25 April 2017

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11:30 PMThe Golden Girls - Love Under the Big Top: Dorothy's beau (Dick Van Dyke) gives up a lucrative legal practice to become a circus clown.
12:00 AMThe Golden Girls - Dancing in the Dark: Rose feels insecure about her romance with a college professor (Harold Gould).
12:30 AMThe Golden Girls - Not Another Monday: Sophia faces a moral dilemma when an ill friend asks for help in ending her life.
1:00 AMFrasier - Enemy at the Gate: Frasier defies a parking garage in an act of civil disobedience.
1:30 AMFrasier - Proxy Prexy: Frasier has an ulterior motive when he backs Martin's bid to become condominium president.
2:00 AMFrasier - Kissing Cousin: Roz's demanding 20-year-old cousin (Zooey Deschanel) blows into town looking for a good time.
2:30 AMFrasier - Tales From the Crypt: Frasier enlists Martin and Roz in his efforts to get revenge on Bulldog for a harsh prank.
3:00 AMFrasier - Star Mitzvah: Frasier disappoints the ``Star Trek'' fan who is teaching him Hebrew for bar mitzvah speech.
3:30 AMFrasier - Bristle While You Work: Frasier interviews numerous housekeepers and finally hires a less-than-qualified applicant.
4:00 AMCheers - Ma's Little Maggie: Cliff prepares for the worst when he introduces his mother to Margaret.
4:30 AMCheers - Unplanned Parenthood: Carla's offspring are guinea pigs for Rebecca and Sam; Cliff attempts to videotape Woody and Kelly.
5:00 AMI Love Lucy - Bon Voyage: Lucy is left on the dock when the Ricardos and Mertzes sail for Europe.
5:30 AMI Love Lucy - Second Honeymoon: Lucy anticipates a second honeymoon on her trip to Europe, but Ricky is too busy.
6:00 AMI Love Lucy - Lucy Meets the Queen: Ricky lets Lucy dance the lead in a circus number so that she may be presented to the Queen.
6:30 AMI Love Lucy - The Fox Hunt: Lucy is torn between wanting to spend the weekend fox hunting and her jealousy of a blonde.
7:00 AMI Love Lucy - Lucy Goes to Scotland: Ricky's tour calls for Paris as the next stop, but Lucy wants to go to Scotland.
7:30 AMI Love Lucy - Paris at Last: Lucy plans to uncover Parisian artistic talent and meets an artist of ``notes.''.
8:00 AMThe Golden Girls - That Old Feeling: Blanche turns the tables and proposes to her brother-in-law (George Grizzard).
8:30 AMThe Golden Girls - Comedy of Errors: Dorothy's stab at stand-up shtick is sidetracked by Sophia's heckling.
9:00 AMThe Golden Girls - All That Jazz: Dorothy sends her unemployed son to live with his equally irresponsible father.
9:30 AMThe Golden Girls - Ebb Tide: Blanche renews hostilities with her sister when she travels home to attend her father's funeral.
10:00 AMHome & Family: Actor Michael Harney; actress Edwina Findley Dickerson; musician Aaron Lewis performs.
12:00 PMHome & Family: Actress Erin Krakow; singer Judy Collins; actress Katie Gill; chef Wayne Elias.
2:00 PMHome Improvement - Birds of a Feather Flock to Taylor: Two new friends give Tim marital advice after a misunderstanding with Jill.
2:30 PMHome Improvement - A Battle of Wheels: The sparks fly when Jill sets up her pottery works in Tim's garage; Tim and Al trade places.
3:00 PMHome Improvement - Luck Be a Taylor Tonight: Jill's sister spoils Tim's poker night when she brings her marital problems to Jill and Tim.
3:30 PMHome Improvement - Al's Fair in Love and War: Tim learns a lesson in romance when he tries to give Al advice.
4:00 PMHome Improvement - Stereo-Typical: Tim gets into trouble with his family when he installs new stereo equipment in the house.
4:30 PMHome Improvement - Read My Hips: A peanut-rolling contest interferes with Jill's plans to spend an evening alone with Tim.
5:00 PMHome Improvement - Rites & Wrongs of Passage: Jill grounds Brad for hiding a dissected frog in cafeteria food and throwing bricks at a greenhouse.
5:30 PMHome Improvement - Overactive Glance: Tim's roving eye annoys Jill, and his lack of respect for super glue gets him stuck.
6:00 PMLast Man Standing - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: Mike is surprised to learn that he shares similar interests with a new neighbor.
6:30 PMLast Man Standing - Last Christmas Standing: The arrival of the father of Kristen's baby dampens Mike's Christmas spirit; Mandy works as an elf.
7:00 PMLast Man Standing - The Passion of the Mandy: Mandy offers to start an Internet campaign to keep Ed's favorite barber shop open.
7:30 PMLast Man Standing - Moon Over Kenya: A visiting star from the professional fishing circuit makes Vanessa worry that Mike feels tied down.
8:00 PMLast Man Standing - Take Your Daughter to Work: Mike learns Ed hired his daughter to replace him as Outdoor Man's marketing consultant.
8:30 PMLast Man Standing - Odd Couple Out: Vanessa blames Mike when she finds out they were not invited to a neighbor's party.
9:00 PMThe Middle - A Very Donahue Vacation: When the Heck family plans a vacation in Kentucky, Frankie suggests that the Donahues join them.
9:30 PMThe Middle - Crushed: Sue has a crush on her college professor and tries to get him to notice her.
10:00 PMThe Middle - The Lanai: New neighbors make it hard for Frankie to relax in her backyard; Hutch and Axl open a food truck.
10:30 PMThe Middle - Not Mother's Day: Frankie tells her family they don't need to do anything for Mother's Day.
11:00 PMThe Golden Girls - That Old Feeling: Blanche turns the tables and proposes to her brother-in-law (George Grizzard).
11:30 PMThe Golden Girls - Comedy of Errors: Dorothy's stab at stand-up shtick is sidetracked by Sophia's heckling.