27 March 2017

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11:00 PMBeauty Shop: A determined hairstylist competes with her former boss after opening her own business in Atlanta.
1:00 AMBeauty Shop: A determined hairstylist competes with her former boss after opening her own business in Atlanta.
3:00 AMRuPaul's Drag Race - Oh. My. Gaga!: Lady Gaga meets the new queens competing for the title of ``America's Next Drag Superstar.''
4:00 AMFinding Prince Charming - A Second First Impression  : Thirteen suitors arrive at a mansion to meet their ``Prince Charming.''
5:00 AMFinding Prince Charming - The Canary  : Robert and his ten suitors set out for an active day at the beach.
6:00 AMFinding Prince Charming - Sensing A Connection  : A blissful night of romance and laughter ends horribly when one suitor loses his cool.
6:56 AMSoap: Danny lures Burt to the cabin; Burt's second lost son comes.
7:24 AMSoap: Danny can't kill Burt; dummy Bob is nasty; the mob attacks.
7:52 AMSoap: Jodie enters the hospital for his operation; Jessica sees Chester in action.
8:20 AMSoap: Jodie's friend Dennis tells him his future plans; Jessica decides the families are cursed.
8:48 AMSoap: Jodie has a close call; Jessica wants Chester to come clean.
9:15 AMThe Facts of Life - Store Games: The girls go to war with the shop's competition.
9:44 AMThe Facts of Life - The Second Time Around: Jo's plan to reunite her parents runs into trouble.
10:13 AMThe Facts of Life - The Christmas Show: Blair devises a way to get Jo to take a money gift.
10:42 AMThe Facts of Life - The Chain Letter: The girls' work habits endanger the shop.
11:11 AMThe Facts of Life - Next Door: A 7-year-old boy refuses to leave his apartment during an evacuation.
11:41 AMThe Facts of Life - Crossing the Line: Natalie upsets Tootie by dating Tootie's cousin.
12:13 PMThe Facts of Life - All or Nothing: Jo faces battles when elected to the school board.
12:45 PMThree's Company - The Not-So-Great Impostor: Jack pretends to be a famous chef to land a job.
1:16 PMThree's Company - Jack's Other Mother: An elderly neighbor smothers Jack with attention.
1:47 PMThree's Company - Make Room for Daddy: Jack plays cupid for his date's widowed father.
2:18 PMThree's Company - Janet's Secret: Janet tells her parents she and Jack are married.
2:49 PMThree's Company - Father of the Bride: A wealthy man (Jeffrey Tambor) pursues Cindy.
3:20 PMThree's Company - Furley vs. Furley: Fired Furley moves in with the roommates.
3:50 PMRoseanne - The Parenting Trap: D.J. is falling behind in school; Darlene finds David in a new relationship.
4:22 PMRoseanne - Rear Window: Dan and Roseanne see too much of their neighbors from the bedroom window.
4:54 PMRoseanne - My Name Is Bev: Bev winds up in AA after a drunken driving arrest, but a Super Bowl party tests her resolve.
5:25 PMRoseanne - Bed and Bored: Roseanne feigns illness to get some rest, but then she tires of the special treatment.
5:56 PMRoseanne - Sisters: D.J.'s bizarre behavior leads to clashes between Roseanne and Jackie, and Darlene and Becky.
6:28 PMRoseanne - Lost Youth: Roseanne uses David's attraction to a waitress to get the diner painted.
7:00 PMMarried ... With Children - Kelly Doesn't Live Here Anymore: When Al can't pay the bills, he convinces Kelly to get a job in a diner.
7:32 PMMarried ... With Children - Rock of Ages: Al poses as a former rock star to gain entrance to a first-class airport lounge.
8:03 PMMarried ... With Children - Death of a Shoe Salesman: Al and Peg discover they are short of money when shopping for a family burial plot.
8:35 PMMarried ... With Children - Old College Try: Bud's plans to move to college are dashed when his parents spend his scholarship money.
9:06 PMMarried ... With Children - Christmas: To earn extra money for Christmas presents, Al becomes a department-store Santa.
9:38 PMMarried ... With Children - The Wedding Show: Everything goes wrong when the Bundys prepare to attend a cousin's wedding.
10:09 PMMarried ... With Children - It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This: Al goes on a solo fishing trip, but Peg and Marcy show up to spoil it.
10:41 PMMarried ... With Children - Mr. Empty Pants: Al is asked to pose as a centerfold when Peggy draws a cartoon of him.
11:12 PMMarried ... With Children - You Can't Miss: Bud participates in a television dating game for nerds, with unexpected results.
11:44 PMMarried ... With Children - Peggy and the Pirates: Peggy imagines herself a lady in distress and Al her pirate savior.