26 June 2017

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10:00 PMThe Snake Pit: A man commits his wife to a mental hospital, where her doctor tries the latest therapy.
12:00 AMScaramouche: A 1700s French clown duels a master swordsman. Silent. From the Raphael Sabatini book.
2:30 AMYoyo: A man seems to have everything a person could want, except love.
4:30 AMCircus Clown: A country boy falls for a female impersonator and joins the circus despite his father.
6:00 AMThey Died With Their Boots On: George Armstrong Custer goes from West Point cadet to Little Bighorn general.
8:30 AMPride of the Marines: Blinded on Guadalcanal, war hero Al Schmid comes home unsure about his wife and future.
10:45 AMScaramouche: An 18th-century Frenchman poses as a clown and meets a master swordsman in a duel of revenge.
12:45 PMOf Human Bondage: A clubfooted London artist-doctor falls for a cheap woman. From the Somerset Maugham book.
2:45 PMCaged: An innocent lands in a women's prison with crude inmates and a big matron called Evelyn.
4:30 PMEscape Me Never: A composer returns to his wife in circa-1900 Europe after a fling with his brother's fiancee.
6:30 PMLizzie: A psychiatrist treats a woman of three faces: neurotic Elizabeth, wanton Lizzie, charming Beth.
8:00 PMParis When It Sizzles: A screenwriter daydreams with his new secretary in Paris instead of meeting a producer's deadline.
10:00 PMFunny Face: A fashion photographer turns a Greenwich Village bookworm into a Paris cover girl.