28 December 2014

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  • Local Programming
  • A henpecked husband's childhood sweetheart moves back to town.
  • Paid Programming
    Paid programming.
  • Paid Programming
    Paid programming.
  • An investigation involving a potential serial killer puts Chin's life in danger.
  • When a dog trainer is murdered, an heiress fears for her life and a bodyguard vows to be a …
  • Empire First Look
    A preview of …
  • Inside Edition Weekend
  • Team members investigate when remains are found in a stairwell at a convention they are attending.
  • A woman from Ichabod's past arrives in town, undead and aiming to harm anyone in …
  • WEN by Chaz Dean Revolutionary Hair Care System
    WEN by Chaz Dean is revolutionary hair care that …
  • 1st Look
    A guide to the best in food, …
  • WWE Tribute to the Troops
    WWE wrestlers honor the troops with the best in sports …
  • A prominent art gallery owner is murdered in Koreatown; a …
  • Perseus must prevent Hades from overthrowing Zeus, the king of the gods.
  • Badly outnumbered Spartan warriors clash with the Persian army at the Battle of Thermopylae.
  • A Navy lieutenant's murder is caught on tape by a Pentagon security camera.
  • Tony learns his ex-partner is likely a victim of the port-to-port killer.
  • New evidence reveals that the Port-to-Port killer has infiltrated the agency.
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  • «  The Normal Heart
    In the early 1980s, gay activists fight to expose the truth about the …
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
    A concierge at a European hotel begins a friendship with a young co-worker.
  • Ride Along  »
  • «  The Purge
    In a future society, the government holds an annual 12-hour period during which all crime …
  • Top 250
    Two sergeants and a private join others lost in war along the 1967 Cambodian border.
  • «  The Cold Light of Day
    A vacation in Spain turns nightmarish when agents kidnap a man's …
  • Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom  »
    Nelson Mandela is instrumental in bringing down apartheid and becomes South Africa's president.
  • «  Enemies Closer
    A former Navy SEAL …
  • Scary Movie V
    New parents use expert advice and numerous cameras to rid themselves of a nefarious demon.
  • Young adults encounter a demented family of butchers.
  • The team hunts for a serial arsonist who targets community meeting places in a …
  • The team searches for a serial killer who is targeting coeds on spring break.
  • The team realizes that a child abduction may not be the work of the person …
  • Dirty Jobs: Down Under
    Mike heads to South Australia to extract deadly, venomous brown …
  • Too Cute!
    Eloise gets in trouble; Jingle finds his voice; grumpy Humphrey tries to find his holiday …
  • My Cat From Hell
    Bengal threatens couple's first holiday; fighting cats may cancel party; …
  • When Camille joins the Sunbeams, she decides to run for president against …
  • Melanie feels uncomfortable about being …
  • Derwin gets an unexpected endorsement deal; …
  • Derwin gets an unexpected endorsement deal; an …
  • Derwin tries to repair his relationship with …
  • Heartbroken Melanie …
  • Indebted criminals plan an elaborate heist in Europe.
  • Fast Five  »
    Brian O'Conner and Dom Torretto join forces to confront a corrupt businessman who wants them dead.
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  • «  Party Down South
    Bradley gets …
  • Redneck Island
    A group of 24 wild southerners move into a beautiful lake house in Georgia and compete for $100,000.
  • Redneck Island
    The rednecks shoot their way through another challenge; a new power couple …
  • The Hunt With John Walsh
    In 1976, Brad Bishop allegedly murdered his family and has …
  • The Hunt With John Walsh
    Thayne Smika evades capture over 30 years; Richard McLean …
  • The Hunt With John Walsh
    Clues lead 11 bodies to accused human trafficker Guillermo …
  • The comic who has helped to reintroduce the lost art of ventriloquism …
  • Jeff Dunham: All Over the Map
    Comic and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham performs across five …
  • Jeff Dunham: Controlled Chaos
    Three favorite characters make an appearance; Walter, Achmed the Dead Terrorist and Peanut.
  • A major hydraulic leak on the Time Bandit causes problems in the engine room.
  • The fleet has doubts about a woman's place on a crab boat; the Northwestern …
  • The Opilio season carries on; Sig puts Mandy at the helm; Josh tries to quash a …
  • Jessie
  • Jessie
    Jessie scores two VIP wristbands to a …
  • Dog With a Blog
    Stan falls hard for …
  • I Didn't Do It
    Garrett's bike is …
  • Liv & Maddie
    Maddie and Willow are …
  • Jessie
    Jessie's in a rush to make an …
  • «  College Football
    Quarterback Tyler Murphy and the Eagles (7-5) take on LB Mike Hull and the …
  • College Football  »
    Ameer Abdullah and the Cornhuskers (9-3) take on Cody Kessler and the Trojans (8-4).
  • Kourtney & Khlo Take the Hamptons
    When Scott is consumed by his negative …
  • Little Fockers
    Greg Focker's moonlighting with a drug company threatens his father-in-law's trust in him.
  • Four returning champions compete; eels and a salty veggie in the appetizer basket.
  • Previous amateur winners return; salsa and cheese blintzes; tug-of-war over equipment; …
  • Savory dishes made with pineapple and fruit and nut bars; spring garlic and lamb chops.
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  • Local Programming
  • Flip or Flop
    Tarek and Christina hope …
  • Flip or Flop
    A home in Long Beach, …
  • Property Brothers
    A picture-perfect dog-friendly home to start a family.
  • Property Brothers
    A family with a hectic schedule wants to find a more spacious property.
  • «  The Good Mistress
    A woman's one-night stand turns out to be her friend's husband, and a local …
  • A Wife's Nightmare
    A woman becomes suspicious of a stranger who claims to be the daughter of her husband.
  • Caught on Camera
    A woman is pursued by a man in a truck; a security guard foils a casino …
  • Caught on Camera
    Dashboard cameras capture the action of police officers who put their lives …
  • A fight breaks out over snacks; an inmate is found dead in his bunk.
  • Working as security guards, Craig and Day-Day run into the thief who stole …
  • An airport security agent cannot believe his luck when a beautiful gal falls for him.
  • «  Jinxed
    Two siblings embark on an adventure …
  • Henry Danger
    Captain Man loses his …
  • Henry Danger
    Trouble follows Henry to …
  • Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn
    The quads try to impress Josie by watching a horror movie, but they quickly regret their …
  • The Thundermans
    The children wind …
  • The Haunted Hathaways
    Louie …
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  • «  Manhattan
    An unexpected …
  • Manhattan
    A development overseas invigorates the hunt for a spy on The Hill.
  • Manhattan
    Akley becomes vulnerable when he tries to fix Thin Man's shortcomings.
  • Manhattan  »
    Frank is given a life-changing opportunity; …
  • A career woman hires a surrogate mother to have her baby.
  • Bridesmaids  »
    A woman's life unravels as she helps the bride, her lifelong friend, prepare for the wedding.
  • Ragin' Cajun Redneck Gators
    Toxic moonshine turns alligators into gigantic, mutated monsters that go on a deadly rampage.
  • Robocroc  »
    A top-secret project transforms a humongous crocodile into a metallic, killing machine.
  • «  Lawrence of Arabia
    A controversial British officer unites Arab tribes against the Turks.
  • Shipwrecked with a wild Arabian horse, a 1940s boy bonds with the animal on a tiny desert island.
  • «  Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
  • Battleship  »
    Una batalla pica se libra en alta mar entre marineros estadounidenses y una fuerza aliengena.
  • One of America's most haunted houses; the spirit of a hanged thief.
  • Tornadoes and unseen forces disrupt the investigation at Hales Bar Marina.
  • The team helps the Galka family find closure through the celebration of …
  • Durmiendo con mi Jefe
    Exitoso publicista con una vida excelente, lo pierde todo cuando su …
  • Programa de entretenimiento conducido por Don Francisco, con invitados, concursos y reportajes.
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