31 July 2014

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10:00 PMThe Landlord: A young white man buys a building with tenants in a nonwhite Brooklyn neighborhood.
12:00 AMBuona Sera, Mrs. Campbell: Three veterans are reunited in Italy with a mutual lover they've been supporting for 20 years.
2:00 AMMiddle of the Night: A widowed manufacturer falls in love with a divorced employee 30 years his junior.
4:15 AMMarty: A plain but friendly Bronx butcher finds his soul mate in a teacher.
6:00 AMMin and Bill: A fisherman loves an innkeeper who loves a girl like a daughter.
7:15 AMA Woman of Experience: The Austrians recruit a prostitute to spy on an officer suspected of being a spy.
8:30 AMA Wicked Woman: Offspring come to the aid a Southern woman who turned herself in after killing her abusive husband.
10:00 AMAnother Thin Man: Nick and Nora Charles visit a Long Island estate, where Nick drinks Scotch and solves murders.
12:00 PMLady Scarface: A police detective and his photographer girlfriend hunt a gang led by a woman.
1:15 PMEast Side, West Side: A New Yorker's mistress drives his wife to a war hero; then someone kills the mistress.
3:15 PMA Lady Without Passport: An undercover U.S. immigration agent sets a trap for smugglers with a woman stranded in Cuba.
4:45 PMThe Decks Ran Red: The new captain of an old freighter suppresses a mutiny and the cook's wife.
6:15 PMPenelope: A woman disguised as a little old lady robs her husband's bank, then tells her analyst.
8:00 PMThe Twelve Chairs: Three men seek a gem-stuffed chair in 1920s Russia.
9:45 PMSilent Movie: A washed-up director and his buddies attempt a comeback with a latter-day silent movie. Silent.
11:30 PMHigh Anxiety: A doctor with vertigo heads the Institute for the Very Very Nervous.