30 April 2016

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10:30 PMThe Sweetest Thing: A San Franciscan must learn the etiquette of courtship after she meets Mr. Right.
12:30 AMThe Wedding Planner: A lonely organizer falls for an engaged pediatrician while coordinating his wedding and reception.
3:00 AMThe Sweetest Thing: A San Franciscan must learn the etiquette of courtship after she meets Mr. Right.
5:00 AMWill & Grace - Nice in White Satin: Unorthodox doctor gives Karen her annual physical.
5:30 AMWill & Grace - Swimming From Cambodia: Will urges Grace to remain in New York with him; Karen strong-arms Jack's nursing teacher.
6:00 AMWill & Grace - Strangers With Candice: Will catches the eye of a female diner after being stood up; Karen bumps into Candice Bergen.
6:30 AMWill & Grace - Fanilow: Weak bladder forces Will to entrust Grace with his place in line for Barry Manilow concert tickets.
7:00 AMRoseanne - Lose a Job, Winnebago: In Hollywood the gang sees a taping of ``The Jackie Thomas Show.''
7:30 AMRoseanne - It's a Boy!: Dan and Roseanne fight over letting Darlene's boyfriend move in.
8:00 AMRoseanne - It Was Twenty Years Ago Today: Roseanne marks her 20th anniversary with a sexy boudoir photograph for Dan.
8:30 AMRoseanne - Playing With Matches: Roseanne has a little advice for Darlene after David is caught kissing Molly.
9:00 AMRoseanne - Promises, Promises: Darlene and David go to the prom; Dan and a pal plan a venture.
9:30 AMRoseanne - Glengarry, Glen Rosey: Roseanne and Dan fear a financial crisis when they cannot sell the house they refurbished.
10:00 AMRoseanne - Tooth or Consequences: Roseanne's dental problems bring Dan to the realization that he needs a steady job.
10:30 AMRoseanne - Daughters and Other Strangers: Roseanne worries that Darlene may be planning to run away from home.
11:00 AMRuPaul's Drag Race - Book Ball: The queens compete in a pageant of book-inspired couture.
12:30 PMRuPaul's Drag Race - RuPaul Sneak Peek: The final four queens compete in their final challenge.
12:40 PMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Of Kings and Queens  : Mimi's new relationship gets everyone talking; Momma Dee snuffs out treason in the palace.
1:40 PMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Full Disclosure  : Tommie and Tiarra create chaos at Mimi's party; Tiarra gives Scrapp an ultimatum.
2:40 PMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Daddys Home  : Stevie J returns from Los Angeles; Scrapp sets up a meeting with Tiarra and Tommie.
3:40 PMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Blackmail  : Joseline returns to Atlanta; Scrappy and Rasheeda work out their issues; Michelle shows up.
4:40 PMScream 2: A masked killer continues to pursue a California student and her friends at an Ohio college.
7:35 PMThe Faculty: High-school students gradually begin to suspect that their teachers are from another planet.
10:00 PMSaturday Night Live: Host Steve Martin; Prince performs.
11:00 PMSaturday Night Live: Host Chris Rock; Prince performs.