lowered; Doug on the Wild Side: Doug's haircut; Grandma Opal takes Doug for sushi on her motorcycle.
1:35 AMDoug - Doug's Big Catch; Doug Needs Money: Doug and Mr. Dink team to catch Chester the fish; Doug and Skeeter break a grill.
2:06 AMCatDog - Remain Seated; Dogcatcher in the Rye: Dog drags Cat to an amusement park to ride a roller coaster; Mayor Rancid Rabbit rounds up animals.
2:36 AMCatDog - Silents, Please; Gorilla My Dreams: An outbreak of laryngitis and colorblindness has the town looking like a silent film.
3:06 AMRugrats - I Remember Melville; No More Cookies: Chuckie's pet bug dies; Angela eats too many cookies.
3:34 AMRugrats - Cradle Attraction; Moving Away: Chuckie falls for a girl; the tots learn that Angelica is moving.
4:04 AMDouble Dare: Contestants compete in a combination quiz show and obstacle course.
4:33 AMHey Arnold! - Steely Phil; Quantity Time: Grandpa trains to take on his Chinese checkers nemesis; Big Bob and Helga are on vacation.
5:02 AMThe Angry Beavers - Slap Happy; Home Loners: Dag sends false alarms; neither brother is aware that the other is at home.
5:30 AMThe Angry Beavers - Enter the Daggett; Bug-a-Boo: Dag learns self-defense; annoying cricket.
6:00 AMiCarly - iWant More Viewers: Carly and Sam compete with Freddie and Spencer.
6:30 AMiCarly - iWant a World Record: Carly, Sam and Freddie try to break the world record for longest continuous webcast.
7:00 AMiCarly - iAm Your Biggest Fan: Spencer's new band allows him to play the drums.
7:30 AMiCarly - iRocked the Vote: A singer wins a television contest after an iCarly webcast causes a huge spike in votes.
8:00 AMVictorious - Tori Tortures Teacher: The kids take Sikowitz to a theater for his ten-year teaching anniversary.
8:30 AMVictorious - Jade Gets Crushed: Andre develops a crush on Jade while working on a song; Tori tries to help Andre get over his crush.
9:00 AMVictorious - Ice Cream for Ke$ha: Tori must win a private Ke$ha concert or she will have to be Trina's assistant for one month.
9:30 AMVictorious - The Gorilla Club: Tori tests herself by performing unusual physical challenges; Andre and Robbie lose a bet to Jade.
10:00 AMiCarly - iThink They Kissed: Sam accidentally reveals that she and Freddie shared a secret kiss.
10:30 AMiCarly - iLost My Mind: Carly finds out that Sam has checked herself into a mental hospital.
11:00 AMiCarly - iHatch Chicks: Carly and Sam decide to hatch chicks for a science project.
11:30 AMiCarly - iGot Detention: Sam gets detention on the night of the Web show spectacular.
12:00 PMVictorious - Crazy Ponnie: Tori makes friends with a strange new student who seems to disappear around other people.
12:30 PMVictorious - Wanko's Warehouse: The gang hides out in a megastore in order to get a jump on a sale.
1:00 PMVictorious - The Hambone King: Robbie is challenged for the title of Hambone King; Tori agrees to help Robbie.
1:30 PMVictorious - Cell Block: Sikowitz challenges the students to go one week without using phones or laptops.
2:00 PMiCarly - iHate Sam's Boyfriend: Sam and her new boyfriend are inseparable; Spencer tries to create a clay-animation movie.
2:30 PMiCarly - iSpeed Date: Carly, Sam and Freddie must hold a speed-dating session when they are overwhelmed with boys.
3:00 PMiCarly - iGot a Hot Room: Spencer burns down Carly's bedroom while trying to surprise her on her birthday.
3:30 PMiCarly - iPromise Not to Tell: Sam breaks into the school's computer and changes the grade on Carly's history paper.
4:00 PMiCarly - iToe Fat Cakes: Carly gets her toe stuck in the bathtub; Sam and the gang are trapped in Canada.
4:30 PMiCarly - iReunite With Missy: Sam believes that Missy is trying to replace her as Carly's best friend.
5:00 PMDrake & Josh - Drake & Josh Go Hollywood: The guys put Megan on the wrong plane and must fly to Los Angeles to retrieve her.
6:50 PMVictorious - Tori Goes Platinum: Tori does not like her new image when the producer of a music awards show changes her look.
8:00 PMVictorious - Prom Wrecker: Jade seeks revenge when the prom ruins her art project.
8:30 PMVictorious - Andre's Horrible Girl: Tori notices some changes in Andre when he dates an overbearing girl.
9:00 PMBoy Meets World - Sixteen Candles and Four-Hundred-Pound Men: Shawn tells Cory how to attend Topanga's party and a wrestling match.
9:30 PMBoy Meets World - An Affair to Forget: Shawn's girlfriend demands he break off his friendship with Cory.
10:00 PMFamily Double Dare: Families answer questions and vie in physical challenges.
10:34 PMFamily Double Dare: Families answer questions and vie in physical challenges.
11:07 PMDouble Dare: Contestants compete in a combination quiz show and obstacle course.
11:39 PMDouble Dare: Contestants compete in a combination quiz show and obstacle course.