12 February 2016

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11:00 PMLocal Programming
11:30 PMGirl Meets World - Girl Meets Hurricane  : Just as Maya feels closer to Shawn, someone from his past comes back into his life.
12:00 AMJessie - Cattle Calls & Scary Walls  : Jessie decides to pursue acting, so she auditions for a TV show.
12:30 AMJessie - Green-Eyed Monsters  : Jessie joins a comedy improv class and Tony goes tries to prove his love for Jessie.
1:00 AMAustin & Ally - Secrets & Songbooks  : Ally loses her top-secret diary that reveals her crush, then Austin and Dez find it and read it.
1:30 AMAustin & Ally - Bloggers & Butterflies  : Austin is being followed by an annoying blogger; Dez and Trish get a job at a fish fry restaurant.
2:00 AMDog With a Blog - Avery's Wild Party  : To help land an internship with a city official, Avery agrees to a throw party at her house.
2:30 AMDog With a Blog - Avery's First Breakup  : When Avery breaks up with her boyfriend, Ellen doesn't the signs that she needs her mom.
3:00 AMGood Luck Charlie - All Fall Down: Spencer gets the opportunity to start college in Boston a semester early.
4:00 AMHannah Montana - We're All on This Date Together: Hannah goes on a charity auction double-date; Roxy reunites with Clarice.
4:30 AMHannah Montana - Ready, Set, Don't Drive: Miley starts Driver's Ed, but realizes it is more difficult than she thought.
5:00 AMJessie - Panic Attack Room  : Everyone gets trapped in the penthouse panic room after Stuart changes the pass code.
5:30 AMJessie - Break-Up and Shape-Up  : Jessie and Tony's relationship is put to the test when Ted, Jessie's old boyfriend, pays a visit.
6:00 AMOctonauts - The Baby Dolphin; The Scary Spookfish  : Kwazii babysits a baby dolphin that follows him home.
6:30 AMJake and the Never Land Pirates - Hooked!; The Never Land Pirate Ball: Jake and his mates work behind the scenes; the Pirate Waltz dance.
7:00 AMDoc McStuffins - My Huggy Valentine; Dusty Bear  : Doc received a stuffed heart named Val for Valentine's Day.
7:30 AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Sleeping Minnie: Minnie falls into a 100-year-long sleep after picking a magic rose.
7:55 AMToy Story Toons - Party-saurus Rex  : Rex disrupts the other toys by playing and blowing soap bubbles but they may ruin Bonnie's house.
8:05 AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Super Adventure!: Professor Von Drake uses a machine he invented to turn the Clubhouse Gang into Clubhouse Heroes.
9:00 AMPJ Masks - Gekko Floats; Catboy's Two Wheeled Wonder 
9:30 AMThe Lion Guard - The Kupatana Celebration  : Kion leads a pack of jackals into the Pride Lands where they wreak havoc.
10:00 AMThe Lion Guard - Eye of the Beholder  : Ono temporarily loses vision in one of his eyes, questioning his value to the Lion Guard.
10:30 AMGoldie & Bear - Bear Who Would Be King; When the Gnome is Away  : Bear is declared King of Fairy Tale Forest; Goldie and bear open a magic jar.
11:00 AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse - A Surprise for Minnie: Mickey needs help to make and deliver a Valentine's Day card to Minnie.
11:30 AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Donald the Frog Prince: Donald turns into a frog.
12:00 PMPJ Masks - Catboy's Tricky Ticket; Gekko Mobile is Missing 
12:30 PMMiles From Tomorrowland - Yuri's Night; I, Stella  : The Callistos have a task on Yuri's night; Stella's system experiences a technical malfunction.
1:00 PMSofia the First - The Secret Library  : Sofia's gift from her Aunt Tilly that unlocks a secret world.
1:30 PMSofia the First - All the Sprite Moves  : Princess Vivian is upset about her family's move to a new castle.
2:00 PMJessie - G.I. Jessie  : Jessie gets a big surprise when she and the kids go to visit her dad at his military camp in Texas.
3:00 PMGravity Falls - The Stanchurian Candidate  : When Grunkle Stan decides to run for mayor, Dipper and Mabel have their work cut out for them.
3:30 PMJessie - Driving Miss Crazy  : Emma enlists Jessie's help to teach her how to drive; Luke and Ravi break one of Zuri's games.
4:00 PMJessie - Dance, Dance Resolution  : Jessie helps Bertram prepare for his solo at the Metropolitan Opera; the school dance approaches.
4:30 PMJessie - Identity Thieves  : Zuri is suddenly interested in trends and fashion while Luke becomes the new brain of the family.
5:00 PMLiv and Maddie - Prom-a-Rooney  : Andie asks Holden to prom before Liv can; Karen arranges for Craig to take Maddie to prom.
5:25 PMDescendants: A teenage king must deal with the offspring of numerous villains.
7:30 PMMako Mermaids - Betrayal  : The mermaids must prevent Zac from getting the all-powerful trident.
8:00 PMBunk'd - Luke's Back  : Luke gets some summer school help from Ravi and reunites with his siblings; a turf war.
8:30 PMGirl Meets World - Girl Meets Commonism  : Auggie experiences an existential crisis; Farkle and Maya are caught cheating on a test.
8:55 PMMickey Mouse - Couple's Sweaters 
9:00 PMGravity Falls - Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality  : Dipper, Soos and Wendy try to save Mabel from a strange new world.
9:30 PMGravity Falls - Between the Pines 
10:00 PMBest Friends Whenever - Shake Your Booty  : When the girls travel to the 70's for help on a report, they land in the middle of a turf battle.
10:30 PMLiv and Maddie - Voltage-a-Rooney  : Parker and Joey accidentally destroy a giant porcupine head while playing with props.
11:00 PMBunk'd - Luke's Back  : Luke gets some summer school help from Ravi and reunites with his siblings; a turf war.
11:30 PMGirl Meets World - Girl Meets Commonism  : Auggie experiences an existential crisis; Farkle and Maya are caught cheating on a test.