27 February 2017

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10:00 PMTo Each His Own: An unwed mother prospers and secretly follows her son to manhood.
12:15 AMTom Jones: Henry Fielding's lusty foundling hero meets a series of attractive women in 18th-century England.
2:30 AMTom, Dick and Harry: A phone operator daydreams of marrying a salesman, a millionaire and a mechanic.
4:00 AMToo Young to Kiss: A pianist poses as a teenage prodigy to fool a concert impresario who has snubbed her.
5:30 AMTop Hat: A woman believes that an enamored dancer is her best friend's husband.
7:30 AMTopper Returns: A girl's ghost wants Topper to find her killer.
9:15 AMTora! Tora! Tora!: The December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor is re-created from U.S. and Japanese viewpoints.
11:45 AMTorch Song: A hardened Broadway comedy star becomes attracted to a blind pianist.
1:30 PMTorpedo Run: A Navy submarine commander and his buddy chase a Japanese aircraft carrier to blame for a tragedy.
3:30 PMTortilla Flat: Two fishermen living on the coast of California love the same woman.
5:30 PMTrader Horn: Traders, their African bearer and a white tribal queen try to get out of the jungle alive.
8:00 PMThe Treasure of the Sierra Madre: Three unlucky Americans seek gold in Mexico, agreeing beforehand to split it equally.
10:30 PMA Tree Grows in Brooklyn: A poor couple's daughter dreams of a better life in circa-1900 New York.