31 January 2015

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10:00 PMThe Prisoner of Second Avenue: A New York adman loses his job, falls apart and blames his wife. From the Neil Simon play.
12:00 AMSweet Charity: A hostess in a seedy ballroom wants real love. Based on a play by Neil Simon.
2:45 AMSol Madrid: An undercover drug agent tracks a former mobster to Acapulco and finds a heroin operation.
4:30 AMThey Made Me a Fugitive: A black marketeer frames a former Royal Air Force pilot for murder in postwar London.
6:15 AMMadame Curie: After a laboratory courtship, the Polish scientist and her French husband discover radium in 1898.
8:30 AMThey Shall Have Music: A dead-end kid saves his music school by bringing a famed violinist to a benefit concert.
10:30 AMCarry on Jack: A midshipman, a nitwit and a serving wench take over the HMS Venus and fight the Spanish Armada.
12:15 PMWise Blood: Flannery O'Connor's Hazel Motes becomes the Deep South evangelist of a church without Christ.
2:15 PMThe Lavender Hill Mob: A meek clerk, his buddy and crooks melt hijacked Bank of England gold into Eiffel Tower souvenirs.
3:45 PMThe Lion in Winter: Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine spar over which of their sons should be England's next king.
6:15 PMBorn Free: The British Adamsons raise Elsa the lioness as a pet in Kenya, then teach her how to be wild again.
8:00 PMTwentieth Century: Actress deserts showman, meets him on train.
9:45 PMCounsellor-at-Law: A Jewish lawyer rises from poverty to prominence, with a bad wife and a good secretary.
11:15 PMTopaze: A French schoolmaster is mistaken for a fool in the business world. From the Marcel Pagnol play.